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Knighthood Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Strategies for a faster progress

Knighthood is the newest game by King, the makers of the Candy Crush series. A turn-based role-playing game which involves a good strategy and needs planning beforehand. The game Knighthood comes with great graphics and user experience. However, for free to play gamers, progressing can be tough if the players do not plan their movies beforehand. So, today in this guide we will talk about all the tips and strategies that a beginner will need to excel in Knighthood.

Understand the map first

knighthood map
Knighthood map

Players can find the map to be a little confusing during the first time. But as they progress in the game, the map will look fine. Knighthood comes with a big world map and there are various provinces in it. The main thing about the map is that there are plenty of things like Caves, mines that will open up as the players progress. Those need to be regularly raided in order to gain more materials. These extra materials will help in upgrading the equipment.

Understand the Character and the types of equipment

knighthood hero
knighthood hero

General information on types of equipment

The knight or the main hero will be able to equip various types of the equipment. And there are 5 types of rarity – common, rare, epic, legendary, unique. Players will start with common equipment. As they progress in the game, higher tier items will be unlocked. However, better the rarity, lower the chance to unlock them.

All the equipment items have levels. They start from level one. different equipment will require different elements to upgrade them. So, please take a not where you are spending those elements to upgrade your equipment. Don’t just spend them randomly. Upgrade those according to your need.

As the equipments have different unique abilities, so make sure to read out the descriptions carefully. And dismantle the extra piece of equipment freely. Dismantling will give you the pieces that you can equip in your existing items to give it a boost.

Every player will be given a backpack at the start. However, space is limited. So be careful about what you are carrying and dismantle the items from time to time. You can use gems to have additional slots in the backpack.

Tips for Weapon

Please pay special attention to the weapon. You need to select the weapon based on your opponent type. Some weapons are stronger to some particular types of enemies. So be sure to check that. Before starting a battle you’ll see the meter at the top of the screen and if you pick the right weapon, you’ll see significant jump on that meter towards green.

Tips for Potion and Elixir

The potion and elixir are the external boosts that you can carry into the battle. There are limited slots so be careful what you are carrying to the battlefield. Also, they are for single use only. Once used, they are gone.

Understanding Enemy types

In knighthood, there are various types of enemies. At the beginning of the game you may find it a bit confusing, but you need to understand the types of enemies. Some enemies are weak against some particular types of weapon. Not all the different types will be battling with you at the same time. There will be 3-4 different types at max. So understanding them is very important in order to have a flawless win. And hopefully, after reading this Knighthood guide you’ll be able to understand the enemy types flawlessly.

Collection of Mines

knighthood tips
Mines in Knighthood

Each province in the map has some mines that will be producing materials required for equipment upgrades. Once you progress through the campaign missions, you’ll unlock the mines. Make sure to collect those from time to time because they are very important for upgrading.

Finishing Daily quests and watching ads for extra Gems and golds

Everyday, there will be new quests. Completing each of them will reward the players with some items. And finishing all the daily quests will give some Gems. So make sure to finish all the daily quests everyday. These extra are really helpful to boost the overall progress.

Knighthood also allows the players to earn some bonus gold by watching ads. So whenever ads are available, watch them!

Understanding Heroes and the upgrades

knighthood heroes
Heroes in Knighthood

Here comes the tricky part. There are hundreds of heroes in the game with different abilities. Just like the enemy types, there are hero types. So you need to read the description of the heroes and understand what they actually do. Understand against which type of enemies they are strong. Once you are familiar with the types, things will be much easier and you can make the decision of picking heroes much faster.

About upgrading them, it is better not to upgrade all the same type heroes. Bring variation while you upgrade. It will help you to counter different types of enemies as you progress in the game. This is where the Knighthood Guide should be very useful for you.

Guild Features

Guild in Knighthood, Knighthood Guide
Guild Island

Guilds in Knighthood comes with some cool features. The clan roster looks really nice. With Guild players do team boss fight. However, only the leader and Co-leaders can do summon the boss. And from the rewards and activities for the Guild, players can purchase items from exclusive Guild shop.

Hunt, Monster Caves and Roaming Monsters

As you progress though the campaign, Hunts and Monster caves will be unlocked for raids. Each of these raids will reward some items. However it will depend on the type of raid. Each of these will cost high energy. So just in case, you have less time but you want to finish the energy super quick, these are your ways. Many new players just ignore the extra energy, but with this Knighthood guide, hopefully, you’ll able to use the full energy quickly, helping you to progress much quicker.

Roaming monsters are the limited-time opportunities to for the same. So if you have enough energy for them go for it. Also, sometimes hitting roaming monsters are included in the daily quests. So, if you are after the daily quests, you’ll need to fight with these roaming monsters.


In Knighthood, Arena is the place for PvP. However, it is not a live multiplayer. You can just hit an opponent who may or may not be online. To enter the arena you’ll need Arena tickets. Each day, you can get a free arena ticket. Just check the options just beside the arena.

Arena in Knighthood

After entering the arena, you’ll see 3 possible targets for you to hit. There will be levels for each of them. So be careful whom you hit. Hitting a tough opponent may cause you to lose your Arena points.

Overall, if you keep these points on your mind while playing the game, you should be progressing fast enough in Knighthood.

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