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Last Ultima: Tips to obtain Resources easily in the game

Acquire the prime resources smoothly!

Last Ultima is a next-gen 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Neocraft Limited where resources are one of the significant aspects of this world. They are used in various in-game activities such as upgrading the Espers, Wings, Mounts, and other skills and purchasing other secondary resources with the basic ones. For this exact reason, the players should understand the thorough usage of the resources in this game. Thus, we present a detailed Last Ultima resource guide piece on the usage and sources of all primary resources the players get to see in the game via this Last Ultima resource guide.

Paid Resources in Last Ultima

The game consists of several resources within the players’ reach. Two classifications include the paid and free resources in Last Ultima. The paid resources are as follows:


Diamond is the only form of paid currency in Last Ultima. Diamond is used for purchasing other resources such as Gold, Esper Summon Sale, and others. This resource is also used for drawing out various kinds of packs including the Mount and Wings Pack. These can be obtained from the Premium and Supreme Monthly Pass or can be purchased using real money from the Recharge in the Mall section.

Free Resources in Last Ultima

The second of resources being free resources are as follows:

1. Gold

Gold is one of the primary free resources the players can witness in the game. Gold is mainly used for enhancing excellent gear that minimizes the damage dealt during battles. They are used to upgrade gear such as wands, helmets, gauntlets, tassets, and other equipment. These can be obtained from daily Events or purchased from diamonds.

Last Ultima Resources in Bonus
Image via Neocraft Limited

2. Basic Wing Essence

Basic Wing Essence is another one of the free resources the players ought to seek in Last Ultima. This resource is particularly used for leveling up wings in the Wings system. It gains 100 Wings level up EXP during battles. These can be acquired from the Demon Alter challenge or can be purchased using diamonds via the Shop in the Mall section of the game.

3. Basic Mount Essence

Basic Mount Essence is a kind of free resource one can come across in the game. This resource is used for enhancing the mount in the Mount system. It gains 10-Mount level-up EXP during battles. These can be acquired through Honor Exchange or can be purchased using diamonds via the Shop in the Mall section of the game.

How to earn Resources easily in Last Ultima

The ways to earn resources in Last Ultima are:

1. Complete the Main Chapter Quests

The Chapter quests are the primary function of Last Ultima where the players are required to kill and destroy hordes of monsters to clear a quest and proceed to the next stage of the chapter.

Last Ultima Main Storyline Battle
Image via Neocraft Limited

The players are bound to receive clearance rewards along with the stage tier prizes. The more the number of stages cleared, the higher the earnings of resources such as gold, diamonds, and other items from the Coalescing.

2. Go through various Challenges

Last Ultima allows the players to go for various challenges within the game. The challenges include Cross-Server, Demon Alter, Fight the Boss challenge, and Esper Realm.

Last Ultima Esper Realm
Image via Neocraft Limited

Completing these challenges will provide the players with important resources such as Gold, Bound Diamonds, Esper EXP, and many more required for the primary in-game activities. These challenges will also boost the status and the players will swiftly climb up the ladder to victory.

3. Participate in the Events regularly

Last Ultima inhabits two types of Events namely: Daily and Timed. The daily events are refreshed daily while the timed ones have a time limit attached to them.

Last Ultima resource guide Events
Image via Neocraft Limited

Some of the timed events in the section include 2x Escort, Guild Feast, Fallen Purgatory, and several others. The players must check for the events before they get over to obtain resources such as Gold, Basic Mount Essence, EXPs, stones, and defense materials to continue with the quests. 

4. Purchase from the Mall

The Mall is a section in the game where the players can purchase various resources such as Gold, Basic Wing Essence, and Basic Mount Essence in exchange for a certain quantity of diamonds or bound diamonds.

Last Ultima Mall
Image via Neocraft Limited

In case there is a shortage of diamonds the players can purchase a handful from the Recharge option in the Mall itself using real money transactions. The bought amount will immediately be transferred to their account.

Final Thoughts

Last Ultima is an excellent fantasy game offered by the known developers of Neocraft Limited. The game is steadily developing in the industry. The presence of several features along with a collection of lead Espers and the above-mentioned primary resources attract players to the game. Thus, follow up on this ultimate Last Ultima resource guide to use the resources up to their full potential and claim victory over the devil dragon.

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