League of Legends: Wild Rift account banned: 5 ways to avoid ban in LoL Wild Rift

Safeguard your Account beforehand!

With the facility of adding email accounts and social networking websites to bind user data, it has become very easy to share the account with each other. Riot has stated this practice as illegal because it violates their terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc. Violating these will result in a permanent in-game account banned of LoL Wild Rift. Along with this Riot Games has stated different scenarios of how their terms and conditions get violated. Let us have a look into it to avoid an account ban in League of Legends Wild Rift and have a great gaming experience.

Best ways to avoid banning your account in LoL: Wild Rift

Here are the ways that can stop you from getting you an in-game account ban in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

1. Free in-game Currency offers from 3rd party websites

The in-game currency is an essential part of the game because it gives you access to the premium and paid features of the game. There are many 3rd party websites claiming to give free wild cores along with other huge discounts. Remember to stay away from these. These websites are basically spam.

All they do is ask for your user id and password and some other personal information and of course the payment information. And after you provide them with every information they need and you successfully conduct the transaction they vanish. Yes, they don’t provide you with anything and get away with your personal credential. To buy legitimate wild cores, you can check this link on the official Wild Core page.

2. Illegal Rank Boosting

There is always a craze of ranking up fast and many players like to do it even faster than the actual process. Players opt for various hack plugins and piloting services provided by different companies.

Those plugins and piloting services allow you to boost your rank quite fast by charging a certain amount of money. But, the publishers are totally against this method. Players should follow rules and climb the ladder according to their skills and experience. This practice will result in an account ban and is definitely not worth the risk.

3. Sharing Account Details

A lot of players share their account personal details with others which is also against the term of use. Riot Games tracks the device id and issues warnings when the device is changed or logged into another device. While transferring data from multiple devices there’s a chance of loss of data and Riot Games doesn’t take that responsibility.

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4. Account Trading

The publishers are totally against the buying and trading of accounts. There are various risk factors involved in this. Often players buy and sell accounts to make money. But account trading also contains credentials where the other buyer or seller can misuse it. Riot has stated that they won’t take any responsibility regarding this.

5. Using Cheats and Mods

Players using cheats to increase the stats in the game will have to face severe consequences. Riot Games has an inbuilt Anti Cheat Engine inside the game which can detect usage of cheats and modified game files. The detected players will be banned for a period of time or permanently. Riot Games may ban their device too. 

Final Thoughts

Riot from the beginning of the closed regional beta has clearly closed the doors for unfair play or any means of misdeeds in the game. So, if you are aware beforehand and are playing a game fairly, then be sure nothing will happen to your account. And for those who have been into this for a time being now for other games, please refrain from doing such things, or else you will lose all your progress and everything related to your account. So play fair and play wisely.

We hope you find this LoL Wild Rift Account Ban article helpful and would refrain from any kind of unfair play. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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Hi, I want to download an apk and obb to play wildrift but I have no intentions of unfair play, like cheating I just wanna play the game.


Your intentions might be fine but the APK maybe harmful or the source from where youre downloading the APK


Thanks for the response, btw when is the Open beta gonna start here on SEA? Thank you.


It will roll out in different phases. Just subscribe to our push notifications, we’ll update as soon as we get a genuine info.


Will changing the loading screen on wild rift be the reason on getting banned??


is its illegal to change the log in screen?

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