League of Legends: Wild Rift: The complete Support Guide

Master the art of support role in Wild Rift

Support is the least impactful and the most boring role, is something you hear quite often when you play MOBA games in general. This is not different in League of Legends: Wild Rift. But the truth is the more you climb and the higher your Elo gets you will find out how important the supporting role is and how grateful your teammates will be if you truly mastered the art of the Support. In this guide, we will take a deep look into the Support role in general and discuss tips to master it in LoL Wild Rift.

A beginner friendly role to begin with

But let’s start in the beginning. As a new player MOBA games can be very overwhelming with the number of items, characters, and responsibilities you have when you first start playing. As you slowly start to take everything in you suddenly need to find yourself in the need of defending a lane, have to play against all kinds of characters with different abilities while you are still trying to find out how your own character moves properly.

Wild Rift Support Guide
The beginner-friendly Lux (Mage) rooting her enemy

Speaking from experience, we felt playing as the support role was the best move for a complete “newbie” since you can easily observe everything and learn how to play the game at your own speed while still being able to play it. That is because you are allowed ( and it’s even expected from you) to follow your AD Carry or/and your Team instead of going out on the battlefield on your own. 

As you start to understand the game’s mechanics better and the macro-/micromanagement your support play style will start to expand and grow. Knowing when to roam, warding crucial spots, pinging the enemies locations, and giving up your lane to support the winning one is what makes the difference between good and bad support and will distinguish you from being the cliché team “dead weight” to actually being the silent carrier of your team. After learning all the basics which every role should know ( map awareness, objectives, etc.) it’s time to elevate your support gameplay. 

Tank or Caster? Choose your preference wisely

To do that you need to find out what type of support you prefer? Are you someone who feasts on the enemy’s pain by poking a lot or do you wait for the perfect moment to go all in and start an engagement for your team? Are rank types more you lane or do you enjoy playing enchantress?

These types of questions are what you should ask yourself and are crucial to becoming good support. Because only if you know your own strengths and weaknesses or your dislikes and pleasures you can start to work on them and evolve.

Wild Rift Support Guide
Leona (Tank) stunning her enemy

Another improvement that every role should do is to look at the enemy’s team composition and itemize and counter-pick accordingly. What summoner spells are taken? If there are a lot of Attack Damage Champions getting Zeek’s might be a good idea. Do not only look at the enemy but look at your own team as well. Is your ADC taking barrier or heal? Every good player should have a basic knowledge of each champion f.e their approximate range, what abilities and passive they have, and what playstyle they excel in.

Positioning is the key

The last important thing any good Support should know is positioning. Being a little too far from your ADC or team in a team fight could be your death in a heartbeat. Knowing when to be the frontline of your team as tank support or when to be safe in the backseat as squishy support is the key to success!

Wild Rift Support Guide
Lulu (Enchanter) Ulting her ally while staying safe in the back

As much as people look down on the support role it’s one of the most “make or break” roles in Wild Rift. You have a lot of responsibility and in team fights, people rely on you to keep the team safe. So contrary to the belief, it’s not you depending on your ADC or your team it’s them heavily depending on you! 

What is your opinion on Support roles in general in MOBAs? Did you find this Wild Rift Support Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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