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Limbus Company Beginners Guide and Tips

Begin your journey with this comprehensive guide!

Limbus Company is a new 5v5 RPG game that is the adaptation of the famous Limbus Company that’s present for PC. The game comes along with many interesting characters as well and thus making the gameplay mechanics and UI much more appreciable and attractive to the players. The game follows up a storyline with a few game modes as well. Let us now dive into a detailed Limbus Company beginners guide along with a few tips that will help out the amateurs to build up a great team and flourish with their best strategy. 

Gameplay Overview 

Limbus Company is a 5v5 RPG game and thus follows up a simple and easy gaming setting. The combat UI is very easy to go for for the players. The combat settings are set up as players have to form a chain of attacks and then strike them all at once to strike down enemies. The characters go one by one to the opponent standing parallel to them and strike them with their best possible physical strength. 

Limbus Gameplay Overview
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The game has several interesting characters that are categorized into different classes and tiers. Thus players need to check out the combination of attacks for all the heroes they own and then come to a conclusion while creating a good team. The game follows up an interesting storyline that players need to follow up to progress well in the game. There are a few important in-game currencies and features as well that can be used by the player in many aspects of the game.

Mastering the Combat functionality in Limbus Company

Combat skill has been a great aspect of the game for the players. Players need to buckle up the system of forming chains as per the character’s strength and fighting ability and then execute the chain of attacks so that players can give a good battle to their opponents. For this, first players need to build a proper team by summoning heroes and upgrading them gradually. This will help them to make a good and strong team. 

Mastering the Combat functionality in Limbus Company
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After this, players need to check out the ability attacks that are present in the chain of attacks. Check out the proper advantageous attacks that can actually put down opponents after executing the chain of attacks.  Thus, by following up on these things properly players can easily set up their chain of attacks and become the king of the combat algorithm. 

Introducing the Basics of Limbus Company

Here are all the basics that you should know before playing the game:


Limbus Company Window
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The window is the main homepage of the game. Players can check out every possible news, email, and check out all the details about the currencies they have with them as well. The Window page also has an inventory feature where players can go through all the itineraries and resources they hold up. This is mainly the main page of the game and thus players can get to access all the other features from here itself. 


Limbus Company Sinners
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Sinners are the section where players can check all the characters they hold up from the game. These characters are being summoned from the Extraction section which will be discussed later. Players can check out the stats of every sinner easily by long pressing on the particular sinner they want to check and then the stats page will pop up on the screen. 


Limbus Company Drive
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The Drive is the section where players check out the current chapter they are going through and thus can enjoy the gameplay here. The game follows up a storyline and the storyline being so interesting creates a pool of enthusiasm inside the players as well. Thus, check out all the chapters, stages, and missions and claim victory over every stage to proceed further. 


Limbus Company Drive
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The Theater is the place where players can go through the backstories of all the characters they have. Every character belongs from a different source of suffering and every player must know about the backstory of the characters with which they are playing in the battleground and progressing further. Thus, players need to go through this section and know more about them. 


Limbus Company Extract
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The Extract is one of the most important places players can ever spot in the game. In this section, players can summon the sinners and make their team the ultimate one. For summoning sinners, players need to have an appropriate amount of Lunacy, which is an in-game currency that helps players to summon sinners. The game is currently coming up with three types of Extractions:

  • Target Extraction Gregor
  • Standard Extraction 
  • Welcome EXtraction 


Limbus Company Dispense
Image via Project Moon

In this section, players can unlock different sets of avatars of every character along with different raged skills, also known as E.G.O. To unlock them, every individual requires a certain amount of egg shards for all the aspects that they desire to unlock. 

Utilizing the in-game Currency and Resources

The game has fewer currencies and resources for the players. Every currency and resource has a different purpose to fulfill for the players in every aspect while progressing toward the storyline. Thus let us check out the important one of them and know in detail:


Limbus Company in-game currency Lunacy
Image via Project Moon

Lunacy is an in-game currency that helps out players to go for different sets of Extractions in the game. This helps the players to summon more powerful sinners for their team and also players can buy Enkephalin Boxes as well.


Limbus Company in-game currency Thread
Image via Project Moon

Thread is a resource that helps players to tie up different sets of possibilities and thus collect them all and make a rage skill. These rage skills are also known as EGO skills which are considered one of the most powerful moves by any sinner. 

Enkephalin Box 

Limbus Company in-game currency Enkephalin Box
Image via Project Moon

Helps the players to proceed further into the game as players can play any stage or mission of a particular chapter with the help of the Enkephalins only that are stored in these Enkephalin Boxes. 


Limbus Company in-game currency Egoshard
Image via Project Moon

Egoshards are used for purchasing any character’s identities, EGO, and thread so that the character can unlock certain improvised skills and become more powerful. Every sinner has individual Egoshards and those are thus applicable to only that particular sinner only. This makes the skills and their rarity higher and thus players play more to fulfill their achievement of unlocking a skill of their favorite sinner. 

Limbus Company Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Thus, after going through this game from scratch to a level, here are the best tips for beginners that will make them flourish well just from the start of the game:

1. Summon more and more Sinners

Lunacies can be easily received from the game. Thus, use them wisely and summon more sinners so that you can make your ultimate team that will have balanced stats for all the 5 characters while you choose before starting any battle. Thus, to claim a great victory it is necessary to have a great team and it is only possible by summoning more sinners.

2. Follow up the storyline 

Storyline is the only game mode players can check for in this game. Thus, players need to go through all the chapters, their stages, and all the assigned missions under it to follow up through the progression of the game. This will help players receive many rewards and thus they can later utilize them to upgrade their profile and team. 

3. Complete the missions assigned 

Players need to complete all the missions assigned to them by the game. This will help put the players receive many resources and in-game currencies that will thus help out players to progress further into the game. Missions come up with great rewards such as Lunacies, Egoshards, Threads, and many more. Thus, it will surely help out players to progress further in the game at a great speed. 

4. Focus on the team building 

Check out for the sanity and all the other possible states of the sinners while confirming your team of 5 men. These are very important to go through or else the players have to end up facing a hilarious defeat that will be really unexpected. A perfectly balanced team will always help you to garb up the victory and give it your name, thus following up the team building procedure properly to have the ultimate team that cannot be beaten by any of your opponents. 

5. Check out properly before executing the combat chain 

While forming the attack chain, check out all the possible outcomes that can be seen by the players through the arrows that go from their sinner to the opponent. If the arrow directly goes to the opponent, that means you have the shot but if the opponent also shoots up a red color arrow toward your sinner, that means the opponent will deal with your damage and will also come up with its powerful move. Thus, go through all this properly before landing your attack or else you might face defeat. 

Final Thoughts

Limbus Company is a great 5v5 RPG game that has recently come into play in the world of mobile phones. The game has extraordinary 2D graphics and also comes up with a great sense of storyline that will surely keep the enthusiasm within the hearts of the players. Thus, follow up the Limbus Company beginners guide and the tips mentioned for the players and help out yourself to reach heights and become the number 1 Sinner in the world. 

That’s all for today’s Limbus Company Beginners Guide! Did you find this Limbus Company Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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