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Lords Mobile Guide: How to protect troops and resources

Ignite your cosmo and be ready to join the fight!

Protecting your leader and troops from attackers is one of the most challenging tasks in Lords Mobile. It may appear simple at first, but as you proceed further, it will become difficult for you. The choice about how to protect troops and leader becomes of utmost importance at this point. Also, saving yourself from enemies in Lords Mobile is a critical aspect of the game to master. In Lords Mobile, accumulating money, training soldiers, and levelling up your leader all take considerable time. Suffering an unprepared defeat can result in major Might loss, can affect your progress through the game, and can generally irritate any Lords Mobile player. It is therefore important to consider the various methods available for defending yourself against enemy attacks. This Lords Mobile guide to protect troops discusses the fundamental defence strategies for defending your troops, leader, and resources against player attacks in the game.

Lords Mobile guide to protect troops

Use your Shield whenever required

The most effective method of self-defence is to use a shield. Shields protect your turf from all attacks and scouts. You cannot lose troops or resources while shielded, and your leader cannot be captured. Interesting right?

Shield in Lords Mobile
Shield in Lords Mobile

But, the disadvantage of shields is that they are costly, and you must remember to log back in before your shield expires to activate a replacement. Additionally, attacking or scouting any other player will result in the termination of your shield. Indeed, any form of aggression, including participation in guild rallies, will result in the loss of your shield. Above all, players should keep in mind that shields can be purchased at both the guild store and the standard gem store. There are numerous shield options like 4, 8, 24 hours or 3,7,14 days shield.

Shelter is more than enough

The shelter is located immediately to the left of your Castle and can be used for free to protect your leader and a specified number of troops.  Still, many players are unfamiliar with the Shelter’s operation. It is incredibly easy to run and is one of the most significant structures in Lords Mobile. In the shelter, players place their leader and troops to defend them if their castle is threatened.

Shelter in Lords Mobile
Shelter in Lords Mobile

How to send your troops and leader to shelter

By tapping your shelter, you can send a single march and its leader to safety for a specified amount of time. If your turf is attacked during this timer, these troops and your leader are completely safe. Any other troops outside the shelter are still at risk of being killed, and your resources are unprotected. The shelter’s primary disadvantage is that it can only accommodate a single march. This means that the number of troops you can protect is limited by the march size set by your Castle level (200,000 at level 25, or 300,000 using a 50 percent march boost).

Tip: If you’re using this strategy to protect your leader and troops, keep track of the time you send your army to the shelter and log back in before the 12 hours are up!

Send the troops on a weekend

Just kidding!! Are you worried about an attack on your base by your enemy and lose your troops? No worries, make sure you send them far away for an attack, just keep them moving. Deploy your troops far away from your base to gather resources for you. If you are a beginner, don’t let your troops arrive home within minutes. Players should note that this method is not recommended unless you only need to protect your troops for a short period of time while they travel.

Sending your troops to gather resources is ideal if you want to demonstrate to a nearby enemy that your troops are on a long march. This is a technique that most of the players frequently use. It’s an excellent strategy for distracting an adversary and keeping them guessing about your true intentions.

Bogus attack strategy

Yeah! It still works. No doubt, this is probably the most realistic strategy for advanced players who don’t want to spend the rest of their lives hiding behind a shield. If you don’t know what a bogus attack strategy is, you’re probably a member of a small or inexperienced guild. Yes, it is what it is. Also, many people call it a “Rally or Ghost Rally” strategy.

To stage a rally, choose a target that is ideally far away from your current location on the map. You can and should select a weak player in the early game but first obviously scout them. Now, use the red coloured Rally attack option. Finally, you will be able to choose how long you want the rallying to last. Choose from the available option. If your guild isn’t used to faking rally attacks, don’t let them join as it’ll cost you higher.

Invading enemies cannot attack your rally army while it is ready to attack. This is an excellent method for defending your troops. Just keep in mind that, unlike the shelter, you will only have 8 hours to return to the game and rerun a bogus rally.

Tip: At the end of your rally, you can have another player join you. He will need to position himself far away from the rally so that his troops can approach your castle slowly. This technique can add a significant amount of time to the rally. Just make sure no one speeds up his troops.

Time to upgrade the ignored Infirmaries

It is a fact that still many beginners ignore upgrading the Infirmaries. Thus, they lag behind others forever. It’s easier and faster to recover than retrain, but someone who doesn’t fit will perish for surer. Make sure your infirmaries can accommodate as many of your soldiers as possible so that you only sustain casualties rather than deaths. The Infirmaries are the last line of protection in protecting your soldiers.

Infirmaries in Lords Mobile
Infirmaries in Lords Mobile

Troops killed while defending your territory, gathering on tiles, or reinforcing guild members are all sent to your infirmaries. Thus, because of this, no soldiers will be killed if you have a large enough infirmary capacity to hold the entire army. Above all, healing troops also necessitates the expenditure of money and time. The key benefit is that reviving troops is much cheaper and faster than training them from scratch (Truth).

Garrison troops – risky but it works

In Lords Mobile, players can do so by two methods. One can garrison the troops either with a Guild member who is shielded or an un-shielded member. But here the issue is that you will be targeted in their castle. Otherwise, the shield will come down and the troops will be sent off. Some Guilds uses this strategy to protect their troops and leaders for longer times than the shelter time of 12 hours. One should note that the troops go back home when the shield goes off. Thus it is essential to make sure to know how long your Guild mate’s shield is up.

How can one make himself a less attractive target

No matter you use a shield or send your troops in the shelter, players will not target you, if there are no troops to strike.

If you are a beginner, try to keep your money to a minimum! Just hold what will fit in your vault. Don’t stock up on gold before you reach level 25, so don’t hoard it. Open any tools from your bag unless you’re going to need them all right away. It’s not as worthwhile to steal if there isn’t any money to steal.

Don’t scout or attack anyone unless you’re serious about it. Attacking at random would attract attention not only from that player but possibly from their entire guild.

How to protect your resources in Lords Mobile

Your Vault is used to keep some of your essential resources safe from theft during an assault on your territory. Not only this, but also players should note that the amount of capital covered is determined by the level of your Vault, with a maximum of 2.5 million at level 25. Also, it is important to note that your vault does not have a separate backup store for resources. It just prevents players from stealing your current resources up to a certain stage.

If you keep your resources below your vault floor, they will still be secure. A level 10 vault, for instance, covers 550,000 of each resource. If you were attacked and had 193,500 of each resource, you would still have 193,500 of each after the assault. If you have 300,000 of each resource, 60,000 of them could be stolen, leaving you with 240,000.

Tip: Exchanging resources at your Cargo Ship provides you with resource objects that cannot be stolen before they are opened. If a resource reaches your Vault cap, it is worth exchanging it in the Cargo Ship to lower your Vault level.


If you’ve read this Lords Mobile Guide to protect troops this far, you should now be able to take a few easy steps to safeguard your forces, money, and leader in Lords Mobile. Also, it does get more difficult as the game progresses, as your troop and resource counts gradually surpass your Vault, Shelter, and Fake Rally limits. Shielding becomes the only feasible method of protection at that stage. Not only this, but also players can reduce their losses whenever possible by making them an unattractive target. Moreover, if you’re stuck somewhere, visit our Lords Mobile Guide to protect troops guide anytime to shine out in the game at all times.

Did you find this Lords Mobile Guide to protect troops helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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