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Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginners Guide and Tips

Dive into the fantasy world and save the mankind!

Developed by EYOUGAME, Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin is a fantasy role-playing game created to be played on the mobile platform. The background of the game is like the following-a devil is endangering the world and it must be stopped in order to save the game and be the hero the world needs. You can add friends online and band together to fight enemies together in different situations. The player can choose from an extensive collection of gear and weapons to take into battle and power-ups which can be utilized to kill the toughest of enemies. The following Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginners Guide will highlight some major aspects of the game which could be crucial in your quest to become a pro at this game.

Choosing the perfect Class

Lost Sanctuary as a game offers a very versatile set of classes to its players, catering to different playstyles adopted by them. It has seven unique classes which allow players to bring out the best in them by letting them flourish in their preferred style of play, such as support, dealing damage, etc. Being able to choose the correct class is crucial because it is the best way to play efficiently and get the best possible experience in the game. Read the following to find out more about the existing classes.


One of the harder classes to play in the game, Sibyl makes up for it by being a potent and swift attacker. She is fragile when compared to the other classes, but her damage output is also greater than other classes. Her nimble footed movements and agility make it kind of hard to hold her reins.

Sibyl-class-Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
Image via EYOUGAME

And while you’ll have no troubles when dealing with the weaker enemies that might cross your path, you will need to focus when fighting against bosses, so that you can defeat them before they manage to strike you down. Therefore it is favorable to players who prefer a faster playstyle despite it having a tougher learning curve.


Monk-class-Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
Image via EYOUGAME

Monk specializes in singular and concentrated attacks and dealing damage to the enemies who are situated away from the melee range at some distance. He is a fairly tough character who can tank a decent amount of damage and thus hold his own against more than one troop given the situation. For players looking for a mini tank who can also deal a lot of damage, Monk is the perfect choice for them. His highly damaging skills allow him to strike down enemies and bosses with relative ease.

Great Sage

Great-Sage-class-Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
Image via EYOUGAME

The Great Sage is perhaps the most balanced class which is available for players to pick in the game. This class is inspired by the great Monkey King of Chinese legends, Sun Wukong. He has stunning visuals which make this class fun to use. Great Sage has a high DPS which is accompanied by a decent range as well, not to mention that he also has solid defensive abilities. He is also easy to use, which makes him a good class of choice for those who are new to the game.


Kali class-Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
Image via EYOUGAME

Kali is among the classes with the least health points in the game, quite similar to a class already discussed, that is, Sibyl. She could be killed relatively easily when compared to some of the more tough classes, but she makes up for it by having the longest range of attacks in the game. Therefore, as long as she keeps a distance from foes in the game, she will be able to chip damage continuously, turning the tide of the battle in your favor. It is also expected that you keep her out of range of enemies, or she might end up getting killed.


Ruby-class-Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
Image via EYOUGAME

Ruby is yet another class who is very well balanced in her offensive as well as her defensive abilities. She deals a satisfactory amount of damage while also being tough enough to tank enemy attacks and survive them. This makes her one of the most favorable classes for beginners besides the likes of the Great Sage. She deals enough damage to mow down enemies over time and survive herself as well.


Ascalon-class-Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
Image via EYOUGAME

Ascalon is a royal-looking individual who wields an extravagant sword. Although he offers a decent damage output, Ascalon is extremely adept in defensive roles and can act as the shield of the team when in danger. He is very tanky and can withstand lots of hits from the enemies and thus can attract the attention of the enemies and draw their attacks towards himself while the rest of the team takes care of the enemies as they are distracted. He is a good choice of class for new players to use owing to the relative ease with which he could be operated.


The Nuwa class is an attack-oriented class able to deal huge amounts of damage to the enemies while also being quick on foot. Although she deals the highest damage, she is also fragile just like other classes who are more focused on dealing damage. She also has very low CC which makes it very easy for the enemies to kill her, therefore she is extremely delicate which comes as a big downside to her high damage-dealing capabilities.

Nuwa-class-Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin
Image via EYOUGAME

Luckily, those who manage to master her skill set can pull off feats that other classes could only dream of, such as mowing down tougher bosses and enemies with almost no effort. Her characteristics make her usable in group activities, but not as great in solo plays.

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Power up your character by strengthening your Gear and Pets

In Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin, there’s a dominant focus on automated combat between the classes and their enemies except for some situations where the player is required to intervene manually, such as boss fights. Thus, due to this system, it becomes all the more important to level up your gear and pets and make your character stronger so that they can handle their foes by themselves when they’re not being controlled manually. Initially, when you start the game, there are three primary ways by which you can make your characters stronger.

Those three ways are strengthening your gear by using Enhance gems in the Enhance menu to upgrade your gear permanently, levelling up your character by completing quests, and using in-game items to boost more experience. The third way to power up is by advancing your pet by using Sycee currency in the Pet menu.

Image via EYOUGAME

This feature is particularly important to power up your Pet as they deal the majority of damage to the enemies when you initially start out and each time they are advanced, the amount of damage they deal is amped and thus comes in the clutch in tough moments.

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin offers many ways to power up the characters in the game which is bound to cause some confusion among the players in most cases. Therefore, the game has an option that makes the task all the easier for the players. The Improve option can be seen beside your combat controls if and whenever there is an upgrade pending for your character. Once you click this option, you’ll be directly taken to the menu where the pending and relevant upgrades for the characters will be visible. Thus it is easily accessible and helps avoid confusion.

2. How to progress your VIP Rank

Unlike other games, Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin allows players to increase their VIP Rank without spending a penny on in-game purposes. Instead, you can progress the Rank by completing optional challenges in the game. The VIP Ranks grant added benefits to the players such as cosmetic elements, upgrades, and other special features.

Image via EYOUGAME

Therefore it is worth it to grind the few extra hours in order to progress your VIP Rank to obtain added rewards. You can find your VIP rank on the top left of the screen, next to your HP and level. By clicking on it, you’ll get access to the VIP menu where you can check the conditions for unlocking the next rank.

Final Thoughts

Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin appears to be trying its best to cater to the new players in order to build up a dedicated fanbase for the game. Although the in-game action could be underwhelming at times, players willing to try this game out could do so, as future patches should make it even more appealing and who knows if it could become a big thing sometime in the future. That’s it, all the basic tips covered, if you find any hassle whatsoever in the game, you can always fall back to this Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginners Guide for help. Don’t worry, like always we have got you!

That’s all from us for the Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin Beginners Guide! Did you find our Lost Sanctuary: Eternal Origin beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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