FIFA Mobile 20 Lunar New Year Event Guide

The FIFA Mobile 20 Lunar New Year event is here and pretty much with the same format as last year but in a new fashion. The event will last for 2 weeks and it’s a great chance to garb some handsome rewards for the players. Lunar New Year Event also offers a chance to claim players from previous events. So, Grind the event thoroughly and read our guide to get better rewards.

FIFA Mobile 20 Lunar New Year Event Description

  • Duration: 14 Days [27th Jan. – 10th Feb.]
  • Energy: 1/hr [max capacity 12]
  • Ads: 2 ads/Day

LNY Event Resources Management

Lunar Points
Daily Skill Game80
Daily Ads20
Weekly Coin Pack200
Total 1850
Red Envelop
Daily Login3
Daily Event6
Zodiac Tokens
Max1040(Reward 29)
Cost1260(Lunar Points)
Lucky Coins
Max2160(Reward 23)
Cost780(Lunar Points)

FIFA Mobile 20 Lunar New Year Event Flow


In the main chapter, you will burn your energy to play skill games and collect ‘Lunar Points’. The Lunar Points will be used to progress through the node rewards and claim different players of your choice. While you progress through the reward nodes you well keep gathering Zodiac points also.

Main Node Rewards
Lunar New Year
Side Node Rewards

Cost of each player

Player Name Lunar Point Cost
Yuning 170
Carlos Soler1750
Fabian 2520
C. Ronaldo3410
Le Celso1360

Note: Ronaldo will cost around 20K-25K gems and Fabian 10K-12.5K gems.


If you claim 29th node reward then you will have 1040 zodiac points (without using gems). Use the zodiac points in the Zodiac chapter. You can claim zodiac 10 times.

Red Envelope

Red envelopes can be earned by daily login and from skill games of the main chapter. You can collect a total of 131 ‘Red Envelopes’ throughout the event. Three featured rewards (in the left-hand side) are hidden among the 24 envelopes and will refresh every 24 hrs.

Tips: Only start opening envelopes when you have 24 envelopes and stop as soon as you find your desired featured reward/es.

LNY Red Envelopes
Red Envelope Players

Lucky Shop

This lucky shop offers 5 fixed players and Prime Icon L.Figo. Along with these rewards, this shop also offers players and resources. These Resources include coins, Training XP, Skill Boosts, Base Elite Players, Lantern, Lucky Coins.
Tips: Collect lucky points and wait for the best offer to grab.

Happy Lunar New Year to all the FIFA Mobile 20 players. Hope you will enjoy the event and don’t forget to drop your valuable feedback.

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