Madden Mobile 20 Versus Promo Guide: How to claim the Masters F2P

The long-anticipated Verus promo is finally here in Madden Mobile 20. EA launched the Versus promo yesterday n Madden Mobile 20, with a total of 8 100 OVR Master players. Versus Showdown lasts 7 days and ends on 9th June. The Versus battle ends on 11th June at 10:30 AM EST. Here is a detailed guide including a mathematical breakdown of both Showdown Masters and Phenoms/Veterans Masters in the promo. So let’s get into it right away.

Showdown Masters

Showdown is the easiest part of the program, similar to Wake in the NFL Draft promo. All you have to do is play the first-wins of all 4 blitzes and play the Showdown event. The 7 98 OVR players would take a total of 14 Badges to complete, but that is very easy to get.

VS Promo News
VS Promo News Screen

There are a few ways you can tackle the Showdown part of the program. If you are in need of a 100 OVR MLB or WR, you can go for Keenan Allen or Devin Bush. If you want the 98 OVR 100 PWRs, you can keep them. In case you want to convert them all into Max Badges, convert the 98 OVR players one by one. You’ll be able to get 28 Max Badges for 7x 98 OVR 100 PWR players, close to one Max.

Phenoms/Veteran Masters

Here’s a mathematical breakdown of the rewards for you.

Every Day you can get:

  • Play Blitz 1st-Wins (400 Regular Stamina)
  • Play Showdown 1st-Win (100 Regular Stamina)
  • Auto Showdown 9 times (900 Regular Stamina)
Madden Mobile Versus Promo Home screen
VS Promo Home Screen in Madden Mobile

That means a total of 1400 Regular Stamina is used per day. Rewards you get:

Resources\RewardsPer day8daysThrough Coin packs(Total)Total Rewards
TOTD Players23.8190.448238
VS Tokens33026406003240
VS Badges2822448272
Rewards Breakdown for the Versus promo

Phenoms/Veterans Masters Maths

One 100 OVR Master requires 25 Badges, 1 Banner, and 2 specific 95 OVRs. That means you will require the following resources to obtain a 100 OVR Master player:

  • 25 Badges for Master
  • 40 TOTD Players
  • 20 Badges for 85+ in VS Banner
  • 45 Badges for VS Banner
  • 112 80OVRs, 68 Badges for the 80 OVRs, 85OVRs, and 90OVRs in 95+ Phenoms/Veterans Player Set
  • 50 Badges for 95+ OVR players
Madden Mobile Versus Promo
Phenoms/Veterans Masters Event in VS Promo

Total Resources Required: 208 Badges, 152 TotD 80+ OVR players

You will have a total of 64 Badges, 86x 80+ TotD players, and 3240 VS Tokens left over. That will not be enough to get another Master by itself, but if you spend gems on stamina/VS Showdown Pack in the store, and coins to get 85s/90s/95 VS players, you’ll be well on your way towards a second VS master.

Final Thoughts

The Versus Promo in Madden Mobile 20 is a good promo overall. Much better than what EA had in store for the players in the past two weeks. One of either Bush or Allen is completely free. Obtaining one master is possible for F2P players. Another is possible if you spend coins/gems. With that, we wish you good luck with the event!

That’s all for today’s guide about the Versus Promo in Madden Mobile 20. What are your thoughts about the new promo? Let us know in the comment section below!

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