Marvel Contest Of Champions Beginners Guide and Tips

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Marvel Contest Of Champions is a free-to-play PvE action game where you play as your favorite Marvel heroes and villains in a one-on-one 2D fighting game. As of writing this, there are 194 total characters of Champions as they are called in the game which means there’s a good chance that your favorite is in here. In this Marvel Contest Of Champions Beginners Guide, we will give you the very basics to get you into the game and what to do when you first boot up. It’s easy to get into and the learning curve is very easy to handle as the game progresses you at the right place to not overwhelm you and keep you interested.

Master your Champion

The core idea of the game is to take your favorite champions and go questing in a board like map where you move from tile to tile taking other champions out along the way to the final boss of that map.

It starts off simple enough, the game gives you some basic champions to start with and you start on your adventure. It’s normally some well-known characters like the ones above, Spider-man, Hulk, and Wolverine are on the team.

Above is your basic champion that you get along the way and you have to rank or level as you use them. Captain America above as the example, you’ll notice his rank on the left is 3/3 meaning We have already ranked him 3 times to his max potential. Each rank has levels to them as well which you will have to get to the max before you progress to the next rank. On the right side, you’ll see his Signature Ability which is something every champion has that gives them the extra boost in a fight or adds something that changes how the champion is played entirely. It varies from character to character.

Marvel Contest Of Champions Beginners Guide

The last most important part of a champion is the star variant of the champion. Captain America above is a two-star champion. Every champion has different variations of star levels and the more starts, the stronger they are. Unfortunately, you can’t change a champions star variant. So if you have both a two-star and above of a champion, generally it’s best to focus on the stronger variant as they have a higher level and rank caps.

Prepare for the fight

Now on to the main attraction of the game. The fighting! The picture above shows the pre-fight screen where you can select what champion you want to use on any given fight. You’ll notice that Spider-man and Hulk both have green arrows pointing up while Doctor Strange had a red arrow pointing down. That’s because the game has a Rock, Paper, Scissors mechanic that allows some classes of champs to have an advantage or disadvantage over others. Think Pokemon where Fire beats Grass, Grass beats water but Water beats Fire. It’s the same idea as that.

Marvel Contest Of Champions Beginners Guide

Contest of Champions has 6 classes in total that all have this in mine. Science, Mystic, Mutant, Cosmic, Skill, and Tech. Spider-man and Hulk are both Science while Doctor Strange is Mystic and in the game, Science champs have the advantage over mystic. Normally this means the advantage gains about 40% attack and the disadvantage lose about 20% attack but there are other bonuses and detriments later on.

With the pre-fight screen out of the way onto the actual fighting. The controls are simple, swipe left to dash back, hold left to block, switch right to do a medium attack, tap the screen to do a light attack hold the screen to do a heavy attack are all the basic fighting. There are two more vital mechanics that you’ll need to survive later on called Parry and Dexterity.

Marvel Contest Of Champions Beginners Guide

Parry allows you to reduce damage on attacks and stun the enemy if you block just as they are about to hit you while Dexterity allows you to evade an attack and take zero damage if done correctly. You’ll notice at the bottom of the video there are bars below both champions. There function as many fighting games do, you attack or get hit to build up the bars and each bar filled gives you a different special attack to use and the same for the enemy as well. Each champion has its own special attacks with different effects, animations, abilities, and fun advantages to learning.

That’s the basics in a nutshell. Tell us what you think of the game and if you haven’t played it, what are you waiting for? It’s free to play and easy to get into. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Marvel Contest Of Champions Beginners Guide for tips!

That’s all for today’s Marvel Contest Of Champions Beginners Guide. Did you find our Marvel Contest Of Champions Guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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