Marvel Snap Beginners Guide and Tips

Harness the power of every Cosmic Cube in the Multiverse!

Marvel has always been one of the most fan-favorite franchises since the late 20s. It came up not only with the best set of entertainment but also crowned a place in mobile gaming as well. Marvel has many popular RPG and storyline games on Android and iOS devices; some are still popular among players. The franchise has yet to come out with another game for its fans; surprisingly, it is a card game. Let us jump into this Marvel Snap Beginners Guide for the details of the game and help out all the beginners who can start the game with the best strategy beforehand. 

Gameplay Overview

Marvel Snap is a card-based game developed by Marvel. The game comes up with a representation of all the superheroes in the form of cards. Every superhero card is assigned some extra benefits so that players can use them and win against their opponents. There are no such tiers for the cards, every card initially comes up as a typical card and then upgrades up to Legendary and Epic cards with the help of certain in-game currencies and Credit Tokens.

Overview Marvel Snap Gameplay
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Players can customize their deck of cards that they will use while playing against the opponent. The main game rule is while playing there will be three locations allotted to players. These locations will get revealed by the first three turns. Players have to gather the highest number of points in at least two locations to claim a victory in the game.

The game offers only 6 turns to both players in a match. Players have to gather the highest number of points in two locations with this limited 6 turns. The game also has a ranking system and a Collection Level just like a premium pass. By this, players can earn all the necessary tokens and credit points that will help them upgrade their deck of cards to win over every match.

Introducing the Basics of Marvel Snap

The game has a lot of important aspects or features which are very beneficial for the players.

Rank-up System

Marvel Snap follows a rank-up system namely Recruit Season Rank. In this rank-up system, players start as Recruit. The main ranking starts at level 10 where the players are ranked as Iron at first. After every 10 ranks up, players get promoted to the next Rank and can earn great rewards.

It is important to know that, if the players get defeated in a game after level 10, then they will lose some points and might get demoted to the previous rank as well. The ranks in the game are as follows:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Vibranium
  • Omega
  • Galactic
  • Infinite
Rank up system Marvel Snap
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The ranks are in the proper sequence from scratch to the lead. Promoting every new rank will result in rewards such as Golds, Credits points, Avatars, Mystery variants, and boosters. In a match, players must always try to maintain their rank. Tap on the Snap option present at the top of the match screen.

This depicts the number of points the winner is going to gain and the one getting defeated, will lose. Retreat if you feel you might get defeated in the game, this will help players to lose fewer points and they will not get demoted to their previous rank.

Collection Level

Collection level Marvel Snap
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The collection Level mainly depicts the level of the players and resembles the experience level. Every level comes up with an exclusive reward for the players. Players can win rewards such as Hero cards, Credits points, boosters, and Collector’s cache. There is no fixed level for the players, players can go up to Collection Level more than the 2000th level.

Decks and Cards

Marvel Snap is a card and strategy-based game and thus here are all the details regarding cards. Every superhero is represented as a card in the game along with some special powers that will help the player to win. Players can customize and create a deck of cards that will contain 12 cards in it.

Decks and Cards Marvel Snap
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Players have the option to make four custom decks of cards in the game and use them according to their strategy. The most interesting fact is that there is no such tier system in the game in between the cards, every card can become the most powerful one by upgrading them. The card levels in the game are as follows:

  • Base
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Ultra
  • Infinity

To upgrade the cards, players need Credit points and boosters to upgrade to the next level. Follow the easy steps to upgrade your hero card easily:

Decks and Cards Thing Marvel Snap
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  • In the game screen, tap on the Collection option present at the bottom.
  • In the Collection section, select the card you desire to upgrade. Check the number of Credit points and boosters you own.
  • Tap on the rectangular-shaped icon present at the bottom right of the card.
  • After tapping, you can see the Upgrade option. Tap on it to upgrade your card to the next level.

Other Miscellaneous Features

The game also has some other miscellaneous features with which, beginners are to be familiar or else they might be in a bit of a problem.

  • Main: This section is the main lobby of the game from where you can go for playing games and missions. Players can check for their Collection Level and Ranking Levels as well.
  • Collection: In this section, players can check out the cards they own and make their deck of cards. Players can also upgrade their cards as well.
  • Season Pass: The game comes with a premium Season pass where the players can level up their Pass level and receive amazing rewards like Hero cards, Boosters, and Credit Points. Players have to complete some objectives to level up their Season Pass Level and then they are good to go. For now, the game has the highest Pass Level of 20 which rewards the players with a Base card of Blue Marvel.
Mission Marvel Snap
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  • Mission: The mission section is present at the top of the Main section. In this section, players are assigned some of the missions and objectives by completing which they will earn great rewards that will help them upgrade the Hero cards and level up their Collection Level as well.
  • Shop: The shop is the section where players can go for buying resources like Gold, Boosters, and Credit points. Players can opt for real-time transactions that will help them buy some valuable resources that will help them progress further in the game.
  • News: The news section has hyperlinks to discord, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and YouTube. Players can get all the news regarding the game so that it can be easily conveyed to them.

Marvel Snap Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Marvel Snap:

1. Selecting the Best Cards for your Deck

Beginners must check out all the Hero cards and their special abilities before customizing their deck. This will help them to make the best deck of cards and thus provide an advantage at every turn.

2. Observe the Locations and the instructions before going for your move

In a match, all three locations have some specific instruction that carries some abilities. Go for the two sites that have huge advantages for you so that you can win the main against your opponent easily.

3. Upgrade your Cards the earliest

Earn Credits points and boosters to upgrade the valuable cards at the earliest. This will help you provide a great advantage while playing a match so that you can grab a victory.

4. Maintain your Rank

While playing a match, always try to maintain your rank. If you see that you might get defeated, retreat between the game so that you lose fewer points rather than getting a defeat tag and losing a lot of points that will lead you to get demoted to the previous rank.

5. Complete your Missions and Objectives

Always complete the missions and objectives assigned to grab amazing rewards that will help you progress further into the game.

Final thoughts

Marvel Snap is a fantastic online 2v2 card and strategy based which is knocking at the doors to release soon. The game is really interesting due to the unique abilities of every hero card. The main motto is to gain the highest number of points in at least two locations among the three locations in a match.

Players can draw a maximum of 12 cards in a single match with a limited turn of 6 provided equally to both players. The game follows up with an unlimited Collection Level and Rank system which comes up with great rewards that have the potential to make the players enthusiastic. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Marvel Snap beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for the Marvel Snap Beginners Guide! Did you find our Marvel Snap beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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