Marvel Snap Guide: Tips to get more Cards in the game

Get a stronger deck with more cards!

Marvel Snap is a card-based game presented to Marvel fans by the Nuverse developers. As the game categorizes itself, the most important aspect of the whole game is Cards. Players have to build a Deck of 12 Cards that they will use while playing against their opponents. As cards are the most important aspect, players must go for claiming more cards as it will come up with a stronger Deck than before. Thus, let us now go through the guide and discuss the tips to get more Cards easily in Marvel Snap. 

How to get more cards easily in Marvel Snap

1. Season Pass

Marvel Snap comes up with a free Season pass for the players. As it is in its initial stages, the game provides the finest game cards to the players through the Season Pass. The Season Pass comes up with some main objectives and missions which are to be followed by the players to claim the best sets of Cards from here.

Marvel Snap cards season pass
Image via Nuverse

Currently, the first Season Pass goes up till the 20th level when the players receive the card of Blue Marvel. For the first Season, the game has come up with the following sets of cards:

  • Ant-man 
  • Colossus
  • Ironheart
  • Gamora
  • Blue Marvel 

The above-mentioned cards have really useful abilities and thus can help the players to snatch a victory from their opponent’s hand. Players have to just follow the assigned Season Pass missions so that they can receive Season EXP points that will help them reach the consecutive Season Pass levels and end up receiving the best cards from it. 

2. Collection Level 

Marvel Snap has a feature namely; The Collection Level. This section also assigns some sets of missions and objectives for the players. Players have to complete these sets of assigned tasks to level up through the Collection Level and receive some of the best Cards in the game.

Image via Nuverse

The Collection Level does not have any final Level, as per the game the level goes up to more than 2000th. In between this journey, players get a lot of rewards, but the main aspect is the Cards. Till the 498th level, players get a mysterious hero card at every alternative even level. 

There are no fixed cards to receive by the players, players can even get a duplicate card of the previously owned cards. So, do not worry much, just complete the Collection Level assigned tasks and make your deck much stronger to make your opponent retreat at the early stages of the match. 

3. The Shop

The game offers some cards and their unique variants to the players. Players can buy some hero cards in the shop with the help of Golds. Remember that, players must have a minimum of 700 Gold to buy a card, even if it is a Variant card.

Marvel Snap cards shop
Image via Nuverse

Players can also go for special bundles which have to be bought by them with the help of real-time transactions. For now, the game has come with a Welcome Bundle that consists of 700 Golds, a Captain America avatar, and a Captain America card

Final Thoughts 

Marvel Snap is a fantastic Card based game with lots of interesting aspects in itself. The most important aspect is the cards, it is very important for the players as well to gather the maximum number of cards to make their deck of cards stronger.

Players can go for the Season Pass and Collection Level to grab the best sets of cards for their deck. Some can even go for real-time transactions and thus grab some insane cards as well. Follow up on all the details provided above and grab the best sets of cards and rank up higher in the mysterious world of Marvel Snap.

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