Marvel Snap: The Complete Locations Guide and Tips

Master all the in-game Locations and utilise your Cards to their max!

Marvel Snap is an extraordinary card game that revolves around the world of Marvel. The game represents Superheroes in the form of Cards. Players need to build a deck of 12 cards and thus players fight against different players around the globe to emphasize their attacks and combination of cards. The main algorithm of the game is that players need to hold two out of three locations so that they can claim victory over the match. In the game, every location has a unique effect on that provided. Hence, players must know about all the locations in Marvel Snap so that they can pile up the knowledge and play wisely. 

Understanding the Locations in Marvel Snap

Locations play a very vital role in Marvel Snap. In every game, players are assigned three different locations which get revealed by the third turn of the game. The tragedy is, every location comes up with different and unique effects and thus lets the players fall into an advantageous and a disadvantageous situation at the same time.

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Thus, players need to know all about the locations before they start to play. This will help them nurture themselves before the matches and help them to be aware of the locations which are not in their favor at all.

Complete list of all Locations in Marvel Snap

Let us come across all the locations that are currently present in the multiverse of Marvel Snap along with their unique effects:

  • Asgard – After turn 4, the player who is winning at this location will draw 2 cards
  • Atlantis – If the player only has one card at this location, then the card will acquire +5 Power
  • Attilan – After turn 3, the game AI will shuffle the hand into both the player’s decks and also will draw 3 cards.
  • Avengers Compound – On turn 5, players must play all the cards in this location. 
  • Bar Sinister – When a player plays a card in this location, they must fill this location with copies of it.
  • Baxter Building – the player who is winning this location gets +3 Power at the rest of the two locations.
  • Bifrost – After turn 4, players will move all cards into one location to the right
  • Central Park – This location will add a Squirrel to every other location
  • Cloning Vats – When players play a card at this location, they will get an add-on of a copied card to their deck. 
  • Crimson Cosmos – Players cannot use those cards that cost 1, 2, or 3 at this location. 
  • Daily Bugle – Players will get a copy of a card from their opponent’s deck. 
  • Danger Room – Cards played here by any of the players will have a chance of 25% that it will be destroyed.
  • Dark Dimension – Cards played here by the players will not get revealed until the game ends.
  • District X – Players will get the opportunity to replace both of their decks with 10 random cards.
  • Dream Dimension – On turn 5, every card played by players will cost 1 more.
  • Ego – Ego takes over and plays the cards for the players. 
  • Elysium – Cards cost 1 less than usual at this location. 
  • Fisk Tower – When a card moves at this location, it gets destroyed. 
  • Flooding – This is the last turn where the cards can be played on the location. 
  • Flooded – Cards can’t be played at this location by any player. 
  • Gamma Lab – After turn 3, all the cards played by the players transform into The Hulk in this location. 
  • Grand Central – After turn 5, the locations allow players to play a card here from the decks of both players. 
  • Hala – After turn 4, the losing player will get all their cards destroyed at this location. 
  • Hellfire Club – Cards that cost 1 can’t be played at this particular site by any of the players. 
  • Hell’s Kitchen – Players can draw a 1 cost card from their deck at this site. 
  • Isle of Silence – This location allows disabling all the ongoing effects in use by the hero cards at this location. 
  • K’un-Lun – When a player moves a card at this location, it gets a +2 Power
  • Kamar-Taj – After the site gets revealed, all the ongoing hero effects take place twice at this location. 
  • Kyln – Any of the players cannot play a single card at this site after the 4th turn. 
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  • Knowhere – After the site is revealed, hero effects do not take place here. 
  • Lemuria – No cards get revealed at this location. 
  • Lechuguilla – When any player plays  a card at the site, they have to shuffle 3 rocks into their deck
  • Limbo – This site provides an extra turn for both the players in that particular match. 
  • Los Diablos Base –  After turn 3, this location ruins one of the locations out of the remaining two. 
  • Luke’s Bar – If a player plays any card at this location, they will get it returned to their deck after the turn. 
  • Machine World – When a player plays a card at this site, the game adds a copy of that card to the opponent’s deck
  • Mindscape – Players get to swap their decks at this location on the 6th turn. 
  • Miniaturised Lab – On turns 3, 4, and 5, players cannot add any card at this site
  • Mirror Dimension – On turn 4, this site gets transformed into another location 
  • Mojoworld – Out of the two players, the one having the highest number of cards at this location, will get a +100 Power
  • Monster Island – The site helps players to add a 9-power hero card at this location itself. 
  • Monster Metropolis – The location provides a +3 Power to the highest power card present at that site.
  • Muir Island – The location provides a +1 Power to every card after each turn. 
  • Murderworld – All the cards played by the players get destroyed after the 3rd turn. 
  • Necrosha – Cards played here by the players get a -2 Power
  • Nidavellir – Cards played at this site by the players get a +5 Power
  • Negative Zone – The cards played by the players here will get a -3 Power
  • New York – At the 6th turn, players can move their cards at this location 
  • Nova Roma – Players get an advantage to draw a card at this location 
  • Olympia – Players get an advantage to draw 2 cards at this location
  • Onslaught’s Citadel – The ongoing hero effects get doubled at this location 
  • Oscorp Tower – The cards played here get swapped after the 3rd turn
  • Project Pegasus – Players get +5 energies at this site
  • Ruins – This location comes up with no effects at all
  • Sakaar – The location allows to use of a card randomly from the deck of both the players
  • Sanctum Sanctorum – Players cannot play any card at this location 
  • Savage Land – This location allows to add of 2 Raptor cards at two sides of this location 
  • Shadowland – The location allows to add of 2 ninja cards at the side locations with a -2 Power
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  • Sewer System – Cards played here will get a -1 Power
  • Shuri’s Lab – Players playing a card at this site will get their powers doubled
  • Sinister London – When players play a card here, they get the opportunity to add a clone of that card to another location 
  • Sokovia – This location allows to discard a card from both of the player’s decks
  • Stark Tower – After turn 5, all the cards played at this site will get +5 Power
  • Strange Academy – After turn 5, players get to move the cards to any of the random locations 
  • Subterranea – This site allows you to shuffle 5 rock cards into the decks of both the players 
  • The Bar With No Name – The player with the minimum Power at this site, will win over the location 
  • The Big House – Cards that cost 4, 5, or 6 cannot be played at this site by any player
  • The Hub – This location allows adding a random card to both of the player’s deck
  • The Ice Box – The location provides each card to both the players and also costs +1
  • The Peak – Cards played by the players at this location will swap between their power and cost
  • The Raft – The first player to fill this location will get a 6-cost card that will cost 0 if used
  • The Space Throne – Both players can play only one card at this site
  • The Superflow – If the players do not have any cards at this site, then they will get +1 point at every turn
  • The Triskelion – The site allows to fill both the player’s deck with a random card
  • The Vault – Players cannot play any card on the 6th turn of the match
  • Tinkerer’s Workshop – Players will get a +1 energy when the location gets revealed
  • Titan – In this location, players will get the 6 cost cards at 1 cost less 
  • TVA – The game ends after the 4th turn due to this location 
  • Wakanda – The game cannot destroy any cards played at this location 
  • Wakandan Embassy – The location helps to give +2 Power to every card present in the deck of the players
  • Warrior Falls – After each turn, cards played here fight among themselves and destroy 
  • Washington D.C. – Cards played here with no abilities will get +3 Power 
  • Weirdworld – Both the players get an opportunity to draw cards from their opponent’s deck
  • Westview – This location turns into a new location after the 4th turn
  • Worldship – This location destroys the other location present in the match
  • X-Mansion – After turn 3, a random card gets played at this turn from the deck of both the players 
  • Xander – The location provides +1 Power to all the cards present here

Marvel Snap Locations Guide: Tips and Tricks

As now players are aware of all the locations and thus let us jump into the best 5 tips for the players;

  • Players must look out for the locations before playing the cards. The effects are all written up along with the cards and thus do not play your cards unknowingly or else players might get into serious trouble. 
  • Players should always have cards with quality effects so that if they play them in a well-to-do location, players might get into a winning moment way before the end of the match. 
  • Always wait until all the locations are revealed, playing cards in locations that are not revealed might get the players into serious trouble.
  • The avoided location involves shuffling the player’s decks as this lets the players fall into very disappointing and losing situations. 
  • Try to acquire the best location as soon as possible with the best set of cards. This will help you claim victory over your opponent with a great advantage. 

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap is an amazing and fascinating card game that launched this year. Surprisingly, the game has also set his name as one of the best games of the year as well. Locations are one of the vital factors in this game and thus players must know about all the possible locations they will come across while playing the game. Follow up through all the locations mentioned and the Tips provided for the players so that it can help you win every match with more Snaps. 

That’s all from us for the Marvel Snap Locations Guide! Did you find our Marvel Snap Locations guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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