Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

Be a smart shooter... the world is watching!

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown (MARS) is a new multiplayer PvP mobile shooter in which players fight using robotic mechs. The use of mechs is common in many games, however, Plarium ltd. utilized this concept in a different way. MARS encourages strategy rather than just all-out combat, this is definitely a game worth trying. Before you jump straight in though, it’s a good idea to know what you are going to come up against. This Mech Arena Robot Showdown beginners guide will help you get the biggest advantage in-game.

Getting referrals as much as possible is one of the key aspects

In Mech Arena Robot Showdown, there is a heavy focus on teamwork, hence the highly rewarding referral system. You can generate an infinite number of referral links, each time someone clicks on your link and downloads the game, they will be added to your referrals list. As they move up divisions you will be given precious A-Points. The more referrals you get, the more A-Points you will have.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide

200 A-Points – Division 1
150 A-Points – Division 3
100 A-Points – Division 5
40 A-Points – Division 7
30 A-Points – Division 8
20 A-Points – Division 9
10 A-Points – Division 10

There is a maximum of 15,000 A-Points that can be earned in total from referrals. Once you reach the maximum limit, you will not earn any more rewards from referrals.

Note: You must be at least Division 10 in order to distribute referral links. As soon as you see your Friends Menu unlocked, you can then get started on managing referrals.

Organize your in-game chassis squad properly

In this game, you get a total of 5 slots for your mechs. You should utilize these spots strategically. Try to keep one chassis of each role. Since there are 4 roles, you should have 1 slot left. It is recommended that you fill the final slot with a mech role you are strongest at.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide

During a match, if your mech is destroyed, you will be able to switch to another of your squad. Having a well built and organised squad will make in-game matches much easier for you.

Customize the weapons system to get the perfect weapon

The weapons system in Mech Arena Robot Showdown is a little confusing at first but is important that you customize it properly. Each chassis has 2 slots for weapons and you can mix and match weapons of different types, or you could combine similar ones. Every weapon has its benefits and drawbacks, you can choose whichever works best for you.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide

Spend some time trying out each weapon to see fits your playstyle. Also, remember to consider the chassis you are using as well. Some weapons work best with certain mechs only.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown Tips and Tricks

As said previously Mech Arena Robot Showdown encourages tactical gameplay rather than aggressive gameplay. It is important that you focus on playing safe and smart in order to survive the longest. Up next in this Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide, are a few tips and tricks to help you while in battle.

1. Play according to your Chassis role

Each Chassis has it’s own role – Tank, Support, Attacker and Scout. When you choose your chassis, play the role you are expected to. Here are the playstyles for each chassis.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide

Tank – Play defensive, absorb bullets, and act as a shield for your allies. As the Tank, you are expected to be the frontline of your team.

Support – Your role is to help your allies by providing support. Stay back behind your team and use your abilities to help your teammates.

Attacker – As the attacker, you are the most offensive, use your strong attacking abilities to push towards the enemy.

Scout – Your role as the scout is a little more passive, you should use your abilities to locate enemies and provide Intel for your teammates. Avoid battles and instead, watch from a distance.

2. Use both your weapons effectively

There are 3 firing buttons available to use. One will fire your left weapon, one will fire your right, and one will fire both at the same time. Avoid using up too much ammo as reload time is usually quite long.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide

Instead, try and use one weapon where possible. Whilst you are out of a gunfight, make sure that all weapons are loaded and ready.

3. Singular weapon fire is Effective around corners

A very effective way of firing is by standing behind a wall and firing with the one weapon peeking out, over the corner. This will mean that the enemy will see less of you, and so you will not receive much damage.

4. Close down enemies from behind

The most effective way to kill an opponent is from behind, where they are least expecting it. If possible, try and sneak up on your enemy instead of firing from a distance.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide

Once you are in close proximity, ensure that both weapons are loaded fully, then unleash fire. Being close will mean that all your bullets should hit the enemy, by the time they turn around, they will have a lost a huge chunk of health.

5. Shoot in short bursts when firing at a distance

Recoil kicks in a little while after you start shooting, the longer you hold the shoot button down, the stronger the recoil gets. This will have a huge effect on your ammo, as you’ll end up missing more than hitting bullets.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide

If you shoot in short bursts, accuracy will be much better and recoil will not be as strong. This is a very effective way of eliminating enemies at a distance.

6. Avoid being the lonewolf in a battle

Mech Arena Robot Showdown is all about teamwork, all the chassis roles complement each other and so a team is most effective when all the players are together. Going lonewolf is not recommended as you will end up very vulnerable if you are on your own. Stick with your team and coordinate attacks together to achieve the most success.

On the other hand, if you see someone from the opposing team going lone wolf, this will be a great opportunity for an easy kill. Get your team together and swarm the solo player and it is very unlikely they’ll survive.

Did you find the Mech Arena Robot Showdown Beginners Guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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