Merge Survival: Wasteland Beginners Guide and Tips

Survive in a post-apocalyptic world!

Merge Survival: Wasteland is a puzzle game where the players need to solve the puzzle and merge up items to go through the ladder of the game. The game focuses on providing great awareness to the players about nature and why we should save it for our future. The games bring up many aspects as well for the players that help out players to get a better experience for themselves. Thus, let us hop into the Merge Survival: Wasteland beginners guide and know more about it with some helpful tips for beginners. 

Gameplay Overview

The game follows up with a storyline where a character comes to a wasteland with his caravan and tries to fix the place and help out nature. The game then comes up with the gameplay mechanics of itself where the players can see that they have to merge a few items over the puzzle board to get many other items and tools.

By claiming those items and tools, players can then complete tasks for themselves and then complete the assigned missions. By completing the assigned missions, players get rewarded with many resources and in-game currencies which eventually help them level up faster. 

Merge Survival: Wasteland Beginners Guide
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As the player levels up, more aspects of the Westland unlock in the game, and by this players can thus change the Westland into a completely new location full of trees and habitat. The gameplay mechanics and UI are very easy to understand by any player and thus they can adapt the system in just a blink of an eye. Players can also sell some unwanted items from the puzzle board and earn a few Golds for themselves as well. This helps out players to clean up the puzzle board and then they can play more freely and thus craft more tools. 

Introducing the basics of Merge Survival: Wasteland

Game Mode 

game mode
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This is the section where the players have to go for the actual game mode where they will get to see the main puzzle board. Players can check out all the assigned quests at the top of the screen and thus they need to merge items to form those items and thus they can complete the tasks and earn rewards. These rewards will help out players to get more resources such as energy, gold, and gems. 


Merge Survival: Wasteland Beginners Guide
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The quests section is the section where players can check out all the assigned tasks and thus players need to complete them to gain rewards such as energy, gold, and gems. Players also get EXPs that help them to level their profile as well. 


Merge Survival: Wasteland Beginners Guide
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The mail section is the area where players can check out all the news and updates which are being published by the developers and sent directly to the players. This helps out players to know directly about the updates and news without any problem. 


The shop is the section where players can check out all the resources and in-game currencies that will help them to go for real-time transactions so that they can buy some resources for them to utilize further in the game. Resources such as Energy, Gems, and Gold are the main attraction of the Shop.

Merge Survival: Wasteland Beginners Guide
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Players will get 100 Energies for free every day just after they log in, they can grab up more as well by watching some ads through the game. For Gold and Gems, players have to buy them through real-time transactions. 

Merge Survival: Wasteland Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing hours in the game, here are the best tips for beginners that will help them flourish in the game:

1. Merge more and more Items 

Players must go for merging up more items and thus players can come up with more tools that will help them to progress further into the game. Also, merging more items, and coming up with more tools will help players to unlock more areas over the puzzle board which will help them complete tasks faster than before. 

2. Sell the unnecessary Ones

Sell the unnecessary items over the puzzle board, this will help players to get some blocks over the board which are unnecessarily occupied by items. By selling them players can easily grab some Golds as well. This Gold helps players in the game as it is an important in-game currency. Players can even buy some energy with the help of Gold from the Store in case they run out of Energy. 

3. Go for the Quests 

Quests are one of the most important sections of the game. Players must check out the quests and complete them so that they can progress further into the game and level up. Quests are quite easy to get into the game, players get assigned easy quests where they have to merge the items and have to craft certain tools or items so that they can be collected and the quest will be completed. By completing the quests, players unlock more aspects of the storyline and progress further in the game. 

4. Do not waste real Money in the Store

As a beginner, players will get a sufficient amount of energy, gold, and gems which they can easily utilize further in the game. Energy and Golds can be very easily obtained by completing the quests, every task comes up with a certain reward and after completing all the tasks of a single stage, players are then again rewarded with Energy and Golds. Gems are a premium type of currency and thus it is quite hard to earn in the game. 

5. Utilise your Energy efficiently

Players must utilize their Energies properly in the game as every turn costs 1 energy. Thus players must observe keenly through the board and then merge up the items such as plants, oxygen, bags, and many more to craft more required items. This will help them to save up energies and thus they will further have more chances of winning and completing quests easily. 

Final Thoughts

Merge Survival: Wasteland is a great puzzle category game that comes up with a life lesson and awareness for all the players regarding our nature and earth. The game is a great one to pass off your time with some limited features which can excite the players as well. Thus, go through the beginners guide, follow up the tips, and convert the wasteland into one of the best locations on the planet. 

That’s all from us for Merge Survival: Wasteland Beginners Guide! Did you find our Merge Survival: Wasteland beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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Can’t sell Max Lvl Firewood pile of sticks; need to make room. Help!

Sarah Valerio

Can you move it down to your storage?

Sarah Valerio

How do I “gain spot reward” for the daily quests?


In the camp screen, there are little glowing spots randomly located on the ground, click or tap on them.

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