Merge Tales Beginners Guide and Tips

Tricks to master the puzzle game!

Merge Tales is a new puzzle game that has been published and developed by Merge Games. Released in 2021, this game is now available on iOS and Android platforms. It can be download through Google Play or App Store. The player gets to explore a mystical island in this game and build their own fairy tales by merging hundreds of delightful pieces and exciting items. We’ll share some tips and tricks in this guide if you’ve just started playing Merge Tales. The tips from this Merge Tales guide will help a player to understand the game and build up their merging skills.

Getting Started

In the game of Merge Tales, players can challenge themselves to get as many matches as they can. With a bigger size of the merge of items, the player can receive the highest of rewards. In this guide, we will look at some key tips and tricks for one to master at Merge Tales.

Delightful magic characters

In Merge Tales, a player can discover hundreds of fantastic objects, merge them to meet new characters. In the game, making new friends will help the players to decorate their world. To explore a new friend, a player has to level up the game by merging the items and completing the tasks.

Keep the space organized

While merging the items, a player should find three or five of the same pieces to merge. To utilize the space and speed up the process, the best way is to organize the items.

Mining and exploration

Merge Tales is a fun game where a player can explore as many areas as they want. Mining is the central part of the game where one has to explore other resources. When out of resources like endless stones, woods and more and with the lack of resources, players can explore new parts of the island! More treasures such as gold, rubies, diamonds and more are always up for grabs!

Almost everything is mergeable

Merge Tales Guide

Merge Tales is a simple, strategic game. A player needs to make their decision and plan their move carefully. As a player, you need to look carefully to make the higher amount of merge. One can merge three pieces into one immediately or wait to merge five pieces into two. Try to make the higher merge to receive more rewards.

Keep an eye on the task

Merge Tales Guide

At every level, a player has to complete a task. One needs to collect few ingredients that are required to cook an item. Merge Tales is about finding the ingredient by merging as many items required as to collect the rewards.

Take advantage of the offers

Merge Tales Guide

The best part of any game is to claim the free rewards. Rewards are the key to a richer experience of the game. To collect the required elements, a player should have enough coins to spend on cooking items. Free rewards will help a player to overcome this challenge.

Lucky draw

Merge Tales Guide

It is recommended not to ignore the lucky draw. After reaching the fifth level, players will get to claim from a lucky draw. To speed up the process, collect as many rewards as a player get.

Open chest

Merge Tales Guide

Check out the chest offer, as the game allows a player to grab free rewards. These types of rewards have some necessary items which will help a player to complete cooking tasks.

Get the free energy

Merge Tales Guide

Merge Tales has an energy system that helps the player spend a smaller amount of energy while mining the resources. As mining is the prime focus, the energy resources can run out fast if not restored at the right time. To regain energy, a player needs to take a break and let energy regenerate. After three hours break, a player can collect free energy drinks. Players can also regain the energy resource by watching ads or through in-game purchases.

Opt for the best items while watching ads

Merge Tales Guide

Watching ads has many benefits. If a player gets a choice to choose one item, think carefully and opt for the item which has the best value for you. Hammer is the best choice as they have more value and power. In case, if hammers are not available, you can opt and go for the others.

Merge Tales presents yourself in a world which the player always wanted. It is a sweet home to comfort their own heart. In this magical world, the player can experience their childhood fantasy, while staying anywhere.

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