Meta World: My City Beginners Guide and Tips

The city is yours!

Simulation games become quite interesting for the players as they can take control of the open world and run it as they desire. Such a game is, Meta World: My City which allows players to build a city of their own and upgrade it so that the players can climb up the leaderboards and have the best, upgraded, and developed city. The game also has lots of interesting features that help out players to progress further into the game. Thus, let us know more about Meta World: My City in-depth, and also give you some valuable tips with our beginners guide

Gameplay Overview

Meta World: My City allows players to choose an avatar that will reflect their real estate agent. This agent will be the game character and thus players have to play with them throughout their journey. Players get several sets of in-game currencies with the help of which they can mainly buy real estate properties and thus make their city as well. Players get three cities in an option where they can buy out or sell properties they want and make themselves a well-established brand or real estate agent.

Meta World: My City Beginners Guide
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There is an option of Meta Island as well where the whole island is under the control of the player and thus players can build and design the whole city as they want. They can invest and build buildings such as administrative buildings, housing complexes, hospitals, malls, and many more.

Based on this Meta Island, players can mainly compete against other players and climb up the leaderboard. The game also comes up with a Board Game that allows the players to go on a one-on-one Board game which is kind of similar to a Business board game. Players have to win and rank up themselves to get rewards.

Introducing the basics of Meta World: My City

Meta World

Meta World is the section where players can go across the provided four options of places and thus can deal with their Real Estate works. The dealing of works regarding Real Estate includes six types of works that are necessary, these are:

Meta world
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  • Selling
  • Auction
  • Real Estate Lottery
  • My Areas
  • Locker
  • Opponent’s Areas

Players get to work in several places, which are:

  • New York
  • Bangkok
  • Paris
  • Meta World

Apart from Meta World, players need to buy out properties in the other mentioned three places and thus work out over the sex types of deals which are mentioned above.

Meta Island

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Meta Island is the main section of the game, here players get a certain area and thus players need to construct several sets of buildings and develop the city as per their desires. Players get a certain area and it’s their responsibility to develop it and make their Island the best one around the corner of the world. Thus, over this section players can admire their choices and build up their dream city.

Board Game

Meta World: My City has an interesting board game under itself that helps out players to compete against another opponent. The game has very simple rules and a ranking system that eventually helps players to win over several Golds by winning.

board game
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In this Board game, players need to get 10 construction points to claim victory. Players can even rank up in this section and thus the ranking system goes up as:

  • Rookie
  • Amateur
  • Pro 1
  • Pro 2
  • Expert 1
  • Expert 2
  • Champion 1
  • Champion 2
  • Champion 3


Wardrobe is the section where the players come up with their characters and thus can select how they want to make their characters look. Thus, players can change their tees, and pants, and add a stylish hat with some cool sneakers to make an attractive outfit for their real estate agent.

Character Cards

Character Cards is the section where players can check out all the character cards they own and thus can make up a deck of cards as per their ranking over the board game. Players can use these cards over the Board Game as these character cards hold some unique abilities that help the players to get into an advantageous situation and thus win over the game.

Character Summon

Meta World: My City Beginners Guide
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Character Summon is the section where players can go to summon several character cards for themselves with the help of Character Summon Tickets. Players can mainly get these tickets in the form of rewards and in-game passes as well.


Achievements are the section where players can check all the in-game achievements that they have completed or are yet to complete. Players receive many sets of interesting rewards by completing those achievements and they also gain a wholesome amount of EXP points that help them to upgrade their profile level.

Meta World: My City Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After playing and gaining much experience with this game, here are the top five best tips for beginners that will surely help them flourish in the game:

1. Get the best possible deck out of the characters you have

Before getting into a game matched with an opponent which is ok for your player stage, you may set up characters for use in the match. From the beginning of the game, you could most effectively add two characters at the Rookie level, but whilst you improve your participant level and move directly to superior ranks, you can burn up to four characters for your deck.

When you choose the characters for your Meta World: My City, you have to continually try and choose nice characters with higher rarities. That is how you may ensure that you may win the board game because the high-quality rarity characters offer pinnacle-skill outcomes for use at some stage in the game.

2. Use the abilities of the cards at the correct time to get extra benefits

Over this Meta World: My City game, you can use individual cards to get more benefits on your side. However, these character cards want a certain amount of price counts to be fulfilled to use them for your gameplay. Though the fee depends on fulfillment, you must not use them carelessly when you have the first-class dice card options.

When you have no useful dice cards, you could use character cards which are prepared to be utilized by spending a positive amount of charge. Each man or woman card has an impact that facilitates you to get away from troublesome situations for the duration of the game. Consequently, make sure to apply these individual cards at the proper moment so that you won’t waste your precious cards.

3. Go for the Auction events

There’s an auction section in this Meta world: My City game that sells real estate without ownership. While there may be a public sale in the sport, you’ll be notified at the right facet of the display, and tapping on that event will take you to the occasion screen.

You want crystals to bid in a public sale and don’t worry about earning crystals because it can be carried out quickly through triumphing board games in champion channels or by shopping for them by the usage of diamonds. The participant with the very best bid will win the public property and accumulate the real estate on the auction. Therefore when you have time, bid at the public sale property to win the real property.

4. Participate in Real Estate Draw Events

There are real estate draws you can participate in this Meta World: My City game and those real estate attracts actual estate without possessions through a draw. Those draw occasions will let you collect land if you win a draw.

You can enter these attractions at a selected time, and also you need to spend a few crystals on those events for the real estate you want in your collection. And in case you’re going to increase the possibilities of winning the real estate on the draw occasion, you can use gold invitations. So, if you have the luck and the opportunity, you’ll win the actual property through draw events.

5. Play the Board game wisely

Meta World: My City comes up with a very interesting board game and thus players must play them pretty wisely. The game revolves around a few places where players need to roll out the dice and get along. Over the places, players need to buy out properties and upgrade them further. By constructing properties, players get construction points and thus the one getting 10 construction points first, wins the round. Thus, roll out your dice and try to get 10 construction points to win over every game and progress further into the rankings.

Final Thoughts

Meta World: My City is an outstanding simulation game that makes sure that the opinions and choices of the players are always to be served first rather than the actual game sets. Players can easily buy out properties and make their dream city or island and develop it to give it a futuristic touch.

That’s all from us for Meta World: My City Beginners Guide! Did you find our Meta World: My City beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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