Meta World: My City Guide: Tips to buy Real Estate in the game

Deal in real estate like a pro!

Meta World: My City is all about City Building simulations. The more the players win over the properties, the more successful they are in the game. But the main problem arises how do we even go around the game and work out over the dealings of real estate? To answer all those questions, here are the top 3 best tips for beginners that will help them to deal with Real Estate just like a pro.

How to buy Real Estate in Meta World: My City

1. Don’t go for big fish at the beginning 

Meta World My City Real Estate guide
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Players get very enthusiastic as the game gives them a very interesting and amazing experience. But as beginners, players must not ever go overboard and finish up all the Meta Coins and Golds in buying out real estate. This will cause a lot of problems in the progression of the players at the initial stage of their journey. 

2. Players must focus on developing Meta Island 

In the beginning, players will not start earning any Meta Coins that they can invest in big cities like New York, Paris, and Bangkok. Rather players must invest their Gold over the Meta Island and keep developing that in a full-fledged way. Meta Island can serve a lot to the progression of the player and thus they can earn some rewards from there as well. 

3. Checkout out the Auction list before buying 

Meta World My City Real Estate 
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The Auction List always shows the high price of real estate properties at the top. Players at the beginning will not have many Meta Coins to buy out properties in cities like New York. so players must always scroll down the Auction List and then checkout for the suitable deal they get and then buy out properties. The game also has a Deal Event section where the algorithm is the same just like the Auction List 

Final Thoughts

Meta World: My City is a great game and has a lot to learn from it. It actually helps a lot to get knowledge about money management and thus players must deal more with real estate in the game so that they can understand the best moves to make in the weirdest situations. Thus, follow up these 3 tips at the beginning and then come along with your moves to flourish well at the start of your journey. 

Did you find our guide to buying real estate in Meta World: My City helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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