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Might & Magic Dynasty Beginners Guide: Tips to progress quickly

Open the magic gate together and enjoy the classic return!

Might & Magic Dynasty, recently soft-launched in selected regions, replicates the classic gameplay of the beloved franchise. This features the return of the core gameplay of exploration and turn-based combat with rich factions and creature counters. On top of all these, the game features new world map gameplay, such as force management, guild expansion, contesting for The Eye, etc. This Might & Magic Dynasty Beginners Guide will show you the basic appearance of the game from the guidance of several novices of the Might & Magic Dynasty and tips to progress quickly in the game.

1. Building, Training, and Research

The construction of the main city is the top priority of the game’s progress. The novice stage uses the level of the city hall to measure the most intuitive performance of the development. This is because the city hall is the basis for improving other buildings. If you want the expedition to go steadily, the economic construction, scientific and technological research, and combat power ratio in the rear must keep up. Players who are still unsatisfied with the expedition level can go out of the city to play wild. In addition to going outside the city to occupy the mine, they can also annex the pawns who have passed the protection period. The High War League can also be stationed together to keep warm, and the sword is pointing to the imperial city!

Might & Magic Dynasty Beginners Guide tips

The city hall is the main core of your base its the most important building upgrading it to higher levels make you unlock other building as well such as Barracks which allows you to recruit troops to increase your combat power the more you train the stronger you’ll become you can also unlock higher LVL tier of troops once you upgrade the barracks. Another building you can unlock is the University which allows you research tech that will help you get stronger and give high statistics.

University has 4 categories research them all to give you lots of benefits in gathering construction, combat and lastly is defense.

2. Carrying out the Expedition

Might & Magic Dynasty Beginners Guide tips


  • The current maximum Expedition is 30 chapters.
  • The number of gifts for different troops in the Expedition Chapter is different, such as the T7 troops of 315 *Archangel of and 218 *Shadow Dragon.
  • The battle acceleration can be adjusted in the upper right corner of the battle interface, 1x speed, 2x speed, and 3x speed.


The expedition trial currently has a maximum of 200 layers, and each layer can be challenged repeatedly.


The badge of courage can be obtained through trials.

3. Knowing and Levelling up your Hero

There are many kinds of heroes in the realm. You can choose and upgrade them to be strong especially in the war they play. They play an important role which may affect your battle. The stronger your hero the more the higher is the chance of victory. Ways to Improve and increase the level of your hero is as follows.

  • You can get exp through expedition rewards exploring expedition give exp rewards and etc.
  • Exp and Fragments which are used to upgrade heroes can be also bought through the VIP store and market.
  • Exploring the map attacking monster and lairs also give exp which is used to increase the level of your hero.
  • You can buy Exp and Fragments in the store through game app purchases.

4. Joining a Build

Might & Magic Dynasty Beginners Guide tips
  • At the top left corner of the main interface, tap the Portrait – Settings – Search User to search for a lord to add as a friend, or search for a guild to join.
  • If the guild is full, you can try contacting the guild leader.

Guild Gifts

  • Rally Gift: After creating/joining a guild, when a guild member defeats a Chaos Tower or completes an expedition, all members can claim this gift.
  • Purchase Gift: When a guild member buys a Value Pack or Daily Discount Pack, all members can claim this gift.

Speed-Up Aid

Might & Magic Dynasty Beginners Guide tips
  • When a guild member issues a request for aid, another member can tap the button to help them speed up.
  • You can request guild aid when upgrading a building, or when your wounded are recovering.
  • The maximum number of times aid can be given and the duration depends on a guild’s technology.

Guild Warehouse

  • Guild Warehouses store the various resources that a growing guild needs.
  • Building construction, technology research, and other activities all consume guild resources.
  • Guild resource points located within territory boundaries can provide the guild with an endless supply of various resources. 4. By gathering resources within the guild territory, guilds will also acquire a certain proportion of guild resources.

5. Participating in the Events

Might & Magic Dynasty Beginners Guide tips

Of course, fancy benefits are indispensable when the Dynasty is launched. There are more than 20 kinds of daily rewards, city construction rewards, exploration world rewards, login rewards, cumulative login rewards, combat power enhancement gifts, etc for participating in the events. Various gold, wood, ore, crystal, and other resources will be given away, dragon coins, hero token, rare dragon scale rewards, and super powerful maintenance gift packs.

6. Gathering your Treasure

The world map is a vast world full of treasure and rewards need to be explored. One of the best ways to upgrade your base is through gathering resources on a map, without which you can’t upgrade your building. so what you need to do? You can gather in the map to get resources that you need such as gold, wood, iron, crystal, and dragon coins.

That is all about this Might & Magic Dynasty Beginners Guide. If you ever have a problem in progressing in the game, fall back into these tips and get going!

Did you find the tips in Might & Magic Dynasty Beginners Guide helpful in multiplayer matches? Let us know in the comment section below!

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