Minecraft: 5 best mods for new dimensions

Explore new dimensions in the popular arcade game with these mods

In vanilla Minecraft, there are three dimensions that players can roam, the overworld, the nether, and the end. Players who are experienced in Minecraft have explored these dimensions again and again. Being limited to just these three realms is not enough, as Minecraft is an expansive game. Although there are many downloadable mods that gamers can use which adds an entirely new dimension to Minecraft, this guide is going to discuss the best mods that incorporate new dimensions for players.

Best Minecraft modes in new dimensions

5. Dinosaur Dimension

minecraft best mods new dimensions
Dinosaur Dimension

The Dinosaur Dimension is a great mod for Minecraft players. It also provides a new Jurassic dimension that allows players to travel to prehistoric times. This mod adds a new form of realism to Minecraft.

4. The Midnight

minecraft best mods new dimensions
The Midnight

With a brand new dimension, Midnight is quite popular. There is a lot to explore in this for gamers, like tons of eerie, otherworldly biomes. Mostly, its appearance is dark with neon light sources, adding up new colors and visuals to the game.

3. Galacticraft 

minecraft best mods new dimensions

This is another popular mod in Minecraft as Galacticraft adds the Milky Way galaxy as a brand new dimension. This is the perfect mode for gamers who are fascinated by spacecraft and travel. They have a lot to explore, as players can fly to the moon, have a space station, and planets too within the galaxy as if you were a real astronaut.

2. The Twilight Forest

minecraft best mods new dimensions
The Twilight Forest

This mod has many amazing visuals that add a fantastic theme to Minecraft. New structures are impressive and have incredible mods, such as giant and the snow queen. These mods have been around for years. It is perhaps one of the most famous mods introduced as a new dimension into the game and has the highest rating among mods of all time.

1. Aether/ Aether II

minecraft best mods new dimensions
Aether/ Aether II

Aether is one of the first Minecraft mods ever made, as it adds a new dimension of the same name. It is essentially the polar opposite of the nether. It features new mods, blocks, and a structure that fits well within the canonical vanilla Minecraft. Aether II is the updated version that adds even more elements to the realm. Gamers looking for more worlds to explore should surely check out this classic mod.

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