Minecraft Guide: How to make a Crossbow in the game

The Crossbow receipe!

As you already know, one of the most compelling aspects of Minecraft lies in its emphasis on creativity and crafting. This aspect of the game enables players to experiment with an array of unique items, significantly enhancing the game’s depth and providing players with countless opportunities for exploration and improvement. One such item you can craft is a Crossbow, which we will explain in this article how to make a Crossbow in Minecraft.

Minecraft Crossbow Crafting Guide


We don’t need to explain what exactly Minecraft Crossbow is. Being a ranged weapon like the Bows, whether you’re defending your base from hostile mobs or embarking on an adventure, the Crossbow can be a valuable addition to your inventory, blasting arrows or sometimes fireworks.

Items required for Crafting Crossbow Minecraft

Four items are needed here to make a Crossbow Minecraft recipe, Sticks, Strings, an Iron Ingot, and Tripwire Hook. You’ll need 3x Sticks, which can be made by placing two wooden planks on top of each other in a Crafting Table, resulting in four sticks. Additionally, you’ll require 2 Strings, obtainable from defeating spiders or collecting cobwebs.

crossbow requirements
Image via Mojang Studios

Each iron ore block you smelt will yield one iron ingot. Lastly, you’ll need 1 Tripwire Hook, which you can craft using iron ingots and sticks, with each hook requiring one iron ingot and one stick. By combining these components, you can fashion a Crossbow, a valuable tool for various adventures and defenses in the game.

Crafting Process

Compared to the other Minecraft crafting recipes we have shared, the crossbow is a bit tricky. With 7 items in total, you need to fill 7 grids and leave two empty. Start with the smaller numbers, with Iron Ingot placed in the center of the top row.

Minecraft Crossbow
Image via Mojang Studios

Next up, place the tripwire hook at the center, completing two grids in the process. Then, position the two strings on both sides of the middle row. Finally, complete the Minecraft crossbow recipe by adding three sticks to each grid except the corner positions in the third row. That is it for you to get a successful Crossbow Minecraft recipe.

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