Minecraft: How to Make a Nether Portal and head into it

Who's ready for an adventure?

So you’ve had a lot of adventures into the overworld and want to do some exploring in another dimension? Maybe you want to beat the Ender Dragon and want some blaze rods. Whatever your reason for going to Minecraft’s hell is, we’ll get you there. So, in this article, we’ll look into how to go to the Nether and create a Portal in Minecraft.

Getting to the Nether in Minecraft

Now to get to the Nether, you’ll need a couple of blocks of obsidian and a way of triggering a spark.

There are two ways of going around this. The traditional way is to find some in the overworld or make some by using a water bucket on some lava. Keep in mind that you’ll need a diamond pickaxe to successfully break the obsidian and get a drop. A Nether Portal requires you to form a rectangle with the obsidian in a 4×5 pattern. Use a flint and steel (Made with flint you get from breaking gravel and iron) to light up the middle of the portal. If your portal lights up and you see a purple-ish portal in the middle, you can head into a whole new world.

Speedrunners have come up with even faster ways of creating portals which don’t require you to get obsidian and flint or steel. They mix water and lava in the right way to instantly create a portal and use things like wooden blocks to light fires (again with the help of lava). With the Nether Update, ruined portals are now structures which spawn in the overworld and with a little repair, can be turned into working portals.

Now that your portal is ready, you have a successful link between two dimensions. However, before you go in, there are a few things you should do.

1. Set up a barrier outside the portal

For this, use any kind of fence to set up a perimeter around the portal. This will stop any hostile mobs from the Nether who manage to use the portal and enter your world. At least any mobs who can’t fly.

2. Get kitted out

Having some armour on with some weapons won’t hurt! The Nether is a very hostile place and there’s a lot over there that’s out to get you.

3. Keep an extra flint and steel on you!

You do not want to get stuck in the nether. And that’s why you should always keep flint and steel on you. Ghasts are known for attacking you on-site and their attacks can break your portal. While there are ways to get out, it’s always easier to use flint and steel.

How to go to the Nether in Minecraft

Once you set up a perimeter and have some gear, you can head into the Nether! Once you step into the portal and are teleported, remember to take a moment and look at your surroundings before you move. In some cases, portals in the Nether can open directly above a lava lake, a step forward could result in death and the loss of your gear. So take a minute to get used to the Nether. Also, don’t forget to completely cover up your portal with cobblestone, a block resistant to damage from Ghast explosions.

Congratulations! You made it to the Nether! A hellishly beautiful place with its own secrets. Happy exploring!

Did you find this Minecraft guide for making a Nether Portal and getting into it helpful? Do let us know in the comments below.

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