Minecraft: How to set up a mining system to obtain minerals and diamonds

Hunt for diamonds using the mining systems

Minecraft is a game where setting up a mining system can be a very useful practice as it provides you with a fast means through challenging by obtaining strong minerals such as iron, diamonds, and red stone. You should go for the best way that suits you and benefited from the best results.

Let’s discuss the 4 effective mining systems or types for quick mine

  1. Branch Mining
  2. Quarry Mining
  3. Staircase Mining
  4. Cave mining

Branch mining system in Minecraft

If you are a beginner and yet have not achieved any weaponry necessary to brave a cavern, try this method as this is going to provide you or we can say help you to obtain many stones and minerals.

Minecraft branch mining
Minecraft branch mining system
  1. Dig anyway you want to but not straight down, you might fall into a PIT or LAVA.  there is a layer of unbreakable bedrock at the bottom and ores in Minecraft are most commonly located in a few blocks above it. (One crucial tip is to dig until your character is 13 or so)
  2. Dig a tunnel such that your character can fit into it as wide as one block and tall as two blocks. (Tips – use torches to prevent tunnel from attracting unwanted guests)
  3. Build extra tunnels that can be connected with the first one so that you can look for ores in a large area and keep a gap of two blocks between every tunnel so that it becomes easy to inspect without missing anything.

Branch mining is a helpful method for acquiring lots of ores, keep in mind that this type of mining consumes many tools and time consuming, so if you have patience go for it.

Quarry mining system in Minecraft

This is the simplest type of mining and a useful way to gather lots of cobblestones. If you don’t want to miss any material

Minecraft quarry mining
Minecraft quarry mining system
  1.  simply dig a rectangle out of the ground 
  2.  another one in it
  3.  and so on, until you have a sizeable hole.
  4. Build a stairwell or a ladder to enter and exit the quarry.

Quarry produces a lot of materials and it’s safe, it needs great patience and is generally not advised but if you take that route, you can easily repurpose quarries into underground buildings.

Staircase mining system in Minecraft

After you dig quick and deep in the search of caves, find a suitable spot for a branch mine, search for minerals or simply build an attractive staircase.

Minecraft stair mining
Minecraft staircase mining system
  1. Level 5 to level 12are the most diamond-rich levels.
  2. So, at that point you would build a branch mine,
  3. May encounter a cave before you reach that level and 
  4. Then you need to immediately light up the caves and kill the mobs within. 

As your character becomes hungry after jumping too many stairs you can make the staircase’s ascension less taxing by using wooden, cobblestone stairs and others. You can also raise the ceiling of your staircase to make it decent faster and less cramped.

Cave mining system in Minecraft

This mining is fruitful but challenging

Minecraft cave mining
Minecraft cave mining system
  1. Find a large cave
  2. Simply light the way and skim the walls for mining
  3. You can commonly find iron ore and if you deep enough you also find red stones, gold and many more

Tips: while mining deep be careful about lava it slowly flows inside and destroys our items and you too!

While exploring you can come across ravines that are usually on the surface and easy to spot. There you can find iron and coal. Although ravines can contain a lot of lava and monsters, they provide excellent shelter because mobs cannot spawn on the wall of it, you just need to light the bottom around you using touch. If you want to enjoy mining and spent time using a pickaxe, you can build a restroom underground.  

Did this guide help you in setting up different mining systems? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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