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MIR4 Character Tier List: Best characters to choose from

Choose only the best characters

MIR4, a Korean fantasy MMORPG from Wemade Entertainment Co. Ltd., is a brand new heart-pounding experience gathering game. It features intense fighting scenes and eye-pleasing realistic 3D graphics. It lets players explore the mystical and elegant life of the oriental world, where a player can follow their heart to choose the path. From leading a peaceful life to slicing enemies, anything is possible. The game also has martial arts fighting style combined with real-time fluid combat motions. This is a complete breakdown of classes in MIR4 and their use in PvP and PvE mode. This MIR4 character tier list will help you to choose according to what type of player you are.

Introducing the Classes in MIR4

All the MMORPG games follow kind of the same method for the in-game characters. They are categorized by their different set of skills, movement, attack ability, role, and other power. In MIR4, it lets a player choose a character out of four classes. There is no best character in MIR4 that can outrank other classes as all of them are useful in separate modes based on their specialty. Here is the basic information about each class:

1. Warrior

The Warrior is a sturdy armored tank that leads the battle, the best suitable character beginner players can choose blindly. This tanker is dedicated to players who want to progress fast, can take a lot of hits, and also damages enemies by wielding his heavy greatsword. Another useful side of the warrior is his passive farming ability.

MIR4 Warrior MIR4 character tier list

Role: Tanker


  1. High defence stat
  2. Friendly to use by beginner’s
  3. Best CC (crowd-control)
  4. Great for passive farming/ offline farming
  • Cons: Average damage rate
  • Usefulness: PvE, Clan Wars

2. Lancer

A true fighter who is massively dangerous with the spear he holds. Lancer is a front liner that breaks enemy formation while tearing them apart. Has the best damage rate of any other class. He is a melee DPS but has a decent range of attack. If a player wants to go solo, Lancer is the only option he’ll ever need.

MIR4 beginners guide Lancer

Role: Melee DPS


  1. High Damage rate
  2. Decent Range
  3. Great CC skills and debuffs
  4. Balance attack
  • Cons: Less durability
  • Usefulness: PvP, Solo farming

3. Taoist

A great swordswoman who seeks justice. Her melee attacks are unavoidable and love to hunt enemies from close with her physical and spell damage capability. Taoists are extraordinary in covering teammates while playing in groups. A great healer who’s always admired by her mates.

MIR4 Taoist MIR4 character tier list

Role: Support


  1. High CC
  2. Great melee and spell damage
  3. Fast healing
  • Cons: Less durable
  • Usefulness: Raid, Boss raid, Clan wars

4. Sorcerer

The sorcerer is MIR4’s only wizard, is extremely dangerous if falls into clever hands. A bit tricky to use it as it has comparatively low defense ability in exchange for higher damaging AoE and single-target spells. Can take down a pack singlehandedly but is more useful when backed by her allies.

MIR4 Sorcerer MIR4 character tier list

Role: Range DPS


  1. High damage
  2. Best AoE
  3. Long-range attack
  4. Decent CC
  • Cons: Not suitable for solo, Mana hungry
  • Usefulness: PvE, Clan wars

Choosing the best character in MIR4

The best character for PvE

After considering every possible aspect, Warrior wins the top choice list in PvE mode. However, Sorcerer is not far away from him. As the auto-combat is mostly used for grinding and farming, not much harm will come to the warrior because of having a great ability to take damage. Besides, he is the best class for passive farming.

Sorcerer is also a good choice for PvE but as she couldn’t take much damage, the benefit she’ll earn is lower than the warrior. Though she’s very dangerous because of her AoE, low on health is her biggest vulnerability.

The best Character for PvP

In PvP mode, the abilities of any character affect only in a small margin because the skill of the player controlling in-game characters is most important. But, some characters do have the potential to stand out when it comes to joining PvP.

Lancer is the best character. As players focus on attacking ability in PvP, Lancer can take the game to your favor anytime with her extreme damage rate and versatility.

Did you find our MIR4 Character Tier List helpful? Which character position do you disagree with from the list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Bro is it good to take lancer for passive farming ?

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