MLB 9 Innings Rivals Beginners Guide and Tips

Time to hit some homeruns!

The MLB 9 Inning series from Com2uS recently got a new title MLB 9 Innings Rivals, which is a new take on the Baseball franchise. Alongside, the stunning graphics, the game offers a brand-new, pocket-sized baseball experience that uses cutting-edge 3D visuals to add depth and visual realism. Since the game is fairly recent, players need a better understanding of the game’s mechanics and need to get guidance on the initial steps they should take. To assist new players who are eager to start playing MLB 9 Innings Rivals, we have created a comprehensive beginners guide with some tips.

Gameplay Overview

MLB 9 Innings Rivals provides players with a versatile gameplay experience that supports both portrait and landscape modes. In the game, you’ll find the rosters of all 30 Major League Baseball teams fully implemented, as well as the season schedule, which means the game gets a good licensed feel for the players involved, which is original.

MLB 9 Innings Rivals gameplay
Image via Com2uS

In MLB 9 Innings Rivals, Baseballs serve as the energy resource required to play games. Similar to regular energy bars in other games, Baseballs deplete as you participate in matches. Once your Baseballs are depleted, you will need to replenish them in order to continue playing, which isn’t a tough task as they are available in plenty.

As for the game controls, they are relatively straightforward. When pitching, you need to select the desired pitch type and drag your finger on the screen to determine the pitch location. On the batting side, the game employs a traditional tap-to-hit style. As a batter, you simply tap the screen at the right moment to swing the bat and make contact with the ball.

Players and Team Management

Live Updates in MLB 9 Innings Rivals provide a reliable way to stay informed about any changes that occur within the game. If you have a player in your squad who has undergone updates, you can easily access the update page within the Lineup section. In some cases, you shall need the option for Auto Lineup, in which you can easily follow the top players in your lineup.

MLB 9 Innings Rivals player special training
Image via Com2uS

When you access the Manage option in MLB 9 Innings Rivals, you’ll discover a variety of attributes and systems available for your players. These include Training and Skill Changes, among others. It’s important to note that these options are initially locked and can only be accessed once you complete the specific unlock missions associated with each one.

By progressing through the game and fulfilling the required objectives, you’ll gradually unlock these features. This is important once you start getting into the competitive side of the game, not only the vs AI League system. Once you start playing more events and challenges, you get to unlock more player packs which will reward you with better players.

In-game items and Resources

In-game resources are plenty in MLB 9 Innings Rivals, with the Points and Stars being the currency resources for in-game purchases.

  • Points: In-game currency can be earned through events, missions, and the player market in the game. You can purchase points with the help of stars.
  • Stars: In-game currency can be earned through missions and can be purchased from the shop.

Both Stars and Points can purchase a set of items for your squad. You can find them in the Item section. Star is the most valuable resource, and hence you can purchase in-game items such as Quick Play Tickets, Potential Reset, Skill Change Tickets, Card upgrades, and Training cards. Apart from the regular tickets, Points doesn’t offer anything more valuable than the stars. The description is given below for each.

  • Quick Play Ticket: In-game item used to activate the Quick Play option in the League Mode.
  • Potential Reset Ticket: An in-game item that is used to reset the Potential of a player/card.
  • Skill Change Ticket: In-game item that randomly changes all skills of the player.
  • Skill Grade Protection Ticket: In-game item that protects the grade of a skill from dropping to a lower grade.
  • Upgrade Cards: An item that gives an effect of a particular OVR when used as an upgrade material. For example, a 90 OVR Upgrade Card has the same effect as a 90 OVR player used for training another.
  • Training Cards: Used to train XP to the player.

MLB 9 Innings Rivals Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks the players should remember while playing MLB 9 Innings Rivals.

1. Timing is important

While the controls in MLB 9 Innings Rivals are relatively straightforward, the real challenge lies in mastering the timing. The game requires precise timing to achieve the best hits. Tapping at the right moment is highly important when hitting. If you make the swing too early or too late, you will get an average hit, if not worse.

2. Quick Play only the easiest games

MLB 9 Innings Rivals quick play setting
Image via Com2uS

From what we have experienced, Quick Play is a hit and a miss. The results are really strange with the outcome of the game being determined by various factors, including player statistics, team ratings, and in-game events. Therefore, relying solely on Quick Play for all games may not yield the desired results consistently, so save tickets only to skip less important matches.

3. Keep a couple of high-rated reserved players

Sometimes games do not go in your way even with the strongest lineup. For this reason, it is beneficial to have a couple of high-rated reserved batters and pitchers on your team. Depending on the situation, they can come in handy and help you get your game on track. You can select them in the lineup menu under the reserve section.

4. Check-in event rewards are a must

MLB 9 Innings Rivals player special training
Image via Com2uS

As a beginner, it is crucial to prioritize claiming the rewards offered in Check-in events. You can redeem both check-in and check-in event rewards, where the former has a free rewards section that will help in getting the best of the rewards needed for the player. Premium check-in need not be given a purchase but you can do so if you feel the rewards are valuable.

5. Beginners can find it easy on Portrait mode

Although the game supports both portrait and landscape settings, for beginners, we recommend playing in portrait mode. It is easy to get a grasp on the timing playing this way, as the whole interface is also set in portrait. You don’t have to worry much about other settings and play your natural game.

Final Thoughts

When we compare this with the recently launched Com2uS baseball games MLB Perfect Inning 23 and MLB 9 Innings, this is once again a different experience. All three are great options for someone who wants to get into baseball titles. For beginners, due to the extensive features and depth offered in MLB 9 Innings Rivals, it may require some time to adjust to the game, but once you get an idea, it will be easier.

We suggest users take things slowly, whether be it player exchanges or training, be it understanding the tokens or more other details in the game. It’s important to note that while progress can be accelerated by acquiring resources, make sure to advance with understanding different aspects of the game. In case users encounter any difficulties along the way, make sure to refer back to this MLB 9 Innings Rivals Beginners guide or ask questions in the comments section for assistance.

Did you find this MLB 9 Innings Rivals Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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