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The MLB Perfect Inning franchise from Com2uS has added another sequel recently, and the MLB Perfect Inning 23 might a perfect one for the year. The game offers a brand-new, pocket-sized baseball experience that uses cutting-edge 3D visuals to add depth and visual realism. With the recent launch, players who are new to the game will be looking forward to playing the game but might find it difficult to understand the mechanics of the game along with the initial steps to take. So to help players in this regard, we have come up with this MLB Perfect Inning 23 Beginners Guide with Tips with some tips and tricks.

Gameplay and Season Overview

Live Season

The Season can be created for free using the create a season option. It will take you to the Live Season. This mode utilizes the actual MLB schedule and roster, which will be distributed among 7 difficulty levels. However, the unlocking will be one at a time. Each season will start from Spring Camp and then will take you all the way to the Special difficulty, the highest in the game.

Live Season MLB Perfect Inning 23
Image via Com2us

The Season Champion rewards will be based on that too. The World Series Champion rewards will not be available for the season modes played on low difficulties, so players have to clear every difficulty stage time by time. While playing you have the option to control players either manually, using Auto Play, or finish the game using resources.

Gameplay and Controls

Here’s where MLB Perfect Inning 23 provides a perfect experience. Most baseball games simply put do not have controls to give them a baseball feel, but here there are no complaints. Both the batters and pitchers have distinct controls to study.

So, first things first, the D-Pad and Swing buttons are the most important when you are a batter. The D-Pad allows you to preset the swing of the bat and adjust it according to the pitch. Yes, this becomes difficult for beginners but with practice, it’ll be much easier. If you want to avoid it, there is an auto contact option but it doesn’t give you a promise that you will meet the ball in the middle.

MLB Perfect Inning 23 Batting
Image via Com2us

The pitching is the same, D-Pad for the position of the pitch and the level indicator. Make sure to pitch the ball perfectly which is indicated in the blue level. You can do your variations necessary or just like batting you can opt for catcher lead to select the automatic pitch variation.

We suggest the beginners pick up the practice often to time shots or pitch well. You have to do both batting and pitching in the game which will make it a lengthier gameplay experience so better not to miss out on practicing this to avoid the season going on a waste.

Resources and Player Management

In-game items and resources

In-game resources are plenty in MLB Perfect Inning 23, with the Diamond and Gold being the currency for purchases.

  • Gold: In-game currency can be earned through events, missions, and the player market in the game.
  • Diamond: In-game currency can be earned through missions and can be purchased from the shop.
  • Mileage: Used to purchase items from the shop.
  • Coins: Exchange tokens for player packs and event boxes. Can be earned through missions.
  • Tickets: A type of exchange material that is used to exchange infinite times for game modes. There are different types, PVP Action Ticket, PVP Simulation Ticket, and Season Complete Ticket.
  • Potential Point: These points are needed to boost the potential of a player.


MLB recruitment
Image via Com2us

Player recruitment is done through packs and the special offer shop. There are different packs that can yield a number of star players, with the higher tier of Platinum players being the best of the lot. Players do have to note the tradable and untradable packs before recruitment. Releasing players will grant you training points, which depend on the tier they are at.

Player Market

Yet another system to make note of is Player Market. In this section, you can buy and sell players. You can list up to 20 players, and the barrier for the pricing is by default given by the in-game system. The listing will be up for 24 hours, and after a failed transfer, users can retrieve back the player or re-list it again. For this section, recruited players from untradable packs cannot be listed alongside locked ones.


Batter Lineup and Pitcher lineup can be set as per your liking. Here, players organize their 26-man roster. The option to set up an Auto Lineup will be the suggested option for beginners. However, doing so will depend on the players you have, especially since having the best players on the team will make a huge impact without any doubt.

MLB Perfect Inning 23 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks the players should remember while playing MLB Perfect Inning 23.

1. Get the timing of the swing right

Swing timing is highly important when hitting. If you make the swing too early or too late, you will get an average hit, if not worse. It takes much practice to make it to perfect timing, but if you are patient and willing to learn you will reach an amazing base hit within a short space of time.

2. Auto Contact is a luxury

Avoid using Auto Contact. Sure, it is easy to bat with it, but it takes away the practice a beginner needs to hit the ball from the middle of the bat. It is absolutely necessary to connect well and have stronger hits, and for this reason, the manual mode of batting is the way to go.

3. Take advantage of the Simulation system

MLB autoplay
Image via Com2us

When you feel the game’s lengthy and want to finish it early, the simulation system comes into play. The simulation method dictates the game depending on numerous criteria such as the pitcher’s skill level, the batter’s batting average, the stadium’s dimensions, and more. Especially when you are in a healthy lead, follow this method and stop and resume the game when you feel like it.

4. Guide Missions for beginners

Complete the Guide Missions. For a beginner, this system is extremely helpful. You can learn various things about the game, be it upgrading players or team decks along with being generous in rewarding the players in the game. Overall, the system is a big help to the players very much in getting a good amount of resources for a headstart.

5. Choose your players carefully

Any batter or pitcher has the ability to impact at any point in the game, so it becomes important to select the best ones available, especially the platinum ones. When it comes to the pitchers, they have an enormous role in winning a game and hence, you should be very careful when choosing the pitchers and the pitching style that you will rely on during the game.

Final Thoughts

Overall, MLB Perfect Inning 23 provides an immersive and realistic baseball experience on mobile devices, especially with its fantastic controls. For beginners, it may take some time to adjust to the game because it offers a lot in comparison to a user-friendly game, which is appropriate for a baseball game.

We suggest users take things slowly, whether be it player exchanges or training, be it understanding the tokens or more other details in the game. This way, the learning curve would be much smoother for this game, but in terms of acquiring resources, you can easily speed up your progress. If you find any difficulties in between, do not hesitate to come back to the guide or drop your queries in the comments.

That’s all for today’s MLB Perfect Inning 23 Beginners Guide! Did you find this MLB Perfect Inning 23 Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below! 

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