MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 Beginners Guide and Tips

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MLB Tap Sports Baseball is a popular Glu Mobile title, but since their $2.4 billion acquisition deal to become a part of the EA family was announced, the latter has taken over the publishing of the baseball hit. Even though there haven’t been many changes in the 2023 edition, it is expected to see something unique from the developers. Many long-time players would line up to see what EA has done with Glu’s hit, while newer players might require some direction. So, to assist every player in MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023, we have created this guide for beginners with some tips and tricks.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay is pretty simple, and just like last year, players can select their favorite team from the choices given. There are a few basics explained at the beginning of the game, which is enough from a gameplay point of view. Controls are none actually, since players can only bat, and a simple tap or swipe will help it hit the ball.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 Gameplay
Image via EA

In terms of gameplay modes, a lot of options are available. Players can try out the Season Mode, Bonus Games mode, Tournaments to score club points, and more such events. This allows you to test and try different batters, and also arrange your team accordingly.

To begin with, you will have a low-rated side, with them not good enough to beat the average squads. Hence, it is very important that you continue to win games and unlock in-game achievements to collect high-rated MLB Player Cards. Also, there is an option to create a Legend for your club, and don’t miss it at any cost.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 terminologies

The first and most asked query is about the terminologies that are given in the game. Many players who are new to the sport would love to try out, and hence they are not really sure of what the terms mean actually. So, in short, we’ll be explaining the terms that you will come across generally in the game.

  • Ball: A ball is a pitch that is not a strike. So, avoid the pitches that are not in the zone.
  • Bunt: When a batter holds the baseball bat out and attempts to tap the ball rather than taking a full swing. The batter may do this to allow another base runner to advance.
  • Error: A defensive error in fielding the baseball that allows a batter to reach base or a base runner to advance.
  • Home Run: A batted ball that goes over the outfield and the batter reaches the home plate. If there are other batters along with him, they will also complete.
  • Fly ball: A baseball that is hit high into the air.
  • Foul ball: A call if the player hits the baseball outside the field of fair play, marked in white. Adds to your strike count, so if you hit two fouls and miss the next, you are out.
  • Pinch hitter: A substitute baseball hitter who can be substituted at any time while the ball is dead. You will be asked to choose before batting.
  • Pitcher: The one who throws. The throw is called a Pitch.
  • Walk: When a pitcher throws four balls to a batter, the batter is automatically advanced to first base.

Resources and Team Management


One thing that the game doesn’t lack is resources. Gold and Cash are the main items with the game’s limit, and the other items in the shop allow players to recruit the top stars while also getting the necessary upgrade essentials for their squad.

Mystery Boxes in MLB Tap
Image via EA

Mystery Boxes get unlocked early, and the games you follow up yield you these often. And do remember, the success rate is pretty good. We suggest you play a few games on the trot, and then open multiple boxes at once. Bundles are also the best way to get a massive boost, but they are locked behind a paywall.

Team Management

Signing and developing players are two important steps to being the best in your club. These will impact the future games you play, and one or two top players might be very influential in your progress. Players can be signed with the help of Gold, Cash in offers, Mystery Boxes, and also Bundles available in the shop.

Players in MLB Tap
Image via EA

Players can be upgraded with the help of XP and Cash. Each player has his own potential to fulfill, and the ones with great potential often turn out to be the best players in the game. The 5-star players need to be given the first priority. You can even loan Franchise Players to your squads, who come at higher levels and for a certain period.

You can also put together some upgrades for your squad in both offense and defense. Boost some of your coaches as they add good boosts to all players falling under the specific categories.

Tips and Tricks to remember

Here are a few important tips and tricks to remember while playing the game.

  • Do not rush to hit every ball possible. Especially when the pitcher has average stats. Such players will be pitching a lot of balls, so don’t swing your bat all the time.
  • Because you will only be batting once, managing your pitchers will be critical. Sometimes they simply lose control of the game and it is difficult to catch up. So, if you are signing a pitcher, make sure he has good stats and doesn’t dip in stamina early.
  • You should keep track of your accomplishments and challenges. There are numerous such rewards available to players upon completion, so don’t pass them up.
MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 Steal
Image via EA
  • Players will be looking for the occasional steal or bunt. However, we recommend that you use it sparingly. Even if your player is quick enough to steal one, the pitcher’s reaction times may be too quick, resulting in disaster. The same explanation applies to bunts.
  • Autoplay is a great option to play against weaker opponents. This way, you can finish games early, progress quickly and upgrade your squad without much of a hassle. However, if you are up against a stronger opponent or falling behind, we recommend that you play manually.

Final Thoughts

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 is a fun game overall, and to be honest the makers have done well with the game which was Glu’s best sports title without a doubt. The graphics look neater, and the game brings some new stars to the game. Even though there is pitching, the batting is simple and actually fun to play with.

For beginners, it might seem that the menu is clustered with a lot of stuff put together. We suggest they slowly proceed with the basics first, and once they understand the terminologies and the game modes, it will become easier. If there’s any doubt at any stage, this guide is always there to help them.

That’s all for today’s MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 beginners guide! Did you find our MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2023 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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