Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Event Guide: Event Preview, Skins, and Rewards

Exclusive skins, an unique rewards are coming soon!

MOONTON Games has taken to their official Mobile Legends social media accounts to give more information about another highly anticipated event, the ALLSTAR Event, releasing on March 31, 2023. This event is very unique as it brings about the much-awaited Promo diamonds, some event-exclusive skins, and many more unique rewards.

Though not much about the Promo Diamonds has been officially leaked, Advanced server updates show it’s dropping in alongside the event. Without much further Ado, let’s check out some awesome changes the upcoming Event patch has for us.

Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Event: Changes, upcoming skins, and rewards

Exclusive All Star Themed Battlefield Decoration

Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Event
Image via MOONTON Games

The upcoming All-Star event is unique as it is going to rock the whole Land of Dawn and bring about a Musical Pop-like Battlefield Decoration.

Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Event
Image via MOONTON Games

The Battlefield decorations would also extend to the whole Battlefield Areas, Turrets, Base, and even Lord. Now, Lord would look a bit cooler like before with the cool Pop music outfit.

All Star Events

Mobile Legends ALLSTAR Event
Image via MOONTON Games

The All-Star exclusive events are expected to release on March 31st, 2023 and it’s going to be bringing about some unique event exclusive skins that are to be gotten from participating in the events. The events would be 

  • Moonlit Wish Event
  • New Shop Item Event
  • Purify Harmonia
  • ALL Star Festival: This would allow players to complete tasks to earn Promo Diamonds.
  • ALL Star Last Encore: This would allow for players to get some specified free skins on completing some tasks in-game.
Exclusive skins
Image via MOONTON Games

Event Exclusive skins would also include a new skin for Rafaela and 3 other undisclosed female heroes would be getting a skin.

Revamped Hero

Mobile Legends Revamped Hero Minisitthar
Image via MOONTON Games

Revamped Minisitthar would also be released during this event’s runtime and he is scheduled to release on the 21st of March, 2023. His newly reworked skills and abilities include

  • A new Passive ability that grants a stackable Control effect
  • A newly Buffed First skill that now pulls all enemy targets in the path toward him
  • A newly buffed second skin that allows him to slam his shield multiple times at enemy targets
  • Lastly, a buffed Ultimate ability that now cancels all movement skills within the skill range.

Returning Arcade Modes

The All-star Event would also be Bringing about the return of popular arcane modes like:

  • Shadow Brawl as from 2nd of April till 8th of April, 2023
  • Overdrive Mode as from 10th of April till 16th of April, 2023
  • Mayhem Mode is from the 18th of April till the 24th of April, 2023.

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