Mobile Legends avatar borders: Different types, how to obtain, and change

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most renowned MOBA games to date, and continues to skyrocket in popularity ratings. Although there are always dissatisfied players, Moonton tries to provide a variety of gimmicks and features in the game to make it more entertaining. One of those key features in Mobile Legends are Avatar Borders. It is a cosmetic item that players can equip on their profile. Avatar Borders come in either square or circular shapes but have different unique designs. This article will explain in detail the different types of Avatar Borders, how to obtain them, and how to set/change Avatar Borders.

Types of Avatar Borders in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Plain Brown Avatar

All new players begin with a single Avatar Border, the default border. This unassuming, plain Avatar Border is brown with a wooden texture and symbolizes the humble beginnings of a new player in the world of MLBB. As players progress in the game and continue to log hours and hours of gameplay, they will soon collect more Avatar Borders to represent participation in the game, events and the community.

Mobile Legends Avatar borders
Avatar when a player reaches Mythic rank

There are mainly 4 types of Avatar Borders in Mobile Legends. These are mostly from Collectibles, Event, Skin, and Community. Collectibles are the easiest type of Avatar Border to obtain. They usually come with achievements such as reaching Legend/Mythic rank. It can also be claimed by participating in in-game features like MCL, Starlight or gifting.

Event Avatar Borders

Christmas Avatar

Event Avatar Borders are the most in number and are usually time-limited, so it is harder to obtain if the event has passed. Some examples of Event borders are First Purchase, Christmas, MSC, Halloween etc. Even though these borders are time-limited, they are usually very easy to claim, requiring players to complete tasks like playing a few matches with friends or logging in for a certain number of days. Event borders are also usually themed, for example, Christmas borders will have a red-green colour scheme with mistletoes and pine trees. 

Skin Avatar Borders

Skin Borders are arguably the most expensive borders to obtain, as they are directly linked to character Skins. Since they are linked, simply owning the skin will usually reward players with the corresponding border. The most notable Skin Borders are the Legend Skin borders, where players need to purchase Legend Skins like Saber “Codename Storm” or Alucard “Obsidian Blade” to obtain their borders.

Some Skin borders are also claimable by owning a certain theme or squad of skins, such as the S.A.B.E.R squad skins or V.E.N.O.M skins. By owning just 3 of the 5 total skins, players will be eligible to claim these borders.

Community Avatar Borders

Community Borders

Lastly, players can also receive Avatar Borders as gifts for avid participation in the MLBB community. These types of Borders can be claimed through community events, participating in giveaways that can be found on their social media, or by being a big fan and influencer in the MLBB community. For example, the Super Fan border is awarded to players who have showcased excellence in the community.

How to change avatar border in Mobile Legends (MLBB)

Time needed: 10 minutes

After claiming these Avatar Borders, they can be instantly equipped on your Mobile Legends profile to show the world. It can be done in 3 easy steps.

  1. Go to the MLBB profile. 

    Find your avatar image at the top left corner of the lobby screen. Click that.

  2. Find the Avatar border

    Click on Settings->Avatar BorderMobile Legends Avatar borders

  3. Equip from the available list of Avatar Borders

    Entering the avatar border section will show the player the list of available borders that he/she can equip on the profile. Now it’s time to click on the preferred one and confirm!Mobile Legends Avatar borders

Avatar borders are very simple yet amazing that make a difference in the friends’ list. Not only it shows the player profile type but also sometimes can talk about how involved the player is in the game. Some avatar border in Mobile Legends comes for free, while some needs to be bought. But at the end of the day, it is just a cosmetic item!

That’s all for Avatar borders in Mobile Legends. Let us know in the comment section below!

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