Mobile Legends has introduced a new Arcade Domination mode named “Capture The Flag”

New mode for players to enjoy, to arrive during Project NEXT Update!

Mobile Legends is known for its fast-paced and action-packed gameplay. Besides Ranked, Classic, Brawl, and Magic Chess, Mobile Legends have in the past, included some fun-to-play modes like Mayhem, Mirror, Survival, Ravage, etc. This time, Mobile Legends is introducing a new mode called “Domination: Capture The Flag.” The new mode will also be fast-paced and see some great action-packed gameplay. The mode is still in the Advanced Server, so players need to wait a few days to play this mode in the Official server. In this article, we take a look at the Mobile Legends upcoming Domination mode.

Mobile Legends Domination “Capture The Flag” Mode

Gameplay Overview

Mobile Legends domination mode

In the upcoming Mobile Legends Domination mode Capture The Flag, there will be three control points that can be captured by standing inside the zone for a certain amount of time. Once anyone in the zone is captured, they will generate points for your team over time. The first team to reach 100% will win the match. Also, there will be a timer, the countdown will start from 8 minutes. If the time runs out first, the winner will be determined based on total points, kills, deaths, and gold (in this order).

Mode Breakdown

The upcoming Mobile Legends Domination mode “Capture The Flag” will be a 4 vs. 4 game, and the hero selection will be very similar to the Brawl mode, where players will be able to choose one hero from two given heroes and they also can choose different heroes with the help of rolling dice.

Mobile Legends Domination mode Loading Screen

The match will start similarly to the Brawl mode. Players should go to the first zone quickly and capture it. Try to hold it as long as possible. Defend from incoming enemy attacks, and whenever there is a chance to catch the mid zone, attack and kill two or more enemies, then secure the area standing till the counter starts, and the red zone turns to blue. They must use Grock’s wall to block enemies from entering your secured zones and use the Portals to travel on different sides of the map.

The map is comparatively tiny and the same as the other modes. Players will die very fast if you try to enter the enemy base. The death timer will also be short in the Domination mode.

Mobile Legends Domination mode: Tips and tricks to master

Mobile Legends Domination mode Timer
  • If the time runs out first, the winner will be determined based on total points, kills, deaths and gold.
  • If there are players from both teams in a zone, the capture progress will stop until only one team is in the zone.
  • Kill Creeps to get Exp and Gold. The Elemental Lord spawns regularly and will spawn a friendly version to fight with your team once slain.
  • Portals can be used to travel quickly to different destinations.
  • Use Medikits, Flying Barrel, Knockback and Obstacle items to give your team the advantages!

That’s all for the new mode in Mobile Legends.

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