Mobile Legends LATAM Skin Design Contest: Here’s how to obtain Beatrix Vibrant Fiesta skin for free

Get this Beatrix's new Special Skin

Mobile Legends, the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by MOONTON, constantly introduces new heroes and skins to keep the game fresh and exciting for players. Beatrix, one of the more recent additions to the hero roster, has captured the hearts of many players with her unique abilities and style. If you’re a fan of Beatrix and want to stand out on the battlefield with her special skin, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to get Beatrix’s special skin.

How to Get Beatrix’s Special Skin in Mobile Legends

1. In-Game Shop

The Special skin can be acquired by purchasing directly with Diamonds, the game’s premium currency, in the in-game shop. To find these exclusive skins, check the “Special Skins” section of the shop where you may come across limited-time offers and discounts periodically.

Mobile Legends Beatrixs Special Skin
Image via Moonton

2. Beatrix’s Special Gifts Event

Mobile Legends fans in the LATAM region are in for a treat with the introduction of a spectacular new skin for Beatrix, the “Vibrant Fiesta.” This stunning skin is the result of the LATAM Skin Design Contest and promises to be a vibrant addition to the hero’s collection.

But that’s not all; Mobile Legends is also hosting a special event, Beatrix’s Special Gifts Event, where players have the opportunity to earn fantastic rewards, including the exclusive “Vibrant Fiesta” skin. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting event.

How to the Vibrant Fiesta skin from Beatrix’s Special Gifts event

Beatrix’s Special Gifts Event Overview

Before diving into the event rewards, it’s essential to understand the rules and mechanics of Beatrix’s Special Gifts Event:

  • Task Completion: Players can complete tasks during the event period to claim rewards.
  • Daily Resets: Rewards from tasks that reset every day can be claimed once a day.
  • One-Time Rewards: Rewards from tasks that do not reset can only be claimed once during the event.
  • Token Expiry: Be sure to exchange tokens for rewards during the event period. Unused tokens will be removed at the end of the event.
  • Skin Availability: The corresponding skins that the discount coupons from this event can be used on will be available on September 27th.
Mobile Legends Beatrix's Special Skin Gifts
Image via MOONTON

Wisdom Tokens Currency Management

To participate in Beatrix’s Special Gifts Event and claim its enticing rewards, players need to collect Wisdom Tokens. Here’s how you can earn these tokens:

  • Daily Login: Receive 1 token daily simply by logging into the game.
  • Battle with Beatrix: Play matches in Classic, Ranked, or Brawl using Beatrix to earn tokens:
    • Complete 1 match: Earn 2 tokens.
    • Complete 3 matches: Earn 4 tokens.
    • Complete 5 matches: Earn 6 tokens.
  • Play with Friends: Team up with friends and earn tokens:
    • Complete 1 match: Earn 1 token.
    • Complete 3 matches: Earn 3 tokens.
    • Complete 5 matches: Earn 5 tokens.

Beatrix’s Special Gifts Event Rewards Exchange

Now, let’s take a look at the exciting rewards you can exchange your hard-earned Wisdom Tokens for:

  • Exclusive Skin Coupon (225 Diamonds): For 20 Wisdom Tokens, you can acquire an exclusive skin coupon, allowing you to discount the purchase of the “Vibrant Fiesta” skin to just 225 Diamonds.
  • Jade Path (3-Day): Spend 15 Wisdom Tokens to get a 3-day Jade Path.
  • Beatrix (3-Day Trial Card): Use Wisdom Tokens to obtain a 3-day trial card for Beatrix.
  • Large Emblem Pack: For 5 Wisdom Tokens, you can secure a large emblem pack.

When will the special Vibrant Fiesta skin of Beatrix release in Mobile Legends

Beatrix’s new skin, “Vibrant Fiesta,” is set to be released on September 27, 2023. Players can purchase this skin at the Shop for 749 Diamonds, but they also have the option to use the Exclusive Skin Coupon to receive a discount of 225 Diamonds.

This event offers a great opportunity for Mobile Legends players to not only earn rewards but also enjoy Beatrix’s exciting new skin, “Vibrant Fiesta,” at a discounted price. Make sure to participate in the event, complete tasks, and accumulate Wisdom Tokens to claim your rewards and unlock this stunning skin when it becomes available.

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