My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon Beginners Guide and Tips

Recruit various cats to your dessert business, and expand to many other cities!

My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon is a casual yet engaging title that gives users a distinctive and pleasurable gameplay experience. A cat-themed tower with cute tasty desserts is what players have to create and control in this game. Moreover, players may build their cat tower empire at their own speed while generating various cakes, pastries, and wealth. This My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon beginners guide article on the game will definitely help any newbies to get accustomed to the game.

Players may customize and enhance their towers to draw in more attractive cats, unlock new floors, and grow their towers to impressive heights by gathering a broad variety of materials and resources. Along with this, the game offers mini-games, unique events, and tasks that are both entertaining and engaging. No doubt, My Cat is a fun game with attractive cat characters, charming graphics, and engaging action.

Introducing the Basics of My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon

A charming and cute smartphone game, My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon puts players in charge of a tower where cats serve as the bakers and are hard at work creating delectable cakes. The role of players is to control every step of cake production inside the tower. Cats working diligently on various floors of the tower start mixing ingredients, baking, and decorating cakes as soon as an order is placed.

My Cat Tower Idle Tycoon overview 2
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The freshly made cakes are then taken down to a lower floor via an elevator, where another cat puts stamps and seals the package to pack the cakes. A truck is then driven by a cat driver who is then in charge of delivering all the packages. In order to advance, players must successfully complete tasks in order to gain money. Also, they will achieve rewards by clearing the levels and orders. The players should always upgrade the tower, open up further levels, and enhance the cake-baking procedure.

The game’s captivating graphics and mechanics let players build their cat tower empire and earn money while baking cakes. My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon provides players who like cute animals, idle tycoon games, and cake-making adventures. The game becomes more attractive due to its pleasant and entertaining gaming experience because of its original concept, endearing cat characters, and addictive gameplay.

Upgradation of the elements

Upgrading the tower, truck, and elevator is a very important aspect of My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon that can greatly level up the cake-making system and boost your allover earnings. Here are some tips on how to upgrade these elements:

  • Upgrading your Tower: To upgrade your tower, you will need to use fish, which is the main currency in the game. You can earn fish by completing orders, quests, and other methods. As you upgrade your tower, you will increase its capacity and improve its appearance. This will allow you to accommodate more cats and attract new customers, which will in turn increase your earnings.
My Cat Tower Idle Tycoon cat tower
Image via PlayHard.Lab
  • Upgrading your Truck: The truck is in charge of transporting supplies to your tower, like cakes, desserts, and pastries so it has to be upgraded. You can get more supplies and maintain your kitties’ happiness by upgrading the truck because it will move faster and carry more packages. Fish is an important currency that can be used to improve the truck and open up new supply delivery levels.

Overall, increasing your tower, truck, and lift will increase your revenue and help you move forward in the game. You may improve the entire cake-making process and create the perfect cat tower by using the fish currency and taking your game to the next level.

Utilizing the Resources efficiently

My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon generally has three types of currencies in the game. You can earn them by completing tasks or can even buy them from the Package section using real money. Unlike other games, the prices are cheap, so it won’t be a bad option for you guys.

  • Fish: The main form of payment in the game is fish, which can be used to upgrade your tower, truck, lift, and other features. Fish can be obtained through performing quests, viewing advertisements, and other means. Make sure to save up and manage your fish count if you want to upgrade your tower, truck, and lift.
My Cat Tower Idle Tycoon currencies
Image via PlayHard.Lab
  • Coins: Coins are a second kind of payment in the game that can be obtained by producing and selling cakes to consumers. Coins can be used to buy goods from the shop, like cat food and toys, or to upgrade the whole machinery. To draw more clients and earn more cash, make sure your bakery is well-stocked and that you produce different types of cakes.
  • Gems: Gems are the premium money in the game that may be used to unlock additional cats, speed up tasks, and buy exclusive things. Gems can be acquired through in-app purchases using real money or by completing specific tasks. Gems can help you advance more quickly, but because they are a scarce resource, you should only utilize them rarely.

Understanding the Cats and their Jobs

The game My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon has a vast number of cat workers. All these cats know some skill and are best at that particular work. As the game progresses, you will unlock all cats one by one. You can even assign a particular cat to a particular work. The various cat workers are:

  • Truck Cats: These cats drive the truck and are in charge of bringing supplies to your tower. They assist in delivering food and other supplies supplied in the tower.
  • Elevator Cats: Elevator cats are responsible for moving packages and sealing them between levels in your tower and looking after the elevator. They support the swift and effective movement of your cake-making procedure.
  • Chocolate Cats: These cats work on the chocolate cake production floor and make delicious chocolate treats for your customers. They are experts in all things chocolate and are responsible for making sure your customers have a sweet and great experience.
  • Watermelon Juice Cats: These cats work in the juice bar and make refreshing watermelon juice for your customers. They are experts in creating delicious and healthy watermelon drinks.
  • Cheesecake Cats: These cats bake and decorate mouthwatering cheesecakes for your clients in the bakery. They are masters at making desserts that are sweet and creamy.
  • Caramel Pudding Cats: These cats prepare tempting caramel pudding for your customers at the dessert store. Rich and delectable pastries are their specialty.
My Cat Tower Idle Tycoon types of cat workers
Image via PlayHard.Lab
  • Parfait Cats: These cats work on the ice cream production floor and make colorful and delicious parfait cups for your customers. They are experts in creating refreshing treats.
  • Coffee Cats: These cats work in the coffee section and are responsible for brewing and serving hot and cold coffee drinks for your customers. They are experts in creating the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Souffle Cats: For your customers, the Souffle Cats create and decorate airy, fluffy souffle in the bakery. They are masters at producing elegant and stunning sweets.
  • Donut Cats: These cat workers in bakeries cook and decorate tasty donuts for clients. They are superior at making entertaining and delectable snacks.
  • Waffle Cats: These cats make crispy, fluffy waffles for your customers at the waffle section of the tower. They are masters at making filling and cozy breakfast delicacies.
  • Eggtart Cats: Sych workers create and decorate mouthwatering egg tarts for your customers in the bakery. They are masters at making traditional and satisfying desserts.
  • Roll Cake Cats: For your clients, these cats work in the bakery to prepare and decorate lovely and delectable roll cakes. They are masters at making sweets that are elegant.

My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tricks and tips for beginners in our guide to help amateurs progress swiftly in My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon:

1. Take care of your Wealth

You should always maintain your wealth in order to progress strategically in the game. The main currencies include fish, coins, and gems. As there are plenty of options that will pop up to spend your currencies you as an amateur should be aware of where and how much to invest. If you start to spend your wealth reluctantly without thinking of the next level, it will definitely be a major problem.

2. Watching Ads can be beneficial

Under the Package section of the game, you will find an option to gain rewards just by watching advertisements. Suppose you don’t have enough money to sustain at any level you can just use some rewards from the Package section by watching an ad. Many people underrate this factor, but ads can be a great source for you to save yourself in case of an emergency.

3. Normal Box rewards are superb

Every two hours you receive a normal box reward in the game My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon. Thus, don’t miss it. If you get any worker cat from the box it will be very beneficial. Suppose you got a cat worker, which is very difficult to gain through normal playing. Hence, the rewarded cat can help you to increase your quests by ten times.

4. Make sure to assign the correct Cat workers

At every level of work in the tower you have cat workers. Moreover, when you have collected too many cats, you can choose which cat you should work with and which one to discard. Always choose the cat with the higher levels. Such cats are not only superior but also can do the whole work in the short term. As the deliveries are very frequent you will need fast workers.

Final Thoughts

Overall My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon, is a very impressive and cute game. With its vibrant graphics and great sound effects it becomes more attractive and players automatically become more eager to play. The game offers a large range of customization options, in almost all sections of the game, making it a great option for players who enjoy personalizing the gameplay experience. Thus, My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon is a great choice for casual gamers who enjoy cute and engaging games.

That’s all from us for the My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon Beginners Guide! Did you find our My Cat Tower: Idle Tycoon Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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