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My Hero Ultra Impact: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Get the best characters with the most powerful quirks with this reroll guide

My Hero Ultra Impact is a mobile RPG game, based on the very popular anime series My Hero Academia, published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. The game features a huge cast of characters from the My Hero Academia universe like All Might, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo to name just a few. Characters have powers based on the original storyline and some characters are much more powerful than the others, in order for you to gain the best possible start here is a reroll guide for My Hero Ultra Impact. 

How to reroll efficiently in My Hero Ultra Impact

The game developers do know how important rerolling is for a new player, so they have implemented an infinite reroll mechanic. Players can simply do a 10x pull again and again until they are satisfied and lock any singular array of characters. This method makes all extra steps needed for rerolling unnecessary, so go ahead with this.

My hero ultra impact reroll guide

My Hero Ultra Impact reroll guide for Android devices

  • Start the game with a Guest account, make sure not to sign up anywhere at the start.
  • There will be a prompt to download around 150 MB of data, do that and start the tutorial.
  • After the first battle in the tutorial, you will need to download another package of data, make sure to choose Min download, to reduce the time for reroll process.
  • Once the download is complete, you will be greeted with the Infinite Summoning window, utilise it until you get the character that you wanted and continue on with the tutorial.
My hero ultra impact reroll guide
  • Once the tutorial is over, claim the premium currency i.e. The Hero Gems from the Mail Box or any other source you can find. Hero Gems is the currency used for pulling from various banners.
  • Roll on whichever banner you want, and if you get the Characters that you wanted then bind the account, if not then continue.
  • Account reset is a bit tricky here since there is in-game option for it, nor any external viable method. So what you need to do is delete the App/User data for the game, in order to do that head to App Settings of your device and navigate to find My Hero Ultra Impact, and delete from there. 
  • Repeat the process from the very start until you are satisfied. 

My Hero Ultra Impact reroll guide for iOS devices

Due to iOS restrictions, efficient reroll is not possible, so use the Infinite Summoning window to gain the characters that you want. To reset account data simply reinstall the game.

How to reroll on an Emulator for My Hero Ultra Impact

Emulators are the go-to tools for rerolling most of the time, as compared to native Android and iOS. BlueStacks, LDplayer, and MEmu are the most used emulators on the market, select any one of them. For general rerolling emulators have all the features that are needed so no need to worry too much about the perfect emulator but do read the documentation for the one you choose, to understand how it works. 

To start with rerolling, follow these steps:

  • First install the game on a 64-bit instance, 64-bit will provide better performance and stability as compared to 32-bit one.
  • Install the game on the base instance, but don’t open the game. Make clones of the base instance, and once there are 3-4 instances, start with rerolling on every instance except the base one.
  • Since the game has an in-built reset account option, there will be two ways for efficient rerolling. One way is to simply delete the bad reroll accounts and clone again from the base  instance or reset the accounts each time in all the instances. The second method should be relatively faster.
  • When you get a good account with the best characters, make sure to bind it in order to avoid any data loss.

How to bind a game account in My Hero Ultra Impact

My hero ultra impact reroll guide

Navigate to the Game’s Menu Settings at the bottom of the main lobby, you will see an option Transfer, tap on it and confirm. Proceed with the prompts until you can account bind options, continue with any third-party service, and bind your account to it.

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