Nano Legends Beginners Guide and Tips

Welcome to the Nano World!

Nano Legends by Nimble Neuron is a 3D Tower-Rush Champion Brawl RTS game. Reina comes to the players as the guider at the initial stage so that the players won’t face any difficulties with the gameplay. It also includes Aillia, who is a great witch and holder of Antique Shop. She has been collecting plenty of antiques which helped her to come up with tiny characters, known as Nanos, and here, the humans (players) are known as Gigas. These Nanos create a fight against each other in order to protect their base. Ultimately, making for the team who succeeds to protect their base. If a player wants to understand the game’s basic mechanics, here is our Nano Legends Beginners Guide with some basic tips and tricks.

Introducing the Basics

Generally, the match lasts for about 3 minutes in which the players can choose their army and some special powers to knock down the opponent. The game comprises 13 champions, 49 troopers, 8 towers, and 23 miracles, and much more.

Team settings

In the team setting option, the players can sight upon the different champions, troopers, and some more troops. Here, the players can assemble their army and glimpse the army’s character available to be leveled up. The players can even make different decks of cards (cards; army characters).


It is the quarter where the players can receive a bundle of messages from their fellow companion players. Accompanying this, the players also receive the latest updates, notices, and news about the game.


A section made for the enthusiastic players who are eager to surpass the challenges. The player won’t be able to access this section at the very beginning but can take it in hand after fulfilling the basic requirements. The basic requirement for unsealing it is reaching nano 1-1 or completing adventure 2-1. 

Nano Legends gameplay

Adventure journal

This option pops up in the Adventure Section, which allows the players to take a look at the tasks and journeys accomplished by them. Like a road map, this Journal makes the players aware of how far they have made up in the gameplay, making the different accomplishments divided into chapters.


Not just the no-cost items, with it the players can also make several purchases of different collectibles. The section opens up when the players carry out the requirements of completing Adventure 1-3.

God Hand and Emotes

Making a long press on the Team Settings conveys the players to the God Hands; which is basically a human hand and Emotes; that is used to make a voice or just an expression at the game

Nano Legends Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Never miss out on the Daily Rewards

Void tamer Draxis offers to the players a bunch of rewards, which are generally coins, heart, and the third collectible vary on each day. The game provides the player’s notification for the same and it is a freebie and may often bring up something interesting to the player.

2. Remember to renew the Stock often

The adventures, the matches, or Duets the players play, require heart and as a result of a loss, the player will have to pay the cost of losing a heart. Therefore, it is necessary for the users to keep it readily available for the long run.

3. Keep uprading your Army

The upgrade of the army’s character would be necessary as it would help in the upgrading the skills of the characters, helping in the better game-play.

4. Ad free gaming

The ads may sometimes cause a disruption in the gameplay, therefore, the option of Premium Pass to the players. It can be purchased in-game in exchange for cash. It also has other benefits such as more rewards

5. Join a Guild

Guilds are always a great way to play with friends and level up faster. Join a guild and team up with your mates as fast as you can to obtain Guild Points. Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Nano Legends beginners guide and tips!

That’s all for today’s Nano Legends beginners guide. Did you find our Nano Legends beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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