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Nautical Life 2 Beginners Guide and Tips

Enjoy the new sea adventure!

Nautical Life 2 is a sequel to Nautical Life that takes the player through the world of oceanic adventures. This role-playing game enables the player to enjoy the thrill of fishing with over 100 new rare collections of fish added to the game. Nautical Life 2 includes a vast map, wherein each of them has a unique collection of fish. The stronger the player gets, the rarer the fish that can be caught. With this Nautical Life 2 Beginners guide, we will assist in how to play the game, with some additional tips and tricks.

In Nautical Life 2, the game allows total freedom to the player of their characters. The game revolves around the fishing career under Fishing International Federation’s license. This will challenge fishermen to take trials to catch resistant fishes and build wealth that can be used to buy yachts, and boats and build houses and decorations.

Gameplay Overview

Gamers will have complete flexibility of movement and choice in the sequel of the game, as well as a vast variety of options within the game’s expansive universe. The gameplay is also infused with a storyline, side quests, crafting, resource gathering, collecting, construction, and a tonne of other activities.

Gameplay Overview Nautical Life 2
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To go on an exciting voyage, players must first design a character for themselves. They may then choose where to travel and what to do at their leisure. The game uses Tapping for motion. The game uses the bird’s eye view to show the character and in-game fights. To move the player has to select the place and then tap on it.

Introducing the Basics of Nautical Life 2

Getting Started

The second part of Nautical Life begins with character selection. The game provides the option of selecting the character of the player from male or female. After this, the player has to name their avatar in the game. The game begins with the story where the FIF fisherman exams are beginning. Nautical Life 2 provides players with one bamboo rod to begin their adventures of fishing.

The story then continues with a tutorial on how to fish. After throwing bait into the ocean, and attracting a fish, the top of the screen will display the resistance of the fish caught. The power bar is also present to highlight the difference in pull. The higher the difference the bigger the chance to catch exclusive fish. The tutorial then continues to depict how to cook the fish caught. For this, a bonfire is required that costs two kinds of wood and two stones.

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Thereafter, a stone axe and hammer will be rewarded. By using those, the player can cut trees and stones. After setting the bonfire, the player has to access the fish by using the option of the backpack which is displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen. Some fishes are only available during the day. As the game progresses, the time of day and night will be presented. The time of the day is displayed on the clock in the top right corner of the screen.


The map can be accessed as the story goes on and as the character’s development progresses. The map can be viewed at the top right corner of the screen. The player begins with one island and has to build a boat to travel to new islands, where stronger and rarer fishes await. After completing the tutorial, the world map will be unlocked.

Currencies and shop

The currencies of the game include money and gold coins. With money, new boats, fishing rods, baits, and decorations for boats can be bought that also affects the progress of the hero. Along with these, various houses, islands, and recipes can also be unlocked and bought in the shop.

Some exclusive ships and houses can only be bought with gold coins, which are more difficult to earn. In the shop, the player can buy ships, rods, furniture for boats, recipes for food, and houses and decorations for the island. These items can be bought with designated currencies.


After working hard all day and night, the player has to revive their stamina by eating cooked fish that can be acquired from eating the procured recipes.

Mastering the Characters

Upgrading character nautical life 2
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As the hero fishes for more fish, the level will go simultaneously. The rarer the fish the more EXP can be gained that is used to level up the character. The more quests, missions, and fishes will be completed and caught, the more the hero will grow.

Utilizing your Inventory and Backpack

In the backpack/inventory, the player can check the fish collected, the recipes contained, several skills acquired, and crafting objects. The fish list will show the fishes discovered. After a fish has been discovered, it can be bought as well in return for money. The rarity of the fish is also displayed here. The rarity begins with the bronze level which is the least rare fish. It is then followed by silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and legendary stories of fishes.

These materials can also be bought again with money. The equipment is displayed in the inventory as well. This equipment like axes and rods can be upgraded with money in the inventory. The skills can be bought and upgraded with money. Most of the skills are unlocked once the player attains a specific required level.

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The skill list includes power, exhaustion, silence, freeze, and assistance. The crafts section of the backpack includes the list of dishes known and the materials used to upgrade boats and fishing rods. This section also shows what and how many materials are required to craft a particular time or recipe.

Nautical Life 2 Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time in this game, here are some of the best tips for beginners in Nautical Life 2:

  • While fishing, ensure to throw the line at a reachable range. Or else, if you tap too far, the fishing rod may not reach it.
  • While catching the fishing, timing is key. Ensure to time your capture in a way that you get the maximum difference, which will enable the player to catch the fish easily.
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  • Make sure to keep your stamina above 15. This will help the player in catching the fish easily. To do so, keep in mind to make the character eat cooked fish by making them as per the recipe acquired.
  • Upgrade your fishing rods and buy new ones to catch higher levels of fish.
  • Save money in the beginning to buy new equipment and upgrade gears to make fishing easier!

Final Thoughts

The sequel of Nautical Life is bug-free and has a free-roam-world setting. It has access to more fish, further upgrades on equipment, and it even includes housing and lifestyle. This game is made for those who love role-playing games and want a challenge. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Nautical Life 2 beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Nautical Life 2 Beginners Guide! Did you find our Nautical Life 2 beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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