NBA SuperCard Basketball Beginners Guide and Tips

Build your deck, get on the court, and immerse yourself in the basketball card action!

From the house of 2k, Inc., NBA SuperCard is a unique card-battling basketball title. Set in the galaxy of The National Basketball Association (NBA), it asks users to stack up their favorite superstars that feature in the NBA and WNBA. In this NBA SuperCard Basketball game beginners guide, we are going to take you through the in-game currency system existing in the game and the various game modes that are on offer.

Being an officially licensed game, each card in the game contains real-time statistics of your stars. Players can assemble a perfect basketball team and go head-to-head against users online across various Game modes and PVP modes. We will be sharing some useful tips and tricks here that the sixth man must take note of as they embark on this journey with NBA SuperCard.

Decoding the in-game currency system

Talking about the currency system, the game rewards users with Credit Packs, SuperCoins, and Collectibles as the basic currencies. Let us know about them in detail:

1. Credit Packs

  • Credit Packs are the most widely used in-game currency. Almost every in-game spending can be made using Credit Packs. By in-game spending, we mean exchanging your Credit packs with Player Card Packs from the dedicated Store Section.
  • Credit Packs can get you any sort of Player Cards ranging from Rookie Packs to Pro Packs, WNBA Spotlight Packs, Hall of Fame Packs, Foundation Packs, and even All-Star Packs.
  • You can exchange Player Packs with the Credit Packs you own by navigating to the Offers tab under the Shop section.
  • Credit Packs can be earned from login rewards and also by grinding the game on a daily basis. Playing matches, completing quests, and daily objectives listed under the Open Challenges section can earn you Credit Packs in bulk.

2. SuperCoins

  • SuperCoins are another in-game currency, exchangeable in the game’s Store section.
  • You can exchange them for Card duels of identical card types containing some magical real-life NBA stars duos like Nikola and Jokic.
  • SuperCoins are exchangeable under the SuperStore section of the game’s dedicated Shop section.
  • Playing PVP matches and managing a team through seasons in the SuperDynasty mode can earn you SuperCoins.

3. Collectibles

  • Collectibles are currencies that come in all shapes and sizes. You can find collectibles throughout the game but some may be easier to obtain than others.
  • Players must head to the Collectibles store to check out which ones are available to collect, how many they have, and what they can spend them on.
  • Collectibles and recipes are only available for a limited amount of time. You need to check back regularly to see if there’s anything to get hold of under this section.

Introducing the Game Modes

Further in the NBA SuperCard Beginner’s Guide, let us walk through the game modes available.

Quick Game

Quick Game is the only game mode that allows users to use any combination of their available cards.

  • In Solo matches, players get to choose the Player Card that best fits the category. The rules are pretty simple. If your card has higher stats as compared to your opponent’s, you win that quarter.
  • 2V2 Matches require you to pick 2 player cards. This is a segment where you need to be strategic about your picks. You must look to pick players that are compatible with each other. This adds a stat boost to both of your Player cards. However, if your pair is incompatible, you will see a downgrade in their stats in that quarter.
NBA SuperCard Basketball Quick Game
Image via 2K Inc.
  • Support Cards can be used to give your players an extra boost.
  • Cards of Gold rarity have higher or special abilities that boost your player’s stats. These abilities have a chance of getting activated when the card is played.
  • At the end of the game, the player with the most points emerges victorious.
  • Quick Matches earn players Draft picks based on their performance. Every card you pick off the Draft board will get added to your Collection.


It is nothing but a Tournament Mode where 16 players enter and fights over the 1st position. Players need to bring in their best cards and monitor their challenges to climb up to the 1st spot in the Tournament. Below are some key features of this mode:

  • Before you enter this Tournament, you will be required to create a Champions Deck. The Champions deck that you assemble must contain player cards for each role: Ballhandlers, Wings, and Bigs.
  • In Champions, users manage their team by sending players on challenges. Challenges offer a variety of rewards that can benefit your players in-game.
  • Users can assign Players to challenges to get them Stamina, Stat Boosts, a Second Wind, or to get a Support card for the upcoming game.
NBA SuperCard Basketball Champions
Image via 2K
  • Besides the Regular Challenges, there are Coach’s Challenges. These Challenges can be found at the bottom of the Challenge Board.
  • Make sure that you select the ideal challenge for the ideal player as they can go on at most one challenge before each game. During a game, players cannot be sent on challenges but Team Refills and Assistant Coaches are always available at your disposal.
  • With each game that your player cards play(including the player cards that you do not pick in any quarter) they keep on losing Stamina. Players with low stamina cannot compete in the next game. Resting them for a few games restores the stamina levels.

Team Battleground

It involves a Team versus Team battle. If your team is up for the challenge, the owner or a general can start the battle.

  • Everyone is given the discretion to choose from a random set of cards just for the duration of the battle.
  • Every opponent is worth a different number of points based on the cards they were dealt. After attacking, the cards users faced in their opponent’s deck will be revealed to their team.
  • Users can only attack a limited number of times and cannot use them all on the same opponent.
  • Coming to rewards, users mainly earn SuperCoins from this mode. The rewards are based on your team’s tier and the match results.


In SuperDynasty, users basically need to take the role of a General Manager and manage their team for an entire calendar season.

NBA SuperCard Basketball SuperDynasty
Image via 2K
  • Similar to manager mode sections in soccer games, you need to manage off days and practice sessions of your players, simulate games and take strategic decisions to go up the leaderboard. They need to sign new faces at the start of each season, build a new dynasty, and take them to the top.
  • SuperCoins are the main rewards earnable from this mode.

Trophy Chase

Image via 2K

Trophy Chase provides a roadmap that tracks your progress as you pave your way through increasingly strong opponents and get stronger. You need to build your deck such as to meet restrictions from your opponent. Winning games in this mode is not easy as you are matched with relatively stronger opponents with better Player decks. You need to learn your opponent’s weakness and look to exploit that.

PVP Mode

PVP mode as the name suggests is a Player versus Player game mode where players compete with each other in PVP Leagues. Players can earn SuperCoins and Momentum from this mode. PVP Mode consists of two further sub-modes:

Head 2 Head

Head 2 Head matches pan out exactly as Quick Games:

  • For each Solo Match, you need to choose players that best fit your category. As usual, if your card has higher stats than your opponent’s you earn the point in that quarter.
  • 2V2 matches require you to choose two-player cards. You need to choose teammates who are compatible with each other to gain an increase in stats.
Image via 2K
  • Support cards can be used as an extra boost or to reduce the stats of your opponent’s cards.
  • Head 2 Head games reward users with Draft Picks, PVP points, and Supercoins based on their performance.

King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a battle to control the court. When your opponent has the court, you need to select one of your players for the next match. When you win, you take control, as simple as that. When you have the court, you can sacrifice a card from your hand to choose the next match type. Card alignment determines which stat is used. If you manage to successfully defend the court, you will gain a point. After 15 matches, the player with the most points wins.

NBA SuperCard Basketball Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our bonus tips in our NBA SuperCard Basketball beginners guide for players to quickly assemble their Cards, choose the ideal tactics in PVP games, and go up the tiers. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

1. Capitalize on the Daily Challenges and Quests

Each day when you log in for the first time, make sure that you navigate to the Open Challenges section by tapping on the Checked Box icon located at the top right corner of the screen. A fresh set of challenges appear each day under the Daily Challenges tab.

To be honest, the challenges set are pretty easy to complete like leveling up a player, playing a quick game, resetting a draft board, etc. Completing these challenges would earn you in-game Tickets that can be exchanged for top-tier Player Cards/Packs under the Ticket Store tab within the same Challenges menu.

NBA SuperCard Basketball Quests
Image via 2K

In addition to Daily Challenges, there would be some Quests for you to achieve. Unlike challenges, they do not come with a deadline and can be completed at your leisure. Completing Quests helps you earn Player Packs and SuperCoins that ultimately help you climb the tiers quickly. So make sure that you are not missing out on these challenges and goals.

2. Lay stress on the Draft Pack signing

As a newbie, we would suggest you go for as many Quick Matches as you can. While selecting your opponent, check the winning streak of each opponent lined up and go with the one with the worst record. This would increase your chances of winning. Try to dominate in all quarters by choosing your card(s) according to the quarter. Say, you are in the Defense and Rebound quarter.

NBA SuperCard Basketball Draft Signing
Image via 2K

Choose the card that has the best Defense stats in your line-up. This would get you the win if your opponent’s stats are not as good as yours. The number of quarters you win is directly proportional to the number of draft picks you earn. This would ensure that your card deck is built at an accelerated pace. It is also the key to going up the tiers in NBA Supercard.

3. Level up and combine player cards for enhanced stats

To increase their stats, one must level them, players. To level up players, one simply needs to feed them with Experience points. To start with, you can consume your lower-tier (Bronze, Silver) cards for leveling your higher-valued players. To be honest, they won’t feature in your line-up once you have bagged decent enough cards from draft picks.

Hence feed your higher-rated players those unwanted cards so that they can have enhanced stats. Players also earn experience points by just featuring on the court regularly. Hence, make sure that you are playing ample matches as a newbie. To start with, look to improve those players who feature in your Quick Match Deck first.

NBA SuperCard Basketball Card Training
Image via 2K

Combine is a feature that you can and must use if you have two of the exact same Player Cards. In this scenario, you can consume both of your cards to get a Pro version of that card that comes with better stats as compared to the non-pro counterparts.

4. Activate SuperMove once the Super-Move meter is full

Anytime you use a player on the court, your card gains something known as Super-Move Energy. During an ongoing match, you will find an S-meter (Super-Move meter) on your screen. Once that is full, you must activate that.

This would give your card a massive stat boost that would be totally unexpected for your opponent’s card. Once the S-meter is 100% filled, activate the Super-Move. You can save it for use in bigger matches later. However, we suggest you use them as and when the meter is full since you won’t accumulate any further Super Move energy unless it is used.

5. Make Complementing or Same Alignments in 2V2 outings

When you have to choose two players for 2V2 games, make sure that you pick players that either complement each other’s stats or have similar stats. This will ensure that the stats of both players are being maintained or even elevated in case of Complimenting stats. If you pick non-complimenting players it would downgrade their stats resulting in you losing the quarter. So, be smart about the two players that you pick in each quarter.

6. Compete in PVP Leagues to gain Momentum

Playing in PVP Leagues earns you Momentum Slots that are determined by your Momentum Level at the end of the league. These momentum slots will enhance the stats of your cards in every game when they are placed in these slots, which would ultimately help you climb up the tiers. Hence, look to participate in PVP leagues once you feel you have a good enough deck of players.

7. Create Powerful Fusion Cards from Front Office Fusion

As the name suggests, Front Office Fusion is an in-game section that allows you to add existing cards from your deck. A certain number of experience points needs to be accumulated to be able to activate the fusion.

NBA SuperCard Basketball Front Office Fusion
Image via 2K

The Fusion card generated would come with enhanced stats and even belong to a higher tier in some cases. This is a pretty cool feature perhaps another way of utilizing and consuming lower-rated cards obtained from Draft Picks.

8. Convert your unwanted cards into Card Dust

After acquiring cards from the Draft board, you can choose to turn them into Card Dust, if they do not add any value to your deck. The amount of Dust a card is worth depends on its rarity. The Dust collected after converting your player card would be accumulated in the Dust Meter. Every time the Dust Meter is full, you will receive a Special reward.

9. Participate in individual and Team Events for amazing rewards

Various Events keep rotating in and out of the game. These are time-limited events and can be entered only within a limited time -frame. Make sure that you are proactive and cash on these events once they are live, for loads of rewards in the form of Player Cards and Credit Packs.

Additionally, you will find some Team Events if you either Join or create a Team of your own. Each team can have 20 members at the most. If you are entering a team, be strategic in your pick by glancing through the Deck and Stats of the team in events and then deciding which team would be better.

Final Thoughts

NBA Supercard has done a fantastic job in compiling the NBA and WNBA players to participate in different quarters of the same match. Challenging game modes, new-themed cards with each update, and new time-limited events each week have made this game a must-try for every sixth man.

There had been a lot of hype about this game before the maiden season went live and surely, the developers at 2K, Inc. weren’t the ones to disappoint. If you face any issues in your journey with NBA SuperCard Basketball, you can always refer to this NBA SuperCard Basketball Beginners Guide for quick assistance.

That’s all from us for the NBA SuperCard Basketball Beginners Guide! Did you find our NBA SuperCard Basketball Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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