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Negamons: Monster Trainer Beginners Guide and Tips

Set on your journey as a master trainer in the Negamons World!

Negamons: Monster Trainer is a turn-based RPG by UpMoonSOft Games. The game is based on the world of Negamons – ‘an amazing and promising playground for all monster hunters and trainers’! In this beginners guide, players will receive a basic guide on Negamons: Monster Trainer followed by some Tips and Tricks to help in the game.  

The Negamons’ world consists of missions, social interaction, monsters (Negamons), and their trainers. As soon as the player enters the game, the players are given the option to set the appearance and name of their character. The players are then given a starter Negamon, after which, the entire journey starts.

Getting Started in the Negamons World

Negamons: Monster Trainer is an exciting mobile game developed by Negaxy, where players collect all types of monsters to become the ultimate monster trainer in a world where monsters live and players will use these monsters to battle others. After a successful battle, players may also catch the Negamon they fought against.

Image via UpMoonSoft

The players then start their journey throughout the Negamons’ world with the help of a map. While traveling, visit several towns and cities accompanied by your buddy Negamon, and cross paths with several other in-game trainers. Each town also might have a Master trainer, who might provide the players with a badge that would eventually help in participate in the Negamons championship, to become the master trainer.

Image via UpMoonSoft

After the player has selected the gender of their monster trainer, they have to choose an outfit and name for the same. players would also have to choose their starter Negamon among the 3 following types: Fire, Grass, or Water. Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water, and Water beats Fire, this is the circle.

Introducing the Basics of Negamons: Monster Trainer

The main objective of the game is to collect and assemble monsters for your team, upgrade and evolve them, and win against all the trainers that come in your way of becoming Negamons champion.

Battling against Others

The gameplay is quite simple. Click and drag anywhere on the screen to make your trainer move. Come near other trainers to grab their attention for a battle, if they are not trainers, interact with them to learn several tricks in the game. Battling with your monsters is easy too! A power gauge appears below during the battles with decreasing power of strike on the extreme sides.

Attack gauge (Image via UpMoonSoft)

Tap the gauge at the perfect time, when the needle is in the middle, for a powerful attack. However, the type advantage works here, meaning if your monster is a Grass type, its powerful attack would work the best against a Water type, but not much against a Fire type. The Negamon that has the better speed stat would attack first.

Upgrading your Monsters

Image via UpMoonSoft

Find apple trees on the map, and collect the fallen apples nearby randomly. These apples help upgrade your monsters for better HP and new abilities. Earn coins from battles or complete achievements to evolve your monsters. Collect a sufficient amount of apples to level up your entire squad. Apples can also be earned by opening Gift boxes found on the maps or as daily log-in rewards.

Catching New Monsters

Players will be able to find new monsters to fight and capture around the map. Once a payer sees a new monster on the map (generally inside the long grass), they will be able to battle, once they come in sight of the monsters. The more you advance in the map, the better-leveled monsters you’d be getting.

Image via UpMoonSoft

Also, having move monsters in your team means you can use more monsters during battles. Once the other monsters have been knocked out, you can use your capture egg ball to catch the monsters and expand your army.

Negamons: Monster Trainer Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Players need to make sure that their monster has enough HP to win the enemy monster in battle. If not, the player will need to use more than one monster.
  • Also, players need to ensure they have enough apples to upgrade their monsters before going into battle. This will help players win every battle with ease.
Interact with trainers on the map (Image via UpMoonSoft)
  • Players should check the shop now and then for a free normal box. This can be found under the lucky box and may contain apples, diamonds, and capture eggs (to capture Wild Negmons).
  • Once a battle is won against a trainer, players can watch an ad to receive additional rewards that can help in the long run of the game.
  • Ads can also help revive knocked-out monsters and use the special ability more than once in a battle.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the Negamons: Monster Trainer Beginners Guide from our side. It is a pretty good adventurous game with the flavour of a very popular franchise. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our Negamons beginners’ guide for tips. Happy gaming!

That’s all from us for the Negamons: Monster Trainer Beginners Guide! Did you find our  Negamons: Monster Trainer Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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