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Nexomon: Extinction Beginners Guide and Tips

Join the Tamer's Guild and begin a heroic journey to restore balance before all hope is lost…

Nexomon: Extinction is a game by Vewo Interactive Inc. and a sequel to the RPG-style game Nexomon, which was very successful on both Android and iOS. This game was formerly available on every platform except mobile devices; however, it is now available worldwide. If you’re a Pokémon fan, you’d be very familiar with this game, as it has a similar theme of catching monsters known as Nexomon, with a device specially designed to capture them, called Nexotraps. If you are new to this game, we have compiled a guide of essential beginners tips that will come in handy as you progress through Nexomon Extinction.

Gameplay overview

The story events of Nexomon: Extinction takes place years after the story of the original Nexomon, where, a war was going on between the Nexomons and humanity. This fight ends with the help of “Tamers,” people who capture and battle alongside the Nexomon, just like Pokémon trainers. Even though this conclusion has bought peace, people still wonder how long the peace will last.

Nexomon Extinction styles
Nexomon: Extinction Beginners Guide Styles

The main character of this game is an orphan and you get to choose your character’s skin in the character selection part and thus begin your journey of becoming a tamer. There are plenty of options and styles to choose from and are for free, which is a big change from the previous Nexomon game.

Nexomon: Extinction Basics

1. Getting a Nexomon

After selecting a name and appearance for your character, you will start off with some money (500 coins) and consumable items (5 x Potion, 3 x Elixir, 1 x Revive), which you need to find in a similar manner to the previous Nexomon game, as in looking out for anything shiny, and pressing the action button near the shiny item.

The bottom right corner button turns into an interaction button and also the dash button, which enables your player to interact and run around depending on whether you are near a character, or in an empty area.

2. Gathering Supplies

The first location that you move to is the storage room to get some supplies, as told by your friend, who also reminds you that today is the day you get your Nexomon! Get going to the Storage Room to the east after going south one room and keep an eye out for sparkles/gathering spots and treasure chests, since they are often hidden in broad daylight (like a chest near the bunk bed in your room) or in the bush in the area south and outside the Supply Room.


Once you have gathered supplies, you can leave the orphanage, it is your call whether you want to hurry to meet your friends immediately or wander to the west when you’ve found a camp and the docks where you would be able to sail off to another island (Palmaya).

3. Synergy core and Menu options

There is an early Synergy Core (I) which will help with sharing EXP when you get multiple Nexomon on that beaten path to Palmaya (synergy core will look like the one shown in the picture below, and can be equipped to the Nexomon, who can then draw upon the experience in battle, though the percentage gained is determined by the rarity, ranging from 1 – max).


There is also the menu option, which has various useful options, which gives you access to inventory, profile, team, and save slots. Regularly saving the game is a must in these kinds of games, as there are no checkpoints, and if the game shuts down for some reason, you will lose the progress unless you have saved it before. The Team menu gives you the option to manage the order in which you battle with your Nexomon. But, beware of your stamina, as Nexomon will not attack if they do not have stamina.


4. Leaving the Orphanage

Once you arrive outside the orphanage, you join in with your friends, to confirm your interest in the Tamer’s Guild, and together, you head to the east along with the Guild’s Amelie who will request a task related to the woods with the Mentor from your orphanage overseeing the events, with the task to capture one Nexomon, which will be your first one and will start the journey with you.

You must head into the Northern Woods to find your monster buddy and have a good while to look. Before you ask, you can’t ignore this objective by going East towards the big city as Amelie will block your attempt. So, you just head up north to find the fellow youngsters deciding their paths, and you will see that Nora goes her own way east while Ross blazes his own trail on the west road which leaves only North but not before a strange cloaked woman appears and everything stops.

 Leaving the orphanage
Leaving the orphanage

The woman doesn’t share her aim nor name and claims that something dangerous can risk the Orphanage is on its way, so you need to hurry north to hide in a secret chamber. Coco, the cat comrade, is completely unaware of the claimed stakes as time appeared to stop, but he’ll tag along to go north and act as your navigator by stopping you from taking any detours.

Keeping your silence about her guidance, the pair of you finds anything but a “completely normal and uneventful adventure” when you get to the statue that covers a hiding spot. Like a shooting star, a black dragon has crashed down from the heavens but just when it seems like there is no time to escape, the cloaked woman returns with the world being frozen yet again.

She sees this as a chance for you to stall and learn how to fight while help is on the way. This is where she offers you a Nexomon, which will be your first one! Choose which Nexomon you want to be by your side through your adventure and choose wisely.

Nexomon Extinction
Nexomon: Extinction

Though You should also take note that although you are offered a choice between several Nexomon, these Nexomons are very much obtainable in the game further, in fact, Dinja Is available in the next area! Though the thing to note here is that because of the high rarity, they are relatively difficult to find, and thus, it will take time to catch one of them in the area they live in. You will battle and lose to the dragon, but then a voice will be heard, and the statue will vanish, revealing a secret pathway.

Note: The game developers have also added a feature of rewarding the people who catch all of the Nexomon, so make sure to catch everything, in order to keep earning Nexomon cases, which can give you very rare Nexomons.

5. Falling in a cave to escape, and meeting the old hero

After Coco tosses you down into a cave (called something or other’s Legacy) following the statue being removed, you will be questioned after awakening in one piece on your Nexomon but it is best to get how you got your Nexomon a secret to everybody. Now you are free to explore the hidden chamber till the dragon leaves instead. The ladder up is a no-go. Besides minerals that you’d be able to gather if you had a pickaxe, the southern part of the area has Potion x 1, 25 Coins, and Nexotrap x 1 in a mini storage area. But if you head slightly north, you will find an apparition of a so-called hero standing in front of a grave.


This character may be a spooky ghost that is beckoning you in front of their own grave, however, they opened the path for you to evade the dragon so it is worth giving them your attention and trying to learn from the best hero there was. Once he invites you to the new area, he will leave and you will be able to view the ending photo of the previous game on his gravestone.

From here, you will learn how to catch Nexomon! After being given ten Nexotraps to have a ghost of a chance, it is still tutorial time so it won’t be terribly hard to get your first Nexomon. Simply walk up to the shaking bush to approach the Nexomon hiding, and capture it! If you stay and fight for long enough, you may encounter your first ultra-rare starter, Dinja! Be sure to weaken a wild Nexomon, which will increase the chance of catching them, also feeding them with their favorite flavor will result in a higher catch rate.

6. Leaving the cave, and going for the orphanage

You can also get Lemon Pie x 3 (happens to be Dinja’s favorite) if you ask the hero about feeding Nexomon in addition to helpful information or healing before leaving. Back to the surface, you will find Amelie from the Tamer’s Guild yet again and while she asks for you to return to the Orphanage before anything else crazy can happen.

You are actually quite free to explore now that you have some traps and a Nexomon with the below, some Of the highlights:

  • North of the Orphanage: You can examine the paths that Nora and Ross took and beyond.
  • East of the Orphanage: You can get to the great bridge before the Capital City.
  • West of the Orphanage: You can travel to the palmy Palmaya, a relatively safe location known for having Nexomon of almost all elements.
  • South of the Orphanage: You can get to the Haunted Woods through a hollowed tree and try asking nicely to get into The Immortal Citadel.

Quests are another recurring part of the game and are always denoted with a gold star (★) over the character in question and listed in your Journal (menu). This applies to the character that you need to talk to close the quest as well and may require you to trade items, travel, or battle with some combinations occurring from time to time. This quest is a straightforward one that is a bit closer to an unlisted Trade (★) where items, money, and even Nexomon can be exchanged.

Nexomon Extinction Quests
Nexomon: Extinction Beginners Guide on Quests

One of the first quests is exchanging some supplies and coins for a pickaxe (★ 504 – Pretty Rocks), using which you can clear obstacles, and my various elemental shards, which will be very useful in the game! You also have these healing stones on the sides of the road, and mining them will help your team recover, saving you the long trip back to heal your Nexomon up. You will also find another side quest with a simple puzzle (★ 511 – Playing with Salem) if you head east into the area that Nora surveyed.

When you return to the area outside the orphanage, you may spot a conspicuous Warpstone with a red gem, but you don’t have permission to use them. So we make our way upstairs in the Mentor’s Room to the west, inside the orphanage. Within the room, the group will be briefly joined by Deena, a grandmaster of the Tamer’s Guild who has some suspicions about why a dragon landed in the Northern Woods, the reason that she suggested being the presence of a Tyrant. She is the very same woman who stopped time twice before and gets you to swear to secrecy yet again, though silent protagonists aren’t really known for their snitching.

7. Towards param town, the first city and the trainer guild

Technically, it is not the first city, if you wander around and end up on the palmaya island, but according to the storyline, that is the first city that is going to progress the game! Palum City is where you’ll be able to register as a Bronze Tamer with Amelie’s help at the guild. This may be the case for the others, but Ross will rush to the east as he knows the way and is ignorant of the Tyrant threat. If you follow the path and pass a skipper who is tempting extinction, and finally, you’ll reach Amelie again who has been outrun by your friends.

Nexomon Extinction Trainer guild
Trainer guild

From here, you just need to go north to get to Parum and also the guild at the heart of it all. Alternatively, you can go the wild Outlands where you’ll find tamers and perhaps even catch a Cruff to trade for a Golden Nexotrap (★ Trades are not listed or numbered like sidequests but can have similar perks) on the bridge.

Now you’ve reached the Capital City, you only need to wander up to the North to reach the Guild Tower where you can become a legally sanctioned Tamer of the guild but there are other options though some limitations apply.

8. Different kinds of shops and important buildings

There are stores within the Capital City’s Centre, namely the Healing center and the General Store, and 2 other important locations:

Shops in Nexomon: Extinction
  • Healing Center – Offer healing services for free just like those at camps. There is also a Storage Service to manage monsters you can’t carry as your pack of six or don’t want anywhere near you.
  • General Store – Similar to the travelling merchants but priced more competitively. They won’t have all items especially early on as supplies are being held for higher rank Tamers. You can also sell any spare shards from your travels for coin to Claive in the corner.
  • The Airship Hangar to the East can take you to the Drake Isles, where you may be able to catch a dragon but you won’t be able to fully explore till you have a Silver Badge.
  • The Research District to the West is where you can create Cores to modify your Nexomon’s attributes but you’ll need shards to do so.
Nexomon Extinction buildings
Nexomon Extinction buildings

Besides all of this, you will be able to meet many tamers and civilians within the walls with some having quests or trading opportunities, but should not forget to advance the plot proper as a badge will be needed at points and may even affect how civilians treat you in their own homes since you are just a random kid at this point.

9. Guild and getting Bronze badge

When you get to the path upstairs on the grounds of Guild Headquarters, you can talk to the fisher girl in the green hat to get 75 Coins to help you with your journey and find a gleaming gathering spot holding an Elixir to the east side outside the building. Inside the main hall of the Tamer’s Guild, you’ll immediately find Amelie with your peers inside who can register with the Admin for a Bronze Badge.

 The guild and getting bronze badge
The guild and getting a bronze badge

After this, you are ready to begin your journey in the world of Nexomon and collect all of the Nexomon.

Nexomon: Extinction Guide – Tips and Tricks

If you are a newbie in Nexomon: Extinction, fear not, we are here to help you out with some additional tips and tricks in our Nexomon: Extinction beginners guide.

  • One thing to note is that, there are synergy cores, which you should make sure that you have them on every Nexomon you have. They make sure that other nexomons in your team also gain exp. for fighting. It will reduce the time you need to increase the levels of the Nexomon in your team.
  • Make sure you keep a lookout for the shiny spots, which are usually very useful items which are hidden sometimes.
  • Make sure you do the main and side missions, as they will give out very good and very rare rewards, including golden nexotrap, for which you usually need to pay real money.
  • There are recovery crystals placed all over the places, which look like a big rainbow crystal and can be mined with your pickaxe. It can help your team recover whenever you are too far away from a town. Be careful of using the though, as they need some time before they can reappear.
Nexomon: Extinction mobile
Nexomon: Extinction
  • Make sure you catch all of the nexomon you see because catching nexomon, will enable gift boxes that you can claim after catching every certain number of nexomon.
  • There is no big way to earn money in the game, so be careful whenever spending you supplies (like heals and stuff), and if possible, don’t use them outside of the battle.
  • There is a stamina bar, which decreases with the moves used by the nexomon. This bar doesn’t recover when one comes out of the battle. So, make sure you fill up this bar before you head for a new battle, by using potions, or by healing them up.
  • All of the starters can be caught in the different regions, so make sure you check out the different areas thoroughly.
  • You can select the moves on the nexomon, and you can change them so take advantage of that and test out all move combinations and adjust the moves that suit your style.
  • Make sure you read every dialogue, as they usually contain many clues about the adventure and where you need to go next.
  • Make sure you have a team which has different elements, and you have the nexomons which can survive at least 3-4 wild nexomon fights without healing.

This game is a better sequel for the first one in the series, and many steps have been taken in order to make the game less of a grind while making sure that the game is reasonably hard. You now have a chance at earning Nexomon goodies which are otherwise only obtained by paying only.

The pace of the story, the dialogues, and the various 4th wall comments are still there, making the game a much more interesting experience. That’s all for today folks! Go ahead and give it a try and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back to this Nexomon: Extinction Beginners Guide and Tips!

That’s all for today’s Nexomon: Extinction beginners guide. Did you find our Nexomon: Extinction beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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