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Noah’s Heart Guide: Tips to find and tame Horses in the game

Find the perfect companion for yourself!

Noah’s Heart is a sci-fi MMORPG developed by Archosaur Games. Players can freely roam around and explore the world of “Noah” as it is an open-world map. To roam around in this world, players will be provided with cars, air balloons, and various unique-looking vehicles along with animals to mount like llamas and horses. Players are awarded a horse as a companion in the game using which they can roam around and go to places they need to be faster than usual. But they can tame many other horses available on the map and use either of them from their collection according to their choices. Here’s our guide on how to find different horses and tame them in Noah’s Heart.

How to find wild horses in Noah’s Heart 

Noah’s Heart find tame horses
Image via Archosaur Games

Players don’t need to find their first ever horse as it is handed over to them but after that, they need to explore the planet to find out the location of more horses. They need to explore as much as possible because otherwise the map doesn’t get unlocked for the regions the players have never visited and thus this way becomes less effective.

  • Open the world map from the top right corner of the screen.
Noah’s Heart find tame horses
Image via Archosaur Games
  • Choose the Wild Horses option under the Resources tab.
Noah’s Heart find tame horses
Image via Archosaur Games
  • Click on the Horse button to look for Wild horses nearby.
Noah’s Heart find tame horses
Image via Archosaur Games
  • Click on GO to turn on the navigation to automatically take you to the horse.

How to tame wild horses in Noah’s Heart 

After successfully locating a wild horse using the steps mentioned above, now the players will need to follow the following steps to tame it successfully.

Noah’s Heart tame horses
Image via Archosaur Games
  • Approach the horse slowly and cautiously from behind.
Noah’s Heart tame horses
Image via Archosaur Games
  • Tap on the lasso icon when it appears.
  • If the horse is caught successfully, the player can mount the horse and a QTE sequence will begin.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen carefully. Press the Tame button inside the range when it appears after the horse becomes tired.

A few tips that the players should keep in mind is that horses have a field of view shaped like a triangle. Everyone should try to avoid it because the horse might run away if it sees the player and will never return. Also, players who don’t own a lasso yet can buy it from the in-game shop using 200 diamonds. They can also earn it from playing in some trials like Trial of Wind.

These are the few steps players need to keep in mind. They can get themselves many new horses in this way. They can open the Mount page to view the breed and stats of the various horses they acquire throughout the game.

Did you find our guide on how to find and tame horses in Noah’s Heart helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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