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Oath of Peak: Open World Guide: Tips to increase your Combat Power (CP)

Become powerful and win more!

Oath of Peak: Open World is a newly released MMORPG and is now available on both Android and iOS devices. The game is a storyline mode game that offers numerous features, and an outstanding storyline with so many interesting characters that just keep up the interest in the heart of the players. Oath of Peak: Open World has many important aspects that players need to go through, the most important of them being the Combat Power (CP).

A player going through the paths of the world of Oath of Peak with one of the highest CPs will comparatively win the storyline with more ease. Thus, let us dive into the best five ways through which players can increase the CP of their main character and progress at a much faster rate.

How to increase Combat Power (CP) in Oath of Peak: Open World

1. Go through the Storyline Mode 

Oath of Peak has a single storyline game mode and thus players must follow up on the missions assigned from the quests. By completing the quest missions, players can easily increase their Combat Power (CP) and thus will become more powerful than before.

Oath of Peak Open World Combat Power
Image via Yeeha Games

The storyline mission allows players to let their character fight against a lot of powerful villains and thus it will eventually lead the character to improve his/her CP. 

2. Upgrade and enhance Gears

Upgrading and Enhancing the Gears used by the character will help a lot to increase the Combat Power (CP). As the gears provide an extra layer of protection over the character, enhancing and upgrading them will make those gears more strong and thus the CP will increase accordingly. Players can easily enhance the gears in the Gear section present in the Menu. 

3. Fight more in the Spirit Hall 

Spirit Hall is a place where players can fight against stronger villains and increase their Combat Powers. The enemies and their troops are way too powerful compared to the ones the players face while going through the storyline modes.

The Spirit Hall has some definite level and to accept the challenge every player needs to go up to a certain level so that they can start with the challenge. Thus, by completing every challenge of the Spirit Hall players can easily increase their character’s CP and make them more powerful. 

4. Make a team and go for the Land Adventure

Land Adventure is a small area in the open world where the players can fight against different sets of enemies and their troops without any further respawning. Players can form a team with real players present in that server and also with puppets to fight against them and win the stage.

Oath of Peak Open World Combat Power
Image via Yeeha Games

Puppets are AI-developed characters that run by themselves. By doing so, players can help their character increase the CP and thus make them more powerful and unlock more skills. 

5. Fight more with the side enemies

While heading towards your next mission, players will find out many enemy troops on the way. Players can use their characters and fight against them to unleash their powers and thus help them increase their Combat Power. This is considered the easiest way to do so but the problem is that CP will be less increased compared to others. So, test your newly unlocked skills and increase the character’s CP. 


Oath of Peak: Open World is one of the best MMORPG players will come across for now. The game provides an intense mode of graphics along with the best storyline players have witnessed recently. Thus, follow up the ways to increase the Combat Power (CP) and make your character stronger to jewel it up and defeat the enemies with their full potential. 

What are your thoughts about our guide on how to increase Combat Power in Oath of Peak: Open World? Let us know in the comments below!

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