Omega Strikers Character Tier List for September 2023

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Omega Strikers, developed and brought to you by Odyssey Interactive, is an interesting gaming title that aims to bring air hockey into an action-packed environment where you win the match, not by scoring goals but by knocking your opponent out. Fret not, we will help you by providing our Omega Strikers Tier List of all the Characters in the game.

Action is very much a part of this game, without your superpowers and skills you will have an immediate disadvantage in playing this game. Each character brings something different to the game, hence it gives rise to the question, who is the best playable character in the game, Omega Strikers? In this Omega Strikers Character Tier List Guide, we aim to provide our readers with information as to who is the best character in the game.

Omega Strikers Tier List for September 2023

The game Omega Strikers offers a total of 13 playable characters with each offering not only different perks but also a different style of play, for example, Dubu as a goalkeeper can do wonders but does not offer much quality to the game once played as an outfield player.

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Similarly, Asher might be arguably the best character to play in the game if you play an aggressive formation, but struggle in the defensive side of the game, hence the list would be subjective to how you see the game. The list however would be divided into three categories namely, Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B)

Strong (S)Asher,
Good (A)Juliette,
Average (B)X,

Best Meta Characters for Omega Strikers in September 2023

Now let’s take a look at who is the best character in each tier for the game, Omega Strikers in September 2023. Again, the list is subjective players with different playing styles might have a completely different tier list for the game. The list here is based on an offensive team formation.

S-Tier Characters

The best-tier character in the game, Omega Strikers has to be between Kai and Asher, while Kai might be the most complete player in the game, Asher provides the best offensive options in the game.

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Since the list is based on offensive position, it is safe to say that Asher is the best character in this tier, the powerful strikes, and powerups, make it a hell of an easy task to annihilate your opposition’s goal even from a distance. Hence the best character in the game and in this tier is Asher.

A-Tier Characters

This would be an easy one, the best character in this category would easily be Juliette, some players might even include her in the S tier, but she is very similar to Asher in her powerups and offers fewer defensive options because of the size of the character model.

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Hence she finds a place at the very top of the A-tier. In all fairness, she is a very good character, considerably better than the rest of the characters mentioned in A list, and can offer good offensive options.

B-Tier Characters

The best character in this tier has to be X, while X does not offer anything too brilliant to mention, he is definitely better than the other two.

Omega Strikers Ranked Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Playing with X does not feel that great, he offers more to the offensive side of the game rather than the defensive side of the game but the powerups really do not compete against those in the S or A tier.

Final Thoughts

The game, Omega Strikers offer a total of 13 characters, with each having different powers making it easier to score goals. Training helps you to equip different perks which can be useful in improving the existing stats of the character. We hope that this Omega Strikers Tier List was able to help you figure out what the best characters are for the game.

Did you find this Omega Strikers Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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