Omega Strikers: The Complete Training and Perks Guide

Remember training and practice make one perfect

Training in Omega Strikers plays an important role in the game, with the training option you can give a temporary boost to your character’s abilities. Training is done by basically adding perks to the player’s abilities. These perks boost the in-game statistics like speed, shot power, reflexes, and knockout powerup efficiency. Equipping different perks in the game could be a little challenging at first but once you will get a hold of things, it will be very easy to understand. This Omega Strikers Training Guide aims to explain the training section in detail to make it easier for players to train their characters.

How to unlock different Perks and Training

Omega Strikers offer a variety of different perks which can be used for training purposes. However, these perks are unlocked only through either a game pass or through purchases in terms of game currency from the store.

Omega Strikers Beginner Guide, Omega Strikers
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There are some basic training perks available for basic training but if you want to make a specialized build you will need to purchase better perks from the stores.

How to equip Training in Omega Strikers

Training as mentioned before plays an important part in the game, it can give a temporary boost to a character’s abilities. Training can be equipped from under the username banner. You can use the following steps to access the training tab in the game.

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  • Open and log in to the game with your game ID
  • Touch your username tab available right over the character in the main menu
  • Now from just below the preferred role section, there will be a training section.
  • There will be two options, either to create your own training regime or select the already available one.
Omega Strikers Training Guide, Omega Strikers
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  • If you choose to create a new one, you will get 3 slots where you would have to select the perks of your choice.
  • Out of the three slots, one slot is fixed for Prismatic Slot where you can select any type of training, but in the first two only Character’s style-specific training can be allocated.
  • Once you are done selecting, press done and save that training regime
  • Now select that training from the option and play the game.

List of different Perks available in Omega Strikers

Now when it comes to different perks in the game there are just many of them available in the store, however, you will have to accumulate some in-game currency to collect them all.

Omega Strikers Training Guide, Omega Strikers
Image via Odyssey Interactive

The different types of training perks available in Omega Strikers are listed below:

Strike ShotIn every 7s strike fires a projectile
AcrobaticsIncreases movement speed at an expense of a longer cooldown
Hot ShotHitting the core reduces the cooldown
Prize FighterTakedowns grant stacking power
Adrenaline RushTakedown reduces powerups cooldown
StingerHits deal bonus damage
Missile PropulsionLonger and harder-hitting projectiles
Project FormHits reduce cooldown
Stacks on StacksHits grants stack bonus
Creator of Large ThingsCreations gain size and damage bonus
Stagger SwaggerHeals quickly
UnstoppableGain knockback resist and Haste based on stagger
Prime TimePrimary ability gets a bonus
Creator of Durable ThingsCreations gain duration and hit harder
Eject ButtonRecast movement speed

That’s all for the Omega Strikers Training Guide. Remember to refer to this guide if you ever find any hassle in upgrading or training players in Omega Strikers.

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