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Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide and Tips

Begin your journey with civilizations around the world!

Overlord of Chaos is an RPG game developed by UJGames. If you are looking for famous heroes from different civilizations, this game might be for you. You will use these heroes and form your civilization team to fight enemies by deploying as many as 6 heroes. In this Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide, we do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Overlord of Chaos basics

Here are the basics you should know before playing the game:


Overlord of Chaos is a game that is famous for the many heroes in previous civilizations. Hero is very important in playing this game because it prioritizes its combat power to be able to complete the existing campaign. This game has 5 available classes, such as Infantry, Archer, Cavalry, Siege, and Elephantry.

Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide
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In this hero, you can use several pieces of equipment, such as weapons, rigs, armor, boots, and artifacts. This is useful for strengthening your character in terms of ATK, HP, and other stats


Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide
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Before you battle to complete the stages in the Campaign, you will need a team that can deploy 6 heroes and will be divided into 2 rows, there are front rows and back rows. Apart from heroes, you can also include Divine Weapons that can help you during the battle.


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A campaign is a collection of stages that you need to complete. In the Campaign, several regions are referred to as the Mainland and are divided into 5 continents. Each mainland has its terrain or characteristics and to be able to move Mainland, you must complete all stages of the Mainland by doing challenges.

Divine Weapon

Divine weapons are things that can help you in battle and can cover the deficiencies that exist in your team, especially in terms of dealing with DMG and obtaining bonus stats for all heroes on the team. Each of these divine weapons has an exclusive active skill that can be cast in round 3 of the battle and so on for multiples of 3.

Divine Weapon
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Not all divine weapons can be used immediately but must be unlocked first. To unlock this, there will be an unlocking quest later, you must complete all of these quests to be unlocked. But these divine weapons will be sequential, so you can’t choose which divine weapon you want to unlock.

Battle Mechanism

In this Overlord of Chaos game, the battle mechanism is very simple or you could even say it’s auto or a kind of idle because you don’t need to do anything in the battle, just enjoy and monitor it. However, when attacking, there is a sequence, namely the hero with the highest combat power, which will be the priority to attack.

Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide
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Then to be able to issue skills, there is a kind of energy bar that must be full first. If the bar is not full, then the hero will do a regular basic attack. Then for Divine Weapon, it will be active every round multiple of 3, such as rounds 3, 6, 9, and so on.

Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Upgrade your Hero

To get high combat power, one way is to upgrade the heroes you have. There are various ways you can do it, such as leveling up using gold and Hero EXP as resources. Then when it reaches a certain level, such as Level 10, 20, 40, 60, and so on, it will change to Advance. This is useful for increasing the Max Level and several other stats, as well as being able to unlock the new skill of the hero.

Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide
Image via UJGames

Apart from that, you can also use some gear by tapping the equipment on the hero’s profile, this method is effective enough to increase the power of your hero. Then you can also do a star up so that the star on the hero turns red, which means the hero is getting stronger and all your skills will increase by 1. However, this requires material in the form of a clone of the hero, so it might be a bit difficult and you need to reroll first.

2. Fusion your Gear

Gear is a factor that can help increase the power and stats of the hero. To be able to enhance gear, fusion is needed in Blacksmith. There are 3 types in this Blacksmith, there are Gear Fusion, Glyph Fusion, and Glyph Recast. But here we will discuss Gear Fusion.

quick fuse

There are 4 types of gear, weapon, armor, accessory, and shoes. To be able to do fusion, gear with a lower grade is needed. For example, if you want to get gear with a purple grade, then you need 3 gear of the same type but 1 grade below, which is blue.

3. Acquire Resources

When you want to upgrade both heroes and gear, some resources are needed as material. You can get these resources in several ways, one of which is by claiming Idle Rewards. Some of the things you can get are gear, soul heroes, Exp, gold, EXP heroes, and others. To be able to claim, you need to idle first, both in-game and outside in-game you can also get a maximum of 12 hours.

Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide
Image via UJGames

Apart from Idle rewards, you can also get them from Domains, where you can choose which resources you want to get. Then there is also the Trial Tower which must be unlocked first at stages 3-5. There you can get hero shards and hero souls.

4. Pay attention to Unit Counters

unit counters
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Unit counters are a factor that you can use when composing a strategy because when you use a counter from an enemy class, you get +30% damage. This counter is divided into 2, first, there is the Infantry counter, Archers, Archer counter Cavalry, and Cavalry counter Infantry. The second one is Siege and Elephantry which counter each other

5. Set the perfect Formation

Before starting the battle, you should first need to set up a formation so that it is more proper. This team will be divided into the back row and front row, you can deploy heroes with high survival such as infantry, cavalry, and siege on the front row, and the rest is the back row.

Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide
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Then make sure they have their respective roles, such as damage dealers, support, and tankers. Apart from that, you can also check the garrison to see the positions of the existing enemies, from there you can consider in what position a hero with a certain class should be deployed to get the counter effect.

6. Focus on finishing Chapters

Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide
Image via UJGames

If you are confused about what things need to be done to always progress to increase your account. Then the method is to complete the Chapter at the bottom left. There are Main, Daily, and Weekly quests, and Achievements that you can do to get multiple rewards while making progress.

Final Thoughts

Overlord of Chaos is a game like other RPGs which requires strong heroes to be able to complete existing stages, and you can also rely on counter effects to get additional stats.

That’s all from us for the Overlord of Chaos Beginners Guide! Did you find our Overlord of Chaos Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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