Path of Titans Guide: How to play with friends

Enjoy the adventure with your friends!

Path of Titans is one of the newest survival adaptation games of one of the famous Xbox and PC games. The game was a lot popular before releasing into android and iOS devices. The game is an online multiplayer game where players choose a certain dinosaur and play in a server where they can meet up with several other players from around the world as well. Thus, let us look at how players can make and play with friends in Path of Titans and make the journey more adventurous with their troops.

Importance of friends in Path of Titans

Path of Titans is an online multiplayer survival-based game and thus as it is a survival-based game, every player needs a proper team or group of friends along the server so that they can fight together and support each other in times of need. 

Path of Titans Beginners Guide, Path of Titans play with friends
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A group of friends always help out their teammates while in danger or whenever they are in any kind of situation where a support system is required. For this reason, it is very important for players to make new friends over survival-based games like this.

How to play with friends in Path of Titans

The game offers two marvelous ways through which players can easily make new friends to play with in the game and thus can make their survival easier.

1. Join a Community Server 

Community servers work as Clans in this game. Players can join any Community Server and thus can build up new friends with whom they can play. Players can even start community games where they can set up their synergy and explore the maps all together so that the group can play with their best possible strategies while surviving in a bigger ocean. 

2. Merge up with players on servers 

Players can even make new friends while they are playing on any random server. Follow up on the steps to make friends over any server. 

  • Just go near a player’s dinosaur and tap on the emote icon present at the top of the screen. 
  • Then at the left of the option, check for the “Add Friend” icon and tap on it. 
  • If the players accept it, the players will thus form a proper group.
Path of Titans
Image via Alderon Games

Players can thus increase their group members and go for the best survival strategy altogether. 

Final Thoughts

Path of Titans is one of the latest survival-based games that got released on android and iOS devices. As a survival-based game, players are thus required to make in-game friends that will thus make them become the best survival along with their friends and flourish over every server. Hence, do check out the ways and make more friends in the Jurassic era. 

Did you find this guide to play with friends in Path of Titans useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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