Path of Titans Guide: Tips to unlock more Dinosaurs in the game

Easily gather dinosaurs!

Path of Titans is an amazing survival game that has recently launched in the world of mobile. The game is based upon the Jurassic era and thus allows players to survive over a land area by choosing a particular dinosaur. The game is filled with adventure and by far is one of the best survival games players can ever witness. Dinosaurs are the main aspect of the game and thus players must unlock and gather more and more dinosaurs to survive at their best in Path of Titans. 

Importance of unlocking more Dinosaurs in Path of Titans

Path of Titans comes with various dinosaurs and every dinosaur has its individual advantages. Players can also find out their ideal dinosaur for both maps by unlocking and thus playing with them. This will help players to gain an impressive experience while playing this survival game and they can even get to know a lot more about the type of dinosaur they are best at. 

How to unlock more Dinosaurs quickly in Path of Titans

1. Go for Quests 

Path of Titans unlock dinosaurs
Image via Alderon Games

Quests are one of the most advantageous sections from which players can gather a lot of itineraries which are very much required in the game. One of them is Dinosaurs, players need to unlock every dinosaur by completing the tasks assigned in the Quest to them, and thus by completing those certain tasks, players can unlock dinosaurs and start their journey with the new ones. 

2. Explore the Map 

Path of Titans Beginners Guide, Path of Titans play with friends
Image via Alderon Games

Exploring around the maps can also help players unlock many dinosaurs. While exploring the map, players will indirectly increase their XP or the gains in their growth bar. This will eventually help out players to check out the map and explore more dinosaurs that are not being unlocked by them. Thus, these gains can help them recognize those dinosaurs and unlock them after the players level up to a certain required level. 

Final Thoughts 

Path of Titans is one of the most famous survival-based games now available on Android and iOS devices. Dinosaurs are the main aspect of the game and thus players need to follow the above-mentioned points to unlock more dinosaurs and embark on an adventurous journey. 

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