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Path to Nowhere Beginners Guide and Tips

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Path to Nowhere is an RPG genre game developed by AISNO Games. This game tells the story of a chief in the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control who is assigned to fight ruthless criminals in order to protect the city named DisCity which means “rise above hell” previously this city has become the most prosperous and vibrant metropolis in the world. In this Path to Nowhere Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks. This game carries real-time tower defense gameplay, so you will put your characters, known as sinners in their respective positions and then fight the criminals from that position according to their range.

Introducing the Basics of Path to Nowhere


Sinner path to nowhere
Image via AISNO Games

The Sinner is a character that you use during battle which consists of three Qualities, namely B, A, and S. Sinner also has their respective classes such as Endurance, Fury, Umbra, Reticle, Arcane, and Catalyst. We will discuss this class in the explanation below.


Path to Nowhere has six classes, each of which has a different role and use. Here are the classes with their respective roles:

  • Endurance: Able to effectively block monsters and absorb damage, perfect for positioning ahead of the crowd.
  • Fury: Able to directly fight monsters and deal damage, very suitable for backup, endurance class
  • Umbra: Highly mobile and able to deal effective damage, very suitable as a finishing or main damager in the team
  • Reticle: Able to provide continuous damage, usually has the farthest attack range
  • Arcane: Able to deal explosive damage, usually has a skill area that is very suitable for big battles
  • Catalyst: Able to provide a variety of buffs and debuffs, very suitable as support in the team


On the battlefield, you can deploy any six Sinners you want, but once you start a battle, you can’t replace any other sinner, so that’s all you can use. Then, there is some information that can be seen above, such as the number of enemies and bosses that spawn, the life of the chief, and the limit of moving the position of the sinner.

Battlefield path to nowhere
Image via AISNO Games

In addition, there are Reins of Power and assists that you can use as additional reinforcements. Then don’t forget about where the enemy spawns are and always look at the route.

Path to Nowhere Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Path to Nowhere Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Use the Perfect Composition

As previously explained, Path to Nowhere has 6 classes, but that doesn’t mean you need to use all six classes. The thing to note is, you must have a tanker that can withstand damage up front like Endura or Fury, then a damager that can deal massive damage to enemies effectively like Umbra or Arcane.

best composition path to nowhere
Image via AISNO Games

The Support can then provide assistance to the team either from follow-up to attack or provide a buff or debuffs like Reticle or Catalyst. With this composition, you will definitely not be overwhelmed when fighting, because there are already sinners with their respective roles.

2. Pay attention to the enemy’s stats and attack path

Before the battle starts, you can see the stats and the enemy’s attack path from where to where. First, let’s discuss the statistics first, so you can tap the place where the enemy spawns, then tap the enemy and a description and statistics will appear.

attack path path to nowhere
Image via AISNO Games

The thing to note here is the stats of Defense, Magic Defense, and SAN Loss. If the enemy has a high defense on average, then we recommend using Arcane because Arcane usually has attacked in the form of magic damage, so it’s a kind of counter. Vice versa, when you have high Magic Defense, you can use Umbra and Reticle which have physical damage. Then for SAN Loss, this is the chief’s life that will be lost when attacked by the enemy.

Then for the enemy’s attack path, you can tap the enemy’s spawn area to find out the direction of the enemy’s attack. From there you can set the right strategy so that the chief does not lose his life. So, always cover the enemy’s attack path with tankers in the leading position and followed by other roles and classes in the back.

3. Pay attention to the sinner attack range

attack range  path to nowhere
Image via AISNO Games

Sinners have different attack ranges, endurance usually only has 1 grid, Fury has 4-9 grids around the sinner, and then the rest have a fairly long attack range. Why is attack range so important? Because when you deploy a sinner in the front position, make sure there is a sinner that can cover the sinner in front, so he doesn’t attack himself but can be helped by the sinner behind him. That way they can cover each other so there is no miss in the game.

4. Level up your Shine

Before fighting, there is usually a recommended level from your sinner. This can be a reference before you fight. Therefore, don’t forget to always increase your sinner level, because as the mission continues, the enemy will always become more difficult.

Level up your shine
Image via AISNO Games

You can level up sinners using Discoins and Mania Essence which can be obtained through several rewards from events, Gold Rush, and Seed of Ill Omen. In addition to Level Up, you can also go through Shackle, but you need a clone of the sinner to intensify

5. Always deploy Sinner with a red icon

Sinner with red icon Path to Nowhere Beginners Guide
Image via AISNO Games

The red icon indicates that this sinner can destroy the enemy’s core. So this is very important when the battle occurs, you can use the skill from the sinner with the red icon on the enemy who usually has more blood than the others because when the skill is used on the sinner who has the red icon, it can stun the enemy. which is very good on the battlefield.

Final Thoughts

Path to Nowhere is a real-time tower defense game, but it’s a little different from the others, because here you can change the position of the character or sinner when the battle occurs, and the characters here have a 3D display, that’s a plus point for this game, so the game feels more alive than the others. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Path to Nowhere beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for the Path to Nowhere Beginners Guide! Did you find our Path to Nowhere Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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