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Perfect World: Revolution Beginners Guide and Tips

Be ready to Dominate with a single hand

Perfect World Revolution is the fantastic MMORPG that the Perfect World publisher brings to the game world. Players are free to do whatever they want with one thumb. Players must engage in combat with some AI creatures that hide beneath the sea, as well as with other players. Perfect World: Revolution provides numerous activities and a variety of features for players to explore and manage. Each aspect of these activities and features will bring you closer to becoming familiar with them, and regardless of what you do, you will always feel progress. If you’re looking for nothing less than maximum growth and efficiency, continue reading, like our Perfect World: Revolution beginners guide contains numerous tips and tricks to help you stay one step ahead of the competition!

Gameplay overview

Perfect World: Revolution retains all of the elements that fans adore and enjoy the overall gameplay while adding several new features to ensure a more dynamic gameplay experience and a more immersive experience for both new and returning players. Additionally, it is a vertical MMORPG, which means that you can navigate the world with just one hand. It’s not often that you come across a rich RPG that’s designed to be played in portrait mode, but now players can.

Perfect World Revolution gameplay overview
Perfect World: Revolution gameplay overview

The interface is laid out in such a way that the majority of options are easily accessible with a single finger. There is a convenient notification right in front of you that will initiate your character’s next objective and will also remind you of important limited-time events. That’s cool Isn’t it? Because you can play with anyone from anywhere in the world, it appears that finding a few friends to tackle challenging dungeons in a party of up to six players will be easy.

Perfect World: Revolution Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Your starting class selection will have a significant impact on your enjoyment of the game, as it will affect your enjoyment of combat and questing.

1. Select your “Class” wisely

Whichever class players begin within the game is critical for a variety of reasons. Not only does your choice affect your character’s aesthetics, as certain classes are restricted to specific races, but it also has a significant impact on your enjoyment of the game. To summarize, the classes in this game can feel quite distinct from one another, which is fantastic because it adds tons of variety and replay value by making each subsequent character feel unique. At launch, the game features seven classes divided into three distinct races. Each of these individuals possesses unique abilities and is capable of filling specific roles both in a group setting and in a solo setting.

2. Don’t forget to upgrade gears

Even though the story missions will take you far and wide, if you are not on top of your gear and equipment, you will run into problems very quickly. Specifically, if you do not keep your weapons and armor upgraded, there will come a time when you will encounter enemies that you will be unable to defeat promptly, regardless of how hard you try. Fortunately, this is easily rectified by regularly checking the game’s various upgrade features, which include gear enhancement, skill enhancement, and cultivation, among others.

upgrade gears
Upgrade gears

If a red dot appears on the icon of any of these menus, you can quickly determine if an upgrade is pending. In this regard, whenever you see a red dot, be sure to open the menu and purchase any available upgrades. By maintaining your skills and equipment to the highest possible levels, you can ensure that you will encounter no roadblocks or difficulty walls during your travels.

3. Pay attention to your skill levels

Perfect World: Revolution not only equips each character with an abundance of combat skills but also with means to further enhance their effectiveness. Even if your character’s level is sufficient and your gear is sufficiently enhanced, you will have difficulty completing some quests if the skills you use are amazing. Enhancing skills is just as critical as other enhancement activities, and similar to gears, it is best to increase their levels as soon as possible.

There is nothing particularly tedious about increasing skill levels, and as soon as it becomes available via the skill menu, an auto enhancement button is available to quickly and conveniently increase each skill. What is critical to consider in terms of skill levels is the level caps associated with your progression through the cultivation stages.

skill levels
Skill levels

As previously stated, the most critical set of quests to complete are the main quests, as these quests enable you to unlock various game modes in addition to the standard quest rewards. At the very least, Cultivation Quests are potentially the next most important set of quests, as increasing the cap on existing skill levels and unlocking new skills are both dependent on your progress on these quests.

4. Join a Guild to experience more fun

Yes, in the game, players can join a Guild. By design, MMORPGs places a greater emphasis on the multiplayer aspect of an adventure than on single-player content. While there is no restriction on a player pursuing as many single-player quests as they wish, the result will undoubtedly stunt their character’s growth and progression.

[erfect World Revolution guild

You can expect Perfect World: Revolution to be equally committed to providing a robust multiplayer experience, and the initial single-player quests serve as a sort of warm-up for when you face the adventure’s true challenges. As you begin your journey, you will be constantly aware of the presence of numerous other players. As with all other MMORPGs, it would be ideal if you had some real-world friends to accompany you on your virtual adventure, but there are also thrills in attempting to make new friends online. Numerous game modes allow you to team up with random players, and once the quest is complete, you can always send each other friend requests.

5. Complete objectives to have an edge

complete objectives
Complete objectives

Along with the numerous rewards earned instantly for destroying enemies, as well as the rewards earned for completing quests and events, the game provides additional opportunities to earn even more rewards. Perfect World: Revolution features an achievement system that tracks your progress. The likelihood is that you will accomplish a large number of achievement objectives without even knowing which ones they are. However, for maximum efficiency, it is best to review the actual list of achievement objectives and use them as a guide for progression.

6. Try to accomplish “All Events” to gain more resources

Perfect World: Revolution’s additional game modes and dungeons are all contained within the events. While you can earn valuable items and resources by completing quests, particularly the main ones, events frequently provide unique resources that are not available elsewhere.

all events

Events are essentially a part of the daily routine that you should establish if you fully immerse yourself in the game. Each of the mechanics is straightforward, and the difficulty level can be determined by a variety of factors, not just your character’s battle rating, or BR. You can view available events by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The event, or rather, the main event, is comparable to daily dungeons in other games. The first tab summarizes all events, and the subsequent three tabs allow you to prioritize which events are most important to you.

Note: While completing each one may take some time, it is best to complete as many as possible for the instant and additional rewards. Daily event completions earn you activity points, which can be used to unlock additional rewards at the bottom of the page.

Understanding the Classes in Perfect World: Revolution

As there are seven classes in total, each one deals with a distinct aspect of the game and each one has a distinct role to play. Nonetheless, some classes may outperform others. When it comes to class selection, newcomers to the MMORPG genre are expected to have questions about which of the available character classes is the best. Taking everything into consideration, however, the answer is the same. There is no such thing as a perfect class for every player, as each player has their own distinct preferences and playing styles. But with our Basic Guide, players will surely outshine others.

Perfect World revolution classes
Classes in Perfect World: Revolution

1. Blade Masters

The Blademaster’s combination of quick movements, resistance to enemy attacks, and access to a variety of weapons and damaging abilities make him one of the most versatile classes in the game. And, while their kit is geared toward aggression, they can also act as an off-tank when necessary. Blademaster is a fairly standard class for those who enjoy dealing a lot of damage with a variety of interesting weapons. They are, however, not the most robust, necessitating a certain amount of caution and skill when using them effectively.

2. Barbarian

The burly Barbarians charge into the fray, armed to the teeth, and risk their lives to protect their allies. This class can keep the Monsters away from the rest of the party while they absorb the majority of the punishment. Barbarians are an excellent choice for beginners due to their large HP pool and excellent combination of AoE and single-target skills and CC. Due to their high tackiness, they are not penalized as harshly as other classes.

3. Archer

While Clerics are quite durable due to their healing and support spells, Archers, with their superior mobility and evasive abilities, are also quite difficult to crack. However, their nimble movements and frantic play style make them quite challenging to use effectively, as you’ll need to balance movement and attack. Archers, like Wizards, are ranged combat experts, but they also have a high rate of mobility, which significantly increases their survivability. Contrary to popular belief, Archers in Perfect World: Revolution have a higher HP and can withstand more hits than Wizards.

4. Assassin

Remember how we stated that the Blademasters combined a respectable defense with an incredible offense? Assassins, on the other hand, can easily outperform them in terms of raw offensive potential, at the expense of defense. And when their frailty is combined with their melee playstyle, Assassins are among the most difficult classes to master. Nonetheless, as with Clerics, good Assassins are always welcome in any group due to their ability to easily dispatch any boss or difficult enemy. Simply avoid relying heavily on auto-combat when playing this class, as you can easily be crushed by the stronger mobs out there.

5. Wizards

If Clerics are meant to heal people, Wizards are the polar opposite, given their access to the most lethal spells in the game. This class wields the power of various elements and unleashes them in the field to deal damage to hordes of enemies in both single-target bursts and AoE. Wizards are Blademasters’ long-range counterparts, offering increased damage potential at the expense of even lower defensive traits. While Blademasters have some control abilities that allow them to stop some enemies in their tracks, Wizards focus on burst damage in the hope of eliminating threats before they have a chance to close in.

6. Vulpine

Vulpine is the summoner class due to their mastery of beasts. And, because they can always summon companions, this class effectively has one of the most versatile skill sets, providing them with ample survivability, high damage, and the ability to solo content. If you’re ever undecided about which class to play and have no preference for any race, Vulpine is the most balanced option. You can’t possibly go wrong with them.

7. Cleric

A support master whose sole purpose in life is to assist others and keep the group healthy. And while this class does possess some offensive abilities, they are far from their strongest suit. They are, however, extremely durable and difficult to kill due to their wide variety of support spells and heals. Clerics are support characters who give their allies healing and buffs. They do, however, pay a price in terms of firepower and defense. This is not the best option for a beginner. In the world of Perfect World: Revolution, the Cleric is the only healer available.

Along with healing herself and her allies, clerics provide a variety of beneficial buffs that can help her team perform better. Clerics have a high base HP, which allows them to survive longer than most classes. As one of the most desired members of any party, the primary disadvantage of clerics is their low damage output, which makes solo questing more difficult.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Perfect World Revolution is a game for fans of classic MMORPGs. There are numerous events, some of which take place on specific dates or hours. Several are automated and provide a high number of experience points. When you first start the game, you’ll notice how visually appealing it is, with bright and colorful graphics. However, as one might expect, there are some barren areas, as this is a perfect world only in name, and a war is raging.

We certainly hope that the straightforward tips and strategies outlined in our guide result in a more efficient performance on your future adventures. If you get stuck anywhere, you can always refer to this Perfect World: Revolution beginners guide for a better understanding.

That’s all for today’s Perfect World: Revolution Beginners Guide. Did you find our Perfect World: Revolution Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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