Peridot free codes and how to redeem them (May 2023)

Redeem you free rewards in no time!

Peridot is a new augmented reality game that uses your phone to project a virtual pet friend into the real world. From the house of Niantic, it allows players to care for, raise, and breed charming one-of-a-kind creatures. When their Dots reach adulthood, Keepers can collaborate to breed a new generation of Dots, expanding the species. Since the game has launched globally, it has gone up the download charts, as a result, it can be expected that the developers would provide free codes in the near future for the players to redeem and get awesome rewards. This article will list all the active free redeem codes in Peridot as of now and the rewards they give and explain to you how you can redeem these codes. 

How to get free redeem codes in Peridot

Developers at Niantic often try to attract players to some of the events and provide them with some of the best redemption codes at the end. These redemption codes tend to be very beneficial for the players as they can get rewards such as Nests, Sundrops, Gemstones, Baskets containing food and toys, and other exclusive accessories.

As the game has recently launched globally, the developers have not announced any codes till now. So, don’t worry much about that. Just wait for the best codes and we will update you at the very moment. Thus, further ahead we will discuss the steps to redeem codes into your account easily and earn great rewards.

Peridot free redeem codes

Unfortunately, there are no working redeem codes available at this time for Peridot. We will update this space as soon as new codes are released. Do remember to check this space from time to time in the future as it is highly plausible that they will expire soon, once live. So, hurry up and enter the codes as soon as they arrive.

Free CodesRewards You Can Redeem

Make sure you enter the codes exactly how they appear in the table, in the future. Enter the codes and redeem them as early as possible before they expire. We will be updating the list from time as new redeem codes arrive and remove the expired ones from the list.

How to redeem free codes in Peridot

Redeeming Free Gifts in Peridot involves simple and hassle-free steps. For those who are new to the game, here is the step-wise guide to redeeming these Gifts from the game’s official website.

  • Visit the official website of Peridot here.
  • Once you are redirected to the official website, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Tap on the Offer Redemption option when you come across it.
  • On the offer redemption page, you will come across the Redeem Offers section where you will be asked to sign in with your Google, Facebook, or Nintendo account. Make sure that you log in with the account that is connected to your game account.
Peridot Redeem Code Section
Image via Niantic
  • Upon logging in successfully, you need to enter the redemption code under the Enter Offer Code text area. Make sure to enter the redemption code exactly as it is.
  • Upon doing so, tap on the Submit button. The rewards will be immediately added to your tally in the app. A dialogue box would pop up on your device’s screen confirming the same. You can switch over to the game to check the same. Re-launch the game, if the rewards do not reflect in your tally at this stage.

How to earn free rewards in Peridot with the Referral Code System

The game additionally rewards a user who brings in more users to the game via the Referral Code System. You can bag additional in-game rewards by sharing your referral codes with friends and asking them to download and play Peridot. Adhere to the steps below to do so:

  • Launch the game on your device and tap on the Bag icon located at the bottom right corner of the game screen.
  • This would un-pack three in-game options to navigate to from the Bag, namely, Food, Dots and Friends, and Fetch. Navigate to the Dots and Friends menu.
  • Players will be on the You tab by default. Under the You tab itself, you will come across 3 options, namely, Friend Requests, Refer Friends and Add Friends. Players must tap on the Refer Friends option.
Peridot Referral Code Section
Image via Niantic
  • You will see a unique referral code on your screen next. Tap on the Send referral button above it and send the referral to your friend via social sites. The Referral code will go to them along with the game download link.
  • Once your friend downloads the game and launches it for the first time, he will get 3 options to log in, one of which is the referral code option. He/She can just enter that referral code shared by you and get in. For every 5 referrals, the referring user earns an in-game reward.

These are all the codes that are working and tested, for now. We’ll update this space as soon as we get to know more redeemable codes for Peridot.

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