Peridot Guide: Understanding Dot Traits, Categories, and Features

Make your Dot special!

Niantic’s latest augmented reality title Peridot has some interesting features to learn about, and of those is the Traits. While your dots grow, these traits can change anytime, even depending upon the level of the keeper. So, it is needful to understand the Traits your Dot can have, along with the categories and special features, if any. So, in the guide, we shall look into the same in detail.

Understanding the Dot traits

In Peridot, traits are implemented for the Dots to understand and differentiate among themselves. Peridots possess distinct physical characteristics that are defined by various Traits corresponding to their unique traits. Each Dot is unique and will have their own unique Trait, which the keepers can find by comparison.

Peridot traits
Image via Niantic

The traits get unlocked when the player progresses with their Keeper level. While using the Hatch-a-Dot feature, players can also control the traits of their dots that are next to be hatched. The traits are categorized into 7 distinct categories namely: Pattern, Tail, Horns, Plumage, Material, Face, and Ears.

List of Dot Traits

Alongside the categories, they are also ranked according to their rarity. So, here we will sort out all the traits available in Peridot,

PatternSolid, Gradient, Chromatic, Stripes, Banana, Ghost, Spots, Tuxedo, Baguette, Giraffe, StripesBubbles, Blobs, Cheetah, Giraffe, Koi, Loops, Mosaic, Okapi, Zebra, Bee, MosaicCelestial, Blocky, Circuit, Cracked, Diamonds, Maze, Patina, Tropical FishBreezy, Pulse
TailAgave, Asparagus, Bear, Cat, Mermaid, Mouse, RabbitFern, Fishbone, Fleur, RadishPeacock, Ribbon, WavelengthHorse, Paradise, Whale
HornsAntennae, Cow, Devil, GoatAsparagus, Bharal, Bull, Meringue, RamAngler, Antelope, Buns, Shell, StrawJester, Narwhal, Pitchfork, Trident
PlumageHermes, Skirt, Glassy, Glitter, Brushed, MatteChoker, Horse, Ruff, Spades, Chrome, Bedazzled, Glimmer, OreCurls, Carrot, Thorns, Fuzzy, StarryBee Wings, Mohawk, Iridescent, Furry, Slimy, LED
MaterialMatte, Waxy, Glitter, Glassy, BrushedChrome, Rusty, Bedazzled, Glimmer, OreFuzzy, Starry, Beetle, SlimyIridescent, Furry, LED
FaceDiamond, Round, CloudCountess, Heart, MonkeyStar, BanditFangs, Octopus
EarsBear, Llama, Monkey, Mouse, CatBat, Fairy, Leaf, Rabbit, PigtailsButterfly, Heart, Picks, SquareDragonfly, Seraph, Tubes, Pincers

These might go together. For example, your Dot can have Chromatic Stripes as a pattern alongside Rabbit ears (just an example). These will work as you unlock them with the Keeper progress.

Did you find our Peridot guide for understanding Dot Traits, Categories, and Features? Do let us know in the comments!

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