Pinball Legends Beginners Guide and Tips

Begin your play with this comprehensive guide!

Pinball Legends is an outstanding casual pinball game that has recently come into play in the world of mobile gaming. This digital game with a lot more upgrades gives the exact nostalgic feeling to the players while they play the game on their mobile. The game follows up with several game modes and a storyline-based game mode as well. The game also comes up with many interesting features which seem very fascinating and interest the players as well. Thus, Let us now dive into a detailed Pinball Legends beginners guide along with a few tips for beginners. 

Gameplay Overview 

Pinball Legends runs on very basic and simple gameplay mechanics which is pretty easy for the players to get habituated with. The game follows the same rule where a character will be standing at the base of the field and have to shoot some fireballs into the targets to get them destroyed. Players need to shoot those fireballs at a definite angle so that in one shot players can take down as many enemies as possible. Every stage comes up with some waves of enemies and a boss at the end of that stage.

Players need to defeat all of them as quickly as possible and earn as much coin as they can. If the players complete their fight before time, then as a bonus reward the players will get coins equivalent to the seconds left in the given time limit which will get added up with the actual reward. 

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Thus, by completing the stages properly in time players can easily earn enough coins for themselves. Players can even boost up the shooting rate by holding the screen or double tapping the screen. This will help them complete the waves faster. The game also offers a special attack that activates after a certain interval of time and then players can use them to defeat all the present enemies in just a second.  

Introducing the Basics of Pinball Legends

The game offers a limited amount of features to the players, thus let us check out all of them in detail.


The Role section is the skill section of the game. Here, players can check out skins for their character and even add up Chips which are top-up skills that can be used by the players in between their battles.

Pinball Legends beginners guide
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Players also get a Circuit Board section inside this Role section where they can upgrade their powers by climbing up in a circuit. The upgrade only requires coins that can be easily earned by the players. Thus, if the players follow up the circuit board and upgrade their stats, it will be beneficial for them during their battles. 


The Dungeon is the section that gives access to other game modes for the players. Apart from the main storyline game, the Dungeon section has three other game modes:

  • Gold Mode 
  • Challenge Mode 
  • Endless Mode 

The Gold Mode is mainly a game mode where players need to clear out some waves of enemies and thus they can earn 11.9k coins and 15 stamina that will further help them in their progress. The Challenge mode comes up with 225 challenge matches for the players.

Pinball Legends beginners guide
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Players need to complete them and thus then they can easily earn some coins, diamonds, and chips. The Endless mode is the game mode where players face unlimited waves of opponents and have to fight until their health does not run out. Players can earn diamonds, coins, and 30 stamina from this mode. 

In-game Features and Characteristics

  • Home: The home page is the section from where players can get access to all the other sections of the game. Players can even check out their profile from here and make every kind of needful change that they want. They also get direct access to the main game modes of the game in the Home page itself. Players can check out a play button and thus by tapping on it, players will directly jump into their real journey in Pinball Legends. 
  • Shop: The shop is the in-game section where players can go for buying out in-game currencies such as Stamina, Coins, and Diamonds. Diamonds are valuable currencies that are not required much to use in the game. The most required ones are Coins and Stamina. Coins are mainly used in unlocking skills, and upgrading stats and on the other hand, stamina is used by the players to start the matches. Thus, players can go for real-time transactions in this section and buy in-game currencies for themselves. Players also get a Chip Chest that is only opened with the help of a Key or 100 Diamonds. This helps out players to unlock more Chips and boosts up their skills as well. 
  • Leaderboard: Leaderboard is the section where players can check out their ranking and compare with other players around the world and their server so that they can compete against them and climb up into the leaderboard rankings. 

Pinball Legends Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After going through a lot in the world of Pinball Legends, here are the best tips for beginners that will thus help them to flourish in the game:

1. Unlock more chips 

Players must unlock more chips, as chips are a resource that sets up new skills that can be used by the players in between their fights. This helps to boost the attacking rate of the players and thus, they can easily claim the win.

2. Upgrade the Circuit board 

Players must regularly keep upgrading their circuit board so that it will help the players to upgrade their character and the stats as well. By upgrading the stats, the character will eventually get upgraded and thus players can easily win over the stages. 

3. Try to complete matches faster 

Players must try to complete the stages before time. This will help out players to receive a bonus coin in addition to the actual reward they get. The meta goes as, if the player completes the match before time then the player will receive an additional bonus reward as in the number of coins which will be equivalent to the seconds left for the time limit. 

4. Go for the other game modes

Players must play the other game modes as this will help them to earn more resources. These resources are very important for the players as they can later use them in the game for their betterment itself. 

5. Use up your stamina wisely 

Players must use up their stamina wisely and not waste the shots. This will lead them to lose quite a good number of stamina and thus players have to again wait for them to get stored and the progression will get delayed. 

Final Thoughts

Pinball Legends is a good name that cherishes our childhood memories and thus is a great time pass for the players. Players must follow up the beginners’ guide and explore more in the game. Also, follow up on the tips properly so that you can see your name in the top players over the leaderboard.

That’s all for today’s Pinball Legends Beginners Guide! Did you find this Pinball Legends Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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